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Family Game Night (pt 2 of Meet the Family)

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Ahhhh I cannot believe the massive amounts of requests I got for a part 2 of Meet the Family!!! I wasn’t really planning on writing a sequel but because it was highly requested I decided this update will be my gift to you all for my 500 FOLLOWERS CELEBRATION!! Thank you sooo much for all the lovely messages and I hope you all like it!!! 

P.S. sorry this wasn’t uploaded earlier but I’ve been studying my ass off for my AP exam. Also, I kinda lost inspiration to write for a while due to the large pain-in-the-ass essays my English teacher has wanted me to write every single week while I was in school. Anyways, I’m back now and hopefully will be able to write more for you wonderful people, enjoy the story (even though it’s not my best work) and I am open for any requests!

Pairings: Joker’s son x reader

Summary: reader introduces the Joker family to a night full of friendly competition via board games but things don’t go quite as planned…

Word Count: 1575 words

Warnings: language, slight make out?

You drew in a deep breath in and gently knocked on the grand mahogany door. There is no turning back now. You nervously chewing on your bottom lip and clutched the plastic bag full of entertainment while standing in front of the picturesque palace.The jingling of a door knob from the opposite end of the door kicked the fear into high drive, eloping it around your entire body. Once the familiar face of your dashing boyfriend appeared before you, your nerves settled a bit.

“Good evening, My Lady.” He greeted you with a pompous voice and bowed gracefully. A giggle erupted from your throat at his ridiculous actions but played along.

“Why good evening, My Lord. Are you ready for a glamorous night full of healthy competition and clean language?” You returned the gesture of bowing yet less graceful.

Jason broke out of character when a loud laugh boomed throughout the house while he brought you into a warm embrace. A low ‘hmmm’ of content left you as you wrapped your supple arms around his waist, resting your head against his muscular chest. God, you could stay in his arms for hours. 

“Jasey who’s at th-” Harley emerged from around the corner with a concerned look on her face. When she spotted the young couple a warm smile spread across her face. Young love.

“Oh, hello (Y/N) darlin’.” Your boyfriend’s mother greeted you, causing you to swiftly break out of his grasp and politely return the greeting. The youthful girl burned bright with embarrassment as she was caught embracing her son but that only swelled Harley’s heart with warmth. Such a shy, private girl. Good for Jase.

“Well come on sweet pea, we’re all super excited for this night you have planned!” The mother grasped your hand and guided you towards the luxe living room as your boyfriend was casually strolling behind the two of you.

“Alrighty, lemme grab J before we start!” She squealed, skipping towards her husband’s office. The moment her figure escaped the room, you exhaled a deep breath and searched your boyfriend’s eyes for a glimmer of hope.

“Don’t worry, Doll. Everything will be alright, I mean how bad can this be?” 

“Alright. Um, I suspect it’s Mustard in the garage with the dagger…

“Yes, I got it right!”

“FUCKK!” A pissed off Mr. J shouted while chucking the cardboard activity against the wall causing the plastic pieces to fly everywhere. Everyone grew silent as the man with the veins protruding out of his neck paced around the living room. You never knew a dangerous criminal such as Mr. J would get so agitated over something as little as Clue. 

“Sweetheart it’s alright. There are plenty of more games for you to win.” Harley cooed while stroking her fuming husband’s arm. While she was attempting to calm him down, Jason gingerly snaked his arm around your waist, pulling you closer towards him. “I know this is your first time playing against my dad, but rule #1, Doll; you gotta let him win.” 

You snapped your head towards your boyfriend’s direction—your noses just barely grazing each other. “You want me to lose?” Your competitive side was slowly unleashing.

“Just on purpose. C’mon it’s just a few silly games.” He ushered while pressing a gentle kiss upon your slightly exposed shoulder. 

You shrugged his feather-like lips off your shoulder in an instant. “Silly games? I have never lost on purpose before, J. And I don’t intend on doing so just so your old man’s ego doesn’t deflate!

“What was that little girl?” Mr. J growled while slowing standing up, intimidating you by his size. Shit, he must’ve heard your little schpiel with Jason.

