silly walrus

Anyone Who’s Anyone at the ER at 3AM

Bellarke Modern AU, ~1000 words

for the prompt: “we both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories” au

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“Where’d you get that bag of frozen peas?” the woman sitting next to him asks, and Bellamy, startled out of his defeatist slouching, immediately sits up a little straighter. “It’s great,” she adds. “Really pulls your look together.” She waves her hand vaguely, taking in not only the peas but also his disheveled hair and scraped knuckles and the tear at the shoulder of his shirt.

Bellamy would think he was being insulted here but the woman has tissues stuck up both of her nostrils and blood dripping all over her shirt, and her own hair’s a mess as it comes out of what must once have been a complicated series of twists and braids. So she’s probably not judging him. And if she is, that is daringly hypocritical of her.

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rarityisbestpny  asked:

Why does Google Play list Valhalla as a second edition? What changed from the first?

The first edition was self published in 2010 with a different cover and many many many more typos. I think I cut one really silly walrus joke and changed a character’s name. Nothing significant and only for the better. Harmony Ink’s “2nd edition” is the real proper edition and the one I’d want people to read. Not that there’s much of a choice, only around 75 copies of the self published attempt ever got printed and I’d call it completely unavailable at this point.

But if you get the available edition, you’re getting the right version and not missing out on anything but mistakes.