silly things with the webcam

still looking for ladies over 18 who are willing to be naked OR partially naked OR in their undies in my next video! doesn’t matter where u live or what u look like - it’s a selfie style thing that u record yourself on webcam. it’s more silly than sexy, and a lot of ladies have contributed so far but i want it to be really diverse so if u have a unique look or a fetish you’re comfortable sharing that’s especially awesome! all of the girls involved so far are fans who’ve responded on twitter and everyone has kind of the same look :/ ????? i especially need black girls, brown girls, chubby girls, and older ladies- where are ya’ll at?!?!

(also, the entire concept of the video involves body positivity and because of all the body and slut shaming that happens online i’m taking a lot of extra measures 2 minimize bullying and backlash, although it seems like an impossible thing to avoid altogether i have a plan to at least make it impossible to comment ^_^ also, it’s not going to be on youtube so don’t worry about that.)

if you’re interested please send me a message in my ask or an email to <3