“You heard me, old man, or do you want me to say it louder for your hearing aid?” You weren’t afraid of this 40-year-old mafia leader or whatever the hell he actually does. Gradually, you stood up to your full height. Although you weren’t close to Mr. J’s height, it was perfectly clear what the tension was—a pissing contest.

“HA! I won again!” A smug Mr. J proclaimed while crossing his arms with confidence and arrogance.

“There are still a few more games and you haven’t won officially, we’re even.” You mimicked his movements. He thinks he’s so perfect at everything, well we’ll see about that.

Ugh how much longer is this gonna fucking go on?” Jason growled while resting his head against his mother’s. The two of them have been watching you and Mr. J for the past few hours competing in various board games, and they both looked bored out of their right mind.

“Yeah, Puddin’! Pleeeease I’m dyin’ over here. Just call it a draw, you’ve been going at this for three hours.” Harley whined, stroking her son’s hair motherly.

“No, Harls. I’m gonna continue fucking playing until I beat this child!” he exclaimed, not taking his eyes off the board game.

Jason was growing more impatient by the minute. In his naive mind, he believed tonight was going to be a mature and entertaining night filled with laughter and his parents getting along with his favorite girl, but boy was he mistaken. 

Once glancing back down at his phone screen he noticed the time.

“Shit! Darling, it’s 10 o’clock!” Jason jumped off the couch in a swift movement with you following along.

“Aw man! I gotta go home before my dad grounds me for life.” You hurriedly packed up all your games while collecting your purse and heading towards the door where Jason stood.

“This isn’t over! We’re picking up where we left off next time.” 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Mr. J!” You hollered while rushing out the door with your boyfriend hot on your tail.

Once your home came into view, Jason cut the engine and shifted his body to lock his gaze upon you. Silence filled the atmosphere of the car until you broke it. 

“I had a really nice time tonight.” You started while placing your hand atop of his in a sweet gesture. He flashed you a small smile, bringing your hand up to his mouth which pervaded your heart with warmth.

“I know that look. Tell me what’s bothering you, baby.” You cooed softly, picking up your free hand to stroke his soft, pale cheek.

“Nothing really. It’s just…” His eyes met the cup holder before returning back to you releasing a heavy sigh in the process, “I’m glad that you and my dad have gotten more acquainted with each other, but I just imagined tonight a bit differently, you know?” 

A reassuring smile crept its way upon your lips. You knew the real reason why he was acting this way.

“I see. Well, I’m sorry I haven’t given you much of my attention tonight.” 

“Yeah, yeah it’s– Wait, what?! N-no! T-that’s not true.” He stammered through his words trying to find a reasonable excuse, but you knew Jason perhaps better than he did. So to silence him, you pulled his face towards yours to mold your lips into a sweet harmonious lip lock. No matter how tough Jason makes himself seem, you can always see right through him. Because, underneath, is an adorable attention-seeking boy that claimed your heart as quick as a hummingbirds’ wings.

All thoughts escaped your mind once your lover gingerly picked you up and plopped you onto his lap in order to deepen the once innocent kiss into one bursting with lust and passion. As Jason swiped his tongue across your bottom lip, you let out a small moan and moved your hands to the back of his neck where one hand tangled into his unruly chestnut locks while the other cupped the base of his neck in order to maintain your balance atop of his lap.

Eventually, you pulled back to gain some oxygen before recollecting your wits that you had to head on home before your dad throws a fit.

“I gotta go, Jase.” You breathed out heavily, resting your forehead against his own as a way to savor the delicious warm contact you shared with him.

“I understand, darling.” He whispered gently but didn’t even make an effort to pull apart from you. You smiled once more, sharing a loving gaze with your beloved before parting away and rushing across the lawn towards your front door.

⇨ m e m b e r : m i n g y u

[ you’re a real demon, calling me your baby boy ]

word count: 1, 048

includes: a lot of sappiness + gets slightly heated + enjoy!!

✎ if u’re wondering what tf “seventeens boyfriend corner” is, i’m basically gonna be posting short scenarios for each member that depicts the cute moments of being their gf. i’m starting with mingyu, therefore dedicating this to  maya and her celery stick bf!

