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#1 with a M/M relationship? (I don't care which one, I love em all!)


John squinted at his laptop screen, unwilling to believe the measurements of what he had apparently ordered. He picked up the scrap of material and looked at it, confused as to how it constituted clothing in any way. At least it was a nice color, he thought, shimmying into it. The top was looser, although it left nothing to the imagination. He checked himself out in the mirror. …He looked good.
Walking out into the living room, he drew his boyfriend’s attention with a cough.
Alexander’s book fell with a thud. John gave a twirl. “Do you like it?”
“I- uhhh…”
John smoothed the hem down, suddenly self conscious. “You’re right, it’s silly. I looked- the skirt is supposed to be this short. I probably ordered the wrong size…” he trailed off as Alexander stood, running his hand down John’s chest.
“If you hate it we don’t have to go. We can change costumes or something-”
“No!” Alexander cleared his throat, hands traveling further down John’s body. He looked to be in a daze, muttering something about John’s ass being perfect (which was nothing new).
Licking his lips, he said, “I was just wondering how late we could be without being rude. Because you look…”
John had never seen Alexander at such a loss for words. He stepped forward, wrapping his arms around Alexander’s neck and grinding his hips, the skirt riding up just far enough to expose the swell of his ass.
Alexander groaned, picking John up and walking him back towards the couch.
“Yeah, we’re gonna be late.”


final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Cater ➟ Land Mine.


Remember when Kenma first wore a skirt in front of Kuroo? And Kuroo had to assure him the skirt looked good?

A little something I did for saso2016′s bonus round 1!

My take on a genderswapped Gundam. I figure since he typically reads shounen magazines, she’d read their counter part. Rather than act like a shounen villain, she’d be a magical girl-esque villain or anti-hero. Complete with a “secret” identity and magical transformation item (the fox hair stick, which isn’t magical it’s just super old and she found it in their attic so clearly it’s important). She often boasts that nobody has ever learned of her true identity. Her ethereal mother is the only person who has ever seen that side of her. In her time spent on earth, she’s learned that humans are inferior to animals - the only creatures she can truly communicate with - and aims to conquer the planet using their own beasts against them.

Of course, these are just the “civilian” clothes she uses to blend in with you humans. If she transformed fully and showed you her true infernal form, you would surely go mad!

Fic: Make Me Someone New - a Carmilla Webseries AU: Part 1.1

Pairing: Hollstein
Rating: T
Word Count: 7566

Summary: Everyone knows how soulmates go. There’s a soul out there that is indefinably and inseparably bound to you for the rest of time, meeting in new lifetimes to relearn each other, only to have Death take you up in the unending cycle once again. Sounds great for a human. Not so much for a vampire. Death forgot you. Death left you to remember her over and over and over.

Part 1: Being Human

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Soo many cartridge pleats. I had a lot of fabric so I made them really big. Which seemed like a good idea at the time, but I think they will look really bulky and silly once the skirt is sewn on. So i’m regretting that decision a little bit. 

I think pulls will be visible in the fabric if I remove the pleats which is why i’m hesitant to redo them. Just going to go with it and hope for the best!

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"I had told Frank—Leave me. But he could not." Claire thinks awfully highly of Frank. He didn't leave but he also dictated every term of his staying, & got a child in the process. And had side women to get what C couldn't give. He gained nothing by leaving but gained a lot by staying. Having wife and child was a requisite for any professional man in the 40s/ 50s. To me, his staying wasn't altruistic or indicative of some great love for C. It was calculated to help himself, maybe tangentially C.

Well, that’ll teach me not to go into automatic brain-off when I see the name “Frank” four words into a paragraph. Had I paid attention when I read Anon’s message the day Knife Wumman 🔪 @just-a-wretched-woman gave it to me, I wouldn’t have worried about my Too Much of Frank bias when answering it… because there’s no question in the message… No question asked = No answered required. Woo hoo! 🎉🎉🎉 Too Much of Frank bias not be damned!

In a nutshell, I agree with you 100%, dear Anon. Allow me to illustrate with others’ photographic assistance.

Frank: The Story of A Man Who Would Bore Me To Tears So Thank Goodness He’s Fictitious - Whew! As Told By Frank In His Own Words Accurately

I shall introduce you to my parents as Mrs. Frank Randall. My mother will say how interesting your parents named you Frances and you grew up to marry her Francis. We shall all do the dance of joy. Then Father and I shall smoke cigars and talk about business, and politics, and world history, while you and Mother wash our feet, massage our shoulders, and keep your traps shut.

This is the best honeymoon EVER! The hours spent with you Reverend are the most rewarding of my life. Now, do you think my esteemed ancestor Jack Black Randall enjoyed history as much as I do? I bet he would have been a historian had he not been God’s gift to all things military and justice and drop-dead gorgeous men.

Yes, you’re back and I am so grateful. I’m sick of eating in the university cafeteria and sending out my laundry. With the money I’ll save on housekeeping, I’ll finally be able to buy those first editions of the Historians Rock series. AND when I get ready-to-pass-out drunk on Bridge nights, you could get out of bed and come to get me, rather than one of the poor fellows having to drive me home. This is going to work out nicely. Score!

No Rev, that can’t be why she’s avoiding me and speaking only to Mrs. Graham. She always loved my mandatory at-home Jacobite history lectures. I fascinated her with stories of their weakness, and stupidity, and ill humour. No matter how often she heard my telling her, she couldn’t believe the Jacobites chose to wear silly skirts and never purchased expensive, dashing uniforms like my red-coated ancestors so proudly wore. She learned so much from me about the realities of the Jacobite Risings. Ha ha ha ha ha. More like Jacobite Fallings, am I right?

You were with another man for three years… Yes, a homeless man who begged on street corners on the wrong side of London with you. I know that. I fail to see why you’re so riled up about it. You were hungry. He was hungry. Neither of you had any cash nor your husband’s signing privileges at The Club. It was smart of you to beg in pairs, but I’d appreciate it if you would use your inside voice when you talk about it. There’s no need to disturb the Reverend’s prayer circle with your hysterics.

Of course he was only a street begger. Don’t be ridiculous. He was a begger and nothing more. You could never be happy with another man. I mean, look at me. Listen to me. Read my published work. Think about how much you missed me every single minute of the past three years. Think about how you cried yourself to sleep every night, lonely and cold and unloved. Your happiness begins and ends in my arms, when they’re not full of books and papers and the History Department syllabus.

I’ll humour you, if I must Claire, but the guy sounds like a real loser. I imagine an awkward, short, fat, pockmarked-faced old wanker with a willy so small, you’d call it a button. When you’ve got prime rib at home, why on earth would you want a button-size wiener elsewhere? Honestly, Claire, this attention-seeking is getting old fast.

Oh, Claire! I knew it! I just knew it! The fellows in the Biology Department insist pregnancy results from heterosexual sexual intercourse, but I knew it. I KNEW they were wrong! Wait until I get back to work. I can’t wait to see their faces when I tell them Mother was right. Babies come from wishes and hopes and dreams. And after a few months, the stork arrives with a bundle of joy for a heterosexual couple to love and protect and raise to grow up to be a historian just like their brilliant father! I just knew it!

These are my conditions, Claire. You shall forget about the awkward, short, fat, pockmarked-faced old wanker with a willy so small, you’d call it a button. You shall never utter his name again. You shall resume your place as Mrs. Frank Randall with all its benefits. You shall forget about nursing and begin your new, grown-up career as my wife. Your duties will include all housekeeping and childrearing, as well as all domestic planning, shopping, and entertaining. You will accept me as your lord and master, and will treat me accordingly at home and around the globe. My wish shall be your command. Oh, and other duties as assigned.

RED HAIR!? Slightly slanted blue eyes? THAT’S not the baby I ordered! I demand to speak to the stork. And that cooing sounds suspiciously like the Ghàidhlig.

Disclaimer: boyneriver knows Tobias Menzies is not Frank Randall. boyneriver recognizes Tobias Menzies as a brilliant actor, and wishes him nothing but happiness in every facet of his life. boyneriver won’t apologize for having fun at Too Much of Frank’s expense.

#Too Much of Frank   #ReduceFrank   #F-bomb Frank

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Am I the only one who kinda thinks Tyler wears woman's sunglasses? Don't get me wrong, I love Tyler, but I've never seen a style like that on a guy ;)

Well he’s hardly the only guy wearing that style.

Are they sunglasses that are marketed as “women’s sunglasses”? Wouldn’t surprise me. Both Tyler and Josh have worn clothing that is labeled as “women’s clothing.” I think the idea of assigning accessories or clothing to a gender is pretty silly though. Men wear skirts and dresses and leggings and whatever they want and it’s no big deal. (Not to mention that there are plenty of people who identify outside of these two labels.) Forgive me from wandering away from your question but yeah, they’re probably “women’s sunglasses.” Whatever. