Silly Love Songs (Demo)
  • Silly Love Songs (Demo)
  • Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney - Silly Love Songs (Demo)

A beautiful early home demo of Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney along with wife Linda. 

“I hadn’t heard [this] demo since I actually made it, and it’s nice therefore to hear it, just a blast from the past. But also to hear how much of it I had formed - which is basically the whole song really…but to hear the blocked out chords of me singing it, and then Linda coming in…that’s really great to hear that - it’s very raw, but it completely has the spirit of the song.” - Paul McCartney [2014]

“I (the photographer) introduced myself and offered to buy them all beers, they accepted and over a few drinks we had a good chat, talking mostly about music and their favorite artists, the Beatles going out of their way to jovial, obliging and friendly. I asked if I could take a photo of them “of course” they replied. “Just a minute” said Paul “I must clean my teeth first.” After a while Paul was ready and John positioned the group for their photo.

“Right” John said to me, “When I say three, we’ll all smile and you take the picture.” John commenced to

count “one, two, THREE” John literally yelled THREE making the other Beatles and myself nearly jump out of skins. I wasn’t able to take the picture, but Paul was the worst “casualty,” he had still been holding the open tube of toothpaste and when John had shouted, Paul had squeezed the tube and a long length of toothpaste had shot down Paul’s trouser leg. After much laughter I finally got my photo with Paul keeping his hand over the embarrassing stain on his trousers.”

“In my freshman year of college, I started growing my hair long. I thought, ‘It’ll be kind of cool to be crunchy.’ But that was pretty short-lived. And that kind of morphed into wearing thrift-store clothes - the next step of hippiedom. I got very poetic about it: ‘Clothes should be transitory, man. We should pass them on to others….’ Then somebody older than me said, ‘Oh God, I would never go in a thrift store. I don’t want to wear pants that somebody else has farted in.’ It was like a thunderbolt. I thought, ‘You know what? I don’t want to, either!’ And that was it.”