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Holy sh*t I’m out of shape. 

Galavant | 1.02 Joust Friends

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#14 with any of the batboys? Tnx

A/N: Sorry for the wait, I get a little struggle doing this and it’s a bit short but I kind of like the result! Hope you guys like it too 💕

You were waiting for Tim to get back from patrol when you heard the door being closed, you looked at him and greeted your boyfriend with a smile.

“Hi Tim, how was your day?” you said, since it was the first time you see him today.

“Good..” he responded only, making you confused by his unusual attitude “I have to talk to you, Y/N.”

“I’m listening” you told starting to get nervous, you were not liking to hear the worry in his voice.

“I don’t think we should be together anymore” he simply said, your heart aching with his words.

“W-Why? You don’t like me anymore or-”

“It’s not that Y/N, it’s just that you are not safe dating me. Someone may wanna hurt you and look what I make you do every time” he explained with sadness “You are always staying up late at night and being worried about me and.. You don’t need this you know.”

“Stop being silly Tim, if I do these things is because I want to. And yeah, I get worried, but only cause I love you too much.” you declared “Maybe I don’t need this but I need you.”

 “That’s the problem Y/N! You don’t need me, you are the best person in the world and probably the one I most love too, and I am just a mess, a nerd and-”

“Tim shut up” you interrupted him “Look you said you love me, right? That’s what matters. Maybe you really are a mess and a nerd, but..” you got closer to him, your lips almost near to his mouth “You’re my nerd

You passionately kissed him and he couldn’t resist your touch, you knew he had his doubts about this relationship, but until you two loved each other you wouldn’t let anything stay in your way.

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I adore your Baby Galra Keith!! He's adorable! What would BGK look like with Pidge's glasses? Or Hunk's bandana?? Or Coran's mustache? (I know the last one is really silly but I can't stop imagining Lance borrowing people's things and doing this!)

hehe ^//^


15 musically-driven moments on HIMYM:  [6/15]  » Rewind - 5x02

∟ Rewind » Goldspot 
Asking you to stay / The words are finally here / Let’s rewind, and rewind
You see, you’re the only star / In the film I never made
Would you rewind it all the time / Rewind it all the time

The funniest thing i ever read was a recent confession about CL “bullying” Dara. The person who wrote the original post also thinks CL x Minzy get together and exclude the others so i’m guessing people believe that too.

CL joked with Dara, Dara got mad and left, then Bom said “Why don’t you give her tangerines?” and she did just that and they joked about them being like a couple. So if you didn’t watch 2NE1tv, then you really shouldn’t be believing or spreading BS a hater created should you? 

She has also stopped Bom from doing silly things as well but i don’t see any Bom stans writing BS, in fact they laugh at CL trying so hard to save Bom’s image. 

If you actually followed the group you would know there’s no other person in 2NE1 that CL loves more than Dara. She ran up flights of stairs in an earthquake to get Dara, she stares lovingly at her when she talks, smiles at her when she walks by on stage, always puts her arm around her shoulders and sometimes around her waist. CL has said if they were to die that day in the earthquake, she would rather them die together and Dara has posted that it’s hard for the two of them to be apart. So why are people stirring up shit?