You could hear it, the wispy hum that belonged to the ceiling fan, puffing fragile currents of air to graze skin smooth and lush. It was not an annoying sound, nor was it one that faded into absentminded darkness. There was a certain presence it burrowed, reaping the doves that cooed through a system still and quiet.

After many instances that could no longer be counted on fingers and toes, numbered by pale stars in the sky, or mossy pebbles that lined every creek, did you wallow in the thought that the sound was soothing.

It just so happened to be on today’s instance that you settled with your newfound conviction.

You could feel the prominent bone in his hip dig into your backside, the marble slope of his nose shift against your hair. The whirr spinning from the ceiling fan suddenly wasn’t the sole croon tickling your ears anymore; something else was beginning to brew. A groan, low and husky, vibrating from the chamber of his chest, exhaled past pink lemonade lips. Perhaps he was awakening from your ancient slumber.

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The den still smells faintly of smoke off the grill as you enter it, pulling your robe closed over your nightgown. Niall hasn’t come to bed yet, which isn’t strange - he’s often up later than you, bursting with energy well into the night. Tonight you’d just been too full of the delicious kebabs he’d cooked outside, too drunk on sunshine and the company of friends to stay up late, already nodding off to the local evening news when Niall had chuckled and prodded you, saying, “Get t’ bed, silly,” and ushered you off.

But you’d woken up thirsty, which is why you’re padding into the kitchen now, only to realize you haven’t come across Niall at all. The kitchen is lit only by the light over the stove, there’s a lamp on in the den you just walked through, but no sound, no Niall.

The back porch light is off and you might dismiss the possiblity he’s outside altogether if not for a second look that reveals the sliding glass door is ajar. As you approach it, you can hear the faint sound of one thing scraping another, metal on metal, and you push the door open enough to step outside.

It’s still unusually warm out, the night air clinging to your skin and lit by the light of the moon overhead. You find your husband out here, cleaning the grill, the sound you’d heard that of the brush running along the bars in the cooktop. He jumps about a foot when your fingers touch his shoulder, the skin bared by the white ribbed tank he’s been wearing all day.

“Give me a heart attack, why don’t you,” he says, but there’s laughter in his voice as he sets down the brush and dusts off his hands. “T'ought you were sleepin’, babe.”

“I was thirsty,” you explain, half smiling.

His arms sneaky sneak around your waist, fingertips dancing along your sides and up underneath your robe. Pulling you against him, he noses his way into the warm crook of your neck. “You get a glass of water?”

“Not yet. What are you doing cleaning the grill so late?”

Niall hums against your neck, sending a little ripple of goosebumps down that side of your body. He’s so warm and solid, wrapped around you like this, his body pliant and molding against yours. He smells of the grill and late afternoon sunshine, his hair tickling your cheek as he nuzzles you. “Couldn’t sleep, so I had t’ do somet'in’ with me hands.”

Your lips touch the top of his head as you wind your own arms up and around his shoulders, rubbing gently on what you can reach of his back. “You should have woken me up.”

“Nah, you’re too beautiful when you’re sleepin’, besides you played such good hostess earlier, you deserved t’ rest.”

You chuckle softly, remembering bustling around to serve drinks to the friends that had been over, taking orders for the grill while Niall turned the kebabs and hot dogs and a single chicken leg for your niece over and over on it. Nuzzling into his hair, you’re about to ask if he’ll come to bed now; you can get your water and then the two of you can crawl under the sheets, maybe fool around a little until you’re tired again. But you realize that your hips are swaying without your permission, Niall’s hands having slipped down to hold them through your slinky nightgown.

“What are you doing?” you ask, amused, still holding onto his neck.

Niall finally lifts his head up, those too blue eyes meeting yours, smiling even without the help of his upturned lips. “Dancin’,” he says, still using his grip to help you sway until you pick up the rhythm yourself, feet slipping lightly against the wooden surface of the deck.

“There isn’t even any music out here.”

“So?” And Niall kisses you. His lips are sweet and soft, and your eyes slip shut at the same time his do.

They pop open again when he giggles against your mouth even while he’s still trying to kiss you.

You lean your head back, unable to keep the smile off your face, “What’s so funny?”

Niall grins at you now, shifting his grasp so that his arms are wrapped around you again. “I jus’ keep wonderin’ how I got so damn lucky as to have you love me.”

Dr. Jongin and Mr. Kai (Part 8)

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“Jongin! What happened to you?” You asked him, half surprised, and half suspicious. He shrugged.

“I honestly have no idea. I woke up like this. Maybe I sleep walk? I don’t know. I look awful don’t I? Ahhh… I shouldn’t have come here like this, I look terrible” He replied shyly, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand, blushing slightly.

You laughed and called him silly, before ushering him inside. You checked his wounds, but they were already healing, so there was no need for you to look after them. Things just began falling into place, and you began wondering if you were being played with, if all of this was some sort of twisted joke someone was playing on you.

“I don’t really have much to eat, I couldn’t go to the store yesterday, I hope you don’t mind having sandwiches and tea?” you asked him, as you rummaged through your fridge to find something to make sandwiches with. Jongin smiled at you warmly, his cheeks still rosy.

“As long as you make it, I’ll gladly eat anything” He replied with a shy smile, making you blush, and turn to look at him. You noticed he was already playing with Chio, and the image gave you flashbacks of Kai. It looked just the same. It was like seeing the same scene being played again, this was stronger than déjà vu, you were literally looking at the same thing for a second time.

You finished making the sandwiches and tea, and placed them on the coffee table for Jongin to eat, while you left your mug on the table, and grabbed your sandwich and ate it as you sat cross-legged on the sofa, facing Jongin. You studied his every feature, his every move, and you could see the undeniable resemblance between the boys. They looked exactly the same, yet they both gave off completely different auras, and even had different facial gestures, and body language.

You watched his millon dollar smile, as he played with Chio, the way he laughed, so purely, so innocently, the twinkle in his eyes, his carefree but shy body language, the sound of his voice, and you thought to yourself “He is the boy I am falling in love with”. Until you saw that little nose scrunch, and you felt a pang of sadness at the notion of Kai not being there. Were you missing him?

“I am probably distracting you, it’s going to get late, I’ll leave you alone so you can do shopping and get ready for college and that. I wouldn’t want you missing class because I’m being selfish, but do you want to see me tomorrow afternoon? We can go for a walk at the park, or…” He stumbled over his own words, trying to come up with more creative plans that did not sound too suspicious or forward with you, he didn’t want to scare you away by taking you to a fancy restaurant just yet, he was hoping he would be able to once you had finally agreed to dating him, but he had to do things just right.

“How about you come over for a movie night? I’ll cook dinner for you, and we can watch movies and eat pop-corn on the couch” You suggested, more than happy to lend a hand, and incredibly excited at the prospect of possibly cooking for him.

“Yeah! We can do that! I’ll be honored to try your delicious cooking!” He replied enthusiastically, it would almost be like playing house with you, and that made him happy.

“Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” You replied, as you walked him to the door, opening it for him.

“Tomorrow, I’ll call you to ask when you are free. I’ll bring the pop-corn and candy okay?” He asked, and you nodded. His lips curved upwards in a smile, before his hand caressed your cheek, and you leaned into his touch. He leaned forward, and kissed your lips ever so gently, before making Chio wave goodbye to you and walk away.

You sighed at his retreating figure. Why was he so handsome? Why was he so dreamy? He was prince charming, and you couldn’t wait until he came to take you from your tower.

You quickly changed into something more decent, before grabbing your keys and handbag, and heading to the store, to buy enough food to last you a couple of weeks, and to cook tomorrow for your movie date. You were excited, and you definitely were hoping to impress him with your cooking skills.

You got back home, and put all your groceries away, before noticing a small post-it note placed on your fridge.

“You suck. Kai.” You laughed, because you now knew what he had been doing in your kitchen while he made his toast. He was so stupid, and irritating, and dark, and mysterious, and dangerous, and just so damn irresistible. Why did you feel this way? Kai wasn’t even your type.

Suddenly you remembered, Kai’s injuries, Jongin’s face and wounds this morning. You needed to find him, you needed to confront him about this, and most of all, you needed answers.

So you darted to your room, and put on your best clubbing dress, and some cute heels, and carefully did your make-up, before grabbing a small clutch, and placing your money, phone and keys in it. You darted out your door, locking it behind you, and made your way down the street to the place where clubs were in your town.

You felt stupid, you weren’t even sure you would find Kai, but you had no phone number to call or text, and he hadn’t told you where he’d be, so this was your only hope. You wandered outside the clubs for a while, trying to spot him in the crowds, but you weren’t so lucky. Tired of waiting around for nothing, you chose a random club, and went in, hoping he had been honest earlier, and he really would find you.

You navigated through the crowd with a drink in your hand, trying to get past the sweaty dancing bodies on the dance floor, to find a booth or chair or something to sit on, your heels were beginning to hurt already. You shouldn’t even be out this late, you had college tomorrow.

Suddenly you felt a hand on your arm, pulling you back. You turned around hopeful, half-expecting Kai to be there, to have found you, just like he said he would. But instead you were met with another handsome man, who was obviously intoxicated by alcohol, pulling you towards himself.

“Hey there pretty lady” he slurred, as he smiled at you with what you assumed was supposed to be a charming smile, but really was just an awkward expression of his drunken face. You scrunched your nose up in disgust, and tried to pull away, but his hold on your arm tightened.

“No, don’t go, I barely just started having fun with you” He spoke again, and you could smell the scent of alcohol emanating from his mouth, making you feel nauseous.

“LET GO!” You yelled as you pulled back harder, trying to make him loosen his grip, or at least lose his balance or something.

“Oh there you are cutie, excuse me asshole, could you take your filthy paws of my property before I snap your arm off?” You heard a low voice growl behind you. The man’s eyes immediately widened, as he retracted his hand, and he began walking backwards, away from you.

“Sorry, didn’t know she was with you… I’m sorry” He mumbled, before disappearing into the crowd. You turned back, secretly pleased to meet Kai’s burning gaze on you.

“I said I’d find you. What are you doing here?” He growled, at you this time. You could tell he wasn’t amused.

“Can’t I enjoy a night out clubbing?” You snapped back, glaring at him, although inside you were screaming at yourself to thank him for being your constant knight in shining armor.

“No. Good girls don’t go out dressed like that, to clubs like these, on college nights. “ He replied with a smug smile, before grabbing you by your elbow, and tugging you away. As he walked past, you noticed the vast amount of people waving at him, girls winking at him, blowing kisses at him, and the lot, and honestly you wanted to rip chunks out of their hair. You wondered how many of those girls he had been with, you wondered how many girls he had been with. If you had given yourself to him, it wouldn’t have been special to him, you would surely have been just another one.

“What did you want?” He asked, as he reached a small booth.

“We need to talk.” You told him, crossing your arms, and his eyes opened wide before he let out a loud peal of laughter.

“Oh God that sentence… Listen if it’s about the other night, seriously I don’t want you to think it meant anything” He started excusing himself. You felt as if your heart had just been stabbed with a blunt butter knife repeatedly, hard enough so that it had gone right through, and you felt tears welling up in your eyes. Kai on the other hand, hated himself for saying those words to you, but he was too scared that you’d reject him, that you’d be the first one to tell him it meant nothing to you, and so he bit first, but he wanted to scream how you felt, he wanted to grab you in his arms, and take you away, to the dingy apartment he had gotten for his lonely nights, and live in there with you forever, where no one could take you away from him.

“No. We need to talk about you and Jongin. About why the two of you had identical wounds. About how you knew my name although I had never told you it. About why Chio treated you like he knew you. What is going on Kai. Who are you?” you asked him, looking him straight in the eyes, with a stare that pierced right through his walls and barriers, and reached his soul. Kai felt naked, bare, exposed, for the first time in a long time he felt weak in front of someone.

He grabbed your arm tightly, and tugged you to the back door of the club.

“You don’t know what you are talking about.” He mumbled, trying to dissuade you from your purpose. But you wouldn’t take it.

“Who are you?” You asked again, and he knew, by the way your eyes would not abandon his, and the sound of your voice, that you weren’t going to let him be until he had told you.

He looked away from you for a second, trying to decide whether this was the right thing or not. But meddling with you in the first place wasn’t the right thing to begin with, and now he was too far in to back out. You had a right to know, you had figured out too much on your own.

He took a deep breath, and turned to you, looking you deep in the eyes.