silly fluffbutt

Ghaaa! The cats keep posing and looking cute with the Christmas decoration, I have no time to relax cause there are so many photo opportunities!! Aaahh!

Clearly Blake has already grasped the whole concept of Christmas Presents under the tree (despite this being his first time) and spread himself generously across and on top of all the gifts to emphasize his claim. 

Post-dinner: I was doing the dishes in the kitchen, my mam was getting ready to go out for her evening walk with our dog Luci. As she left the house, Mam shouted a goodbye to me which I returned.

After about fifteen seconds, I heard Artemis crying somewhere and she sounded like she was in pain, so I dropped the dish I was cleaning back into the sink and frantically searched for her like any loving cat owner would.

She was in her usual spot on the windowsill, staring at my mam who was on the phone outside our house, and Luci was sitting patiently on her lead next to her. Arty was pawing at the window and crying mournfully.

I asked: “Do you want to go for a walk too, Arty?" 

She whipped around and meowed at me desperately, and I motioned to the front door. She followed me and leaped out of the house when I opened the door, into the grass and off to my mam’s side. I could hear her purring from fifteen feet away.

Long story short, my cat thinks she’s a dog and gets upset when she isn’t invited out on walks.