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me: i want to draw some self-indulgent pastel goth garbage

my goblin brain: make it mika

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Crowley overhearing Ferid asking Crowley's s/o about them possibly having a child in the near future and Crowley's s/o responding something along the lines of "I already have a giant man-child" aka Crowley. (This sounded so much funnier in my head... -_-)

Currently at HQ, Ferid and s/o were having tea and conversing about daily affairs, though something in particular had been nagging at him. He needed to know the answer to a certain question, or he would probably go more insane than he already was.

“So, s/o, I’ve been dying to ask you this,” He began, stirring at his tea. 

S/o sipped at their tea. “Go on.”

“Do you and Crowley plan on having a child soon? If so fill me in.” S/o’s eyes widened a bit before setting down their cup and taking a deep breath. They rested their head against the velvet couch and slowly blinked as looked at Ferid’s intent gaze. 


“Ferid,” They began and he was all ears at this point. “I already have a man-child by the name of Crowley. I don’t think I can hand another one.”

Ferid burst out into laughter, clutching at his stomach as his mirths echoed into the hallways. His s/o chuckled along and sipped at their hot beverage once more.

“What? It’s true.”

Imagine a little tiny Vamp ending up on Mother Base.

Ocelot debriefs Big Boss on him, like “This one is Romanian. He was orphaned when his family was killed in a church bombing, but he survived for several days by drinking their blood.”

Big Boss turns pale. “Romanian. Drank their blood. Interesting.”

Ocelot notices and starts playing it up. “Actually, he’s shown a remarkable ability to survive things that by rights should have killed him. It’s almost unnatural how resilient he is.” He turns to Vamp. “Isn’t that right?”

Vamp looks at Big Boss and does a weird tongue thing.

Big Boss whispers “I’m watching you.”

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// Oh, just an idea because of Halloween~ But I guess this can be counted as crack; basically Krul, Lest, Ferid, and Crowley go on a ghost hunt together and encounters paranormal activity of violent spirits. Their reactions~?

[ lmao yeah def, i had fun pickin these out ]



In case you failed to realize it, Krul is actually holding onto Lest

Ferid + Crowley  [left to right];

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Just to bug everyone, you should like write the scenario on something silly in the vamp!au, like how the staircase in their house feels theough all these events.

How Does the Staircase feel? || Staircase || Oneshot

Genre: vamp!au, angst, oneshot

Word Count: 189

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Of all the characters in this story, the most important one is the staircase. Yes, the staircase. Do you know why? You probably don’t. Because it’s the most unappreciated thing there! It’s stepped on constantly and jumped on and treated very poorly. Does anyone ask who the staircase how it feels? No. No one does! Because if someone does someone else will call them insane. But what’s the harm of showing a bit of love to your staircase once in a while? Staircases have feelings too.

It’s enough to be working as a staircase for so long (and with so little repairs!). There have also been more and more people coming in and out of the mansion and those people have sharp shoes. Not only that, some of them were cold and ghostly as well. It chilled the poor staircase to the splinters to think that strange creatures like that roamed the halls nowadays. The mansion was truly getting old. When would there be a day where it gets to retire too? Poor staircase just wants to rest. It’s tired of all the pretty vampires not appreciating their staircase.

(A/N): done. no more updates.

5sos Preference: You Tweet Defending The Boys

‘preference where the boys and the rival band are arguing and you tweet to defend them??’

[A/N: I have nothing against these bands I’m only using them for the preference!! Also: Y/T/N = Your/Twitter/Name]


You glanced down at your phone as the barrister in Starbucks handed you your drink. Giving him a quick thanks you walked out still looking at your phone. The boys were at it again teasing The Vamps with silly remarks, Ashton was of course being sassy as always and firing back tweets of his own. So much bloody drama in this fandom. You saw a member of The Vamps tweet something a little harsh to your boyfriend and scowled in anger. He had mentioned something about the Gashton rumors which was always a touchy spot to the two of you.

’@Ashton5sos Ever had a threesome with both @GemmaAnneStyles and @Y/T/N?’ - TheVampsband

’@TheVampsband Ever been number one in 39 countries?’ - Y/T/N


“Have you seen their latest tweet?” Your best friend asked with wide eyes as she stared down at her phone. You frowned shaking your head but knew what she was referring to. Your boyfriend Calum and his band mates had been bickering back and forth with Union J for weeks now and to be honest you were sick of it. It was the only thing on your newsfeed and you were sick of seeing it everywhere or people asking what you thought of the boys. You’d met them a few weeks ago around the same time when the twitter war started, one of the members had taken a liking to you and kept trying to flirt over twitter ever since. It angered your boyfriend Calum and he’d always been protective of you. You knew they kept flirting with you just to piss off Calum.

’@Y/T/N when are you going to realise that you need a real boyfriend that makes real music and not some Aussie schmuck?’ - UnionJworld

’@UnionJworld my boyfriend’s butt is better than the music you make’ -Y/T/N


You crawled onto Luke’s lap kissing his face and neck lightly. Your boyfriend had been upset all day about the tweets he’d been getting from Emblem3 and you were trying to cheer him up. It had been going on for a while now, you don’t know how it started but suddenly 5sos were at war with Emblem3. Harsh tweets were being sent back and forth between the two bands, a lot of them being directed to Luke. You hated how upset they made him, you didn’t like seeing your boyfriend hurting like this. You glanced down at his phone with him sighing as you saw the tweets being exchanged. You eyes caught a certain tweet and you scowled darkly picking up your own phone and began typing.

’@5SOS You’re lead singer needs to work on his vocals #he can’t sing’ - EmblemThree

’@EmblemThree When you’ve finished picking on my boyfriend you can go back to school and learn how to spell #you’re means you are dumbass’


You sighed as your boyfriend Michael grumbled his way past you towards the kitchen. You knew exactly what he was angry about. The recent tweets between 5sos and another band called Midnight Red. Michael always got angry over the tweets said between the two bands which left him in a bad mood when he came home to you. They also picked on you a lot being his girlfriend which only pissed him off even more. Michael hates you getting abuse from them but you never really cared. You checked your phone to see what had been said this time. Your eyes landed on the tweet and a dark scowl crept up onto your face. Shaking your head and muttering to yourself you began typing a reply.

’@Michael5SOS you and your boyfriend @Y/T/N make such a cute couple, you’re lucky to find someone so masculine’ - ItsMidnightRed

’@ItsMidnightRed still more masculine then any of you ladies, don’t be jealous you’ll hit puberty soon!’ - Y/T/N