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Imagine Alec and Jane finding their friend after a Thousand years

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- thousand years ago -

“ Alec! Jane! Come on!” A girl around their age with red hair and blue eyes called out to them. Following Grace, they went to the woods and to a creek, their creek.

“Slow down Grace!” Alec yelled as Jane smiled at her brother a friend.

“We’re coming Grace!” Jane followed the other two into the woods, none of them expecting what comes at night.

-that night-

-Grace’s pov-

Loud yelling shook me out of my sleep. Looking out the window, I saw fire and pitchforks.

“Another witch?” I asked to no one in particular, walking out of my house, I jogged towards the center.

“Alec? Jane?” I called out, looking for my friends.

“Help us Grace!” Jane called and my attention turned to the stake.

“Help! Grace! Help!” Alec yelled blindfolded and tied next to Jane. Tears clouded my vision as I ran up and grabbed the torch from the man accusing my two friends. Pointing the torch to the crowd, I stood proactively in front of my friends.

“They are not witches. They are being wrongly convicted, you silly village. Come any closer and I will burn you.” I ranted, daring anyone to come against me. I was not prepared for what was next.

“Hang her!” The crowd yelled as a man grabbed me and tied a noose around my neck.

“I hate you all. You all will burn in Hell.” Jane yelled in agony while Alec just stood there. Tears rolled down my face as fires licked them and I was hanged.

- present time -

I stood in the snow clearing with my saviors who after four days of my death changed me. My power as to find out was the ability to choke anyone even vampires. I held onto both Stefan’s and Vladimir’s hand.

“Red coats are coming. Red coats are coming.” Garrett said as I chuckled, hearing their feet against the snow. Stopping they dropped their hoods and my breathing hitched. There stood Alec and Jane looking deadly and ready to kill. Shuffling behind Stefan, I watched as the conflict took place. A while later, the Volturi left all except Jane and Alec.

“What are the two Volturi scum doing?” Vladimir asked Stefan who only shrugged, eyeing the two walking towards us.

“We want to talk to your other coven member.” Jane stated, ignoring everyone’s staring as I walked to them. What shocked everyone the most was me hugging Jane, who tightly hugged back.

“I missed you so much!” I mumbled as she smiled.

“I missed you too. You have no idea,” she replied breaking the hug, pulling Alec infront of me. Staring at each other, we stood silently.

“I should’ve done this long time ago.” He whispered pulling me close and kissed me passionately as I kissed back.

“I have finally found you.”

forget me not

Words: 13,500
Fandom: Moana
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary:  Look, normally Maui’s all for humans weeping over his injured body. Hey, he’s been demigod-ing for thousands of years, it’s nice to be appreciated every once in awhile, all right? But this one, this girl, acts like she knows him. He disregards it, because that’s just creepy, until he realizes that he has a tattoo of her - and no clue how he earned it.

Alternate title: “?????? ?? ???”

Main idea co-developed between myself and @paperjam-bipper, title credits entirely to her. For some reason, she has made it her mission to tear out my heart on a regular basis. Thanks, Paper.

A couple of quick notes, i.e. I’m putting the abridged glossary at the top this time: The ‘ava ceremony is a formal one used for a variety of occasions, included but not limited to: bestowing the title of Chief (matai) on a new Chief, welcoming visiting tribes to the island, honoring guests, etc. 
The siva tau is a traditional Samoan war dance, used in the modern-day before sporting events. 
The ailao afi is also known as the fire knife dance. Literally, you take a knife, wrap it and cloth and light it on fire. Performed to demonstrate battle prowess. As the daughter of the Chief, Moana would have had familiarity with it even before the movie. I have a headcanon that Moana and Maui, the two giant dorks that they are, looked at this incredibly dangerous dance and went “time to make a duet out of this!!” They would.

When Maui opens his eyes, there’s someone holding his hand.

Which makes waking up way more awkward than it needed to be. Sure, he’s a demigod of many talents, but he’s gotta say that hand-holding isn’t one too often requested.

Then the situation abruptly gets about a hundred times more uncomfortable, because as soon as he opens his eyes this girl decides that his pecs are a good pillow, wrapping her arms around his chest and wow, she’s got a surprisingly strong grip for a mortal. She’s pretty much squeezing his breath out of his lungs, which is impressive, since he’s got a pretty solid pair. Used for anything from hakas to grand story-reenacting. Not a pair like it this side of Lalotai.

“Hey,” he says jovially, trying to prise her off and failing. Good to know he was missed during his millennium off. “Look, kiddo, I know it’s not every day you meet your hero, but you wouldn’t want to make a bad first impression, now would’ya.”

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Guide To: Remodeling A Villager's Home

UPDATED 08/18/14

Asked by pikachu-patronus, how do I remodel a villager’s home?

Did you recently adopt a villager with items missing from their house, or items added to their house that you don’t like?

Did you adopt a villager and just simply hate the interior of their house and want to personalize it more to you and your town?

Great news, YOU CAN.

Some bad news: It’s not possible to customize the EXTERIOR of a villager’s house, however. You can only do this to the player houses.

There are a couple of ways you can update the interior of your villager’s houses. However, I will start out by saying that this will be a SLOW process, best expedited by time traveling if you are really impatient.

  1. A villager invites you over to their house. When a villager invites you to their house, you have the option of asking them to sell you one of their house decorations while you are there.
    • This is the only time you can try to pick and choose what to buy from a villager.
    • This is useful for getting rid of something you DON’T like in their house, because you can buy it from them and it will remove it from their house.
    • They CAN refuse to sell you an item, claiming sentimental value.
    • There are always one or two items in a villager’s house that cannot be swapped out or sold whatsoever. This varies from villager to villager.
  2. Villagers will remove items from their house and sell them at flea market in Re-Tail. If you leave empty spots in your Re-Tail and time travel frequently or just forget / leave them empty, you will find that your villagers filled up the spots with items from their houses.
    • You have no control over what they choose to put up for sale.
    • This is typically how items go missing from villager houses, so be sure to keep the flea market slots full up if you want to avoid this.
    • I use seashells or pieces of candy priced at 999,999 bells to keep my Re-Tail full - the high price keeps the villagers from purchasing the items and emptying the slots again.
    • Since getting an item BACK INTO a villager’s house once they have removed it can be a tricky process, it’s best to keep your Re-Tail full up at all times.
  3. A villager pinged you, asking for a piece of furniture. They will either ask you to replace something that is currently in their house, or ask you to fill in an empty spot in their house with a new item.
    • This is probably the fastest way to try and get a villager to put something new in their house.
    • You have more control over where they put the piece you’re giving them, because you know they will put it where the old item is or where an empty spot currently is.
    • However, they are going to ask for a piece of furniture that is a specific size or shape.
    • There are one or two items in a villager’s house that are impossible to swap out and it varies from villager to villager as stated earlier.
    • Obviously, refuse the trade if they’re asking you to replace an item you want them to keep.
  4. You can mail an item to a villager and they might put it in their house. Sometimes, when you mail a piece of furniture to a villager, they decide to “show it off” by placing it in their house.
    • This is not guaranteed. You will need multiples of the piece of furniture you want them to display, because you will sometimes need to mail it to them several times before they decide to place it in their house.
    • They can decide to put the item anywhere in their house, but it will always go in an empty space, not replace something that is currently there.
    • Just to note, you can also mail shirts to your villagers to try to persuade them to wear them (sometimes they will!), but often times they will display the shirts in their houses instead. Silly villagers!
  5. Be careful fulfilling BUG and FISHING requests from your villagers. THEY PUT WHAT YOU GIVE THEM IN THEIR HOUSE!
  • Me and my friends like giving them goldfish. It’s super cute. Try it! (Only works if they ask for a goldfish or “any river fish”.)

NEW! Help! I gave my villager a bug or fish and they put it in their house, and now I want it out! Is there another way to get rid of it?

  • Okay, so somehow, Bam has this ugly sea bass in his house, right? You either gave it to him or you adopted him and he came with it. And you want it gone. He won’t give it up. What have you done?
  • We’ll say Bam has four spaces in his house where he could place an item (typically on a table), one space currently being occupied by that dumb sea bass you hate with a passion. So, three open spaces, four spaces total. One ugly bass, just staring you in the face.
  • So, you send Bam 3-4 tabletop items (such as the morning glory, afternoon tea set, record player, etc) through the mail, all at once, all at the same time.
  • Bam WILL switch out the ugly fish with one of the items you sent him, the next day.
  • However, you will have no control over which item Bam chooses to replace that ugly fish with, so if you really want it to be a specific item, send the same item more than once rather than several different items.
  • Tada! Now cook that fish for dinner.
  • (A super big thanks to angelyiu10 and winnie for this portion of the guide!)

That is, unfortunately, the extent you can try to edit your villager’s houses, since the game doesn’t offer an interface where you can organize villager houses like you do player houses. But don’t give up! It IS possible to achieve, with some patience.



Little watercolor drawings of Portia & Wolfgang who moved into my towns recently with the flowers that surround their homes.

Today this little nerd found an entire turkey sandwich on the trail. And when told to drop it and leave it, he did. Dog of the year.

Other highlights:

  • Returning to me happily at the sight of other hikers, sitting quietly on the side of the trail to allow them to pass.
  • Returning to me reluctantly at the sight of deer (the ultimate gotta-chase-it temptation), and calming down fairly quickly after.
  • GOING IN A LAKE FOR THE FIRST TIME. He only dipped in a few inches of water, but considering how much the waves scare him, this is big.
  • Being patient with long, repetitive sit-stays in lots of locations. (Partly to help him generalize the behavior, but also so I could take gratuitous portraits of him. Like this, for example.)
  • Looking fierce and smizing while doing it. I never even taught him that.
So while my cousin is playing minecraft
  • Cousin: nice house *kills a random villager to steal his house*
  • Me: that was mean...
  • Cousin: what? I needed the house
  • Me: but he worked hard for that house, for his wife and children.
  • Cousin: there are no girl villagers in this minecraft! (Not yet, anyways)
  • Me: he had hopes and dreams!
  • Cousin: no he didn't!
  • Me: what if he wanted to be a tap dancer?!
  • Me: what if he wanted to be the first? I guess we'll never know, since YOU KILLED HIM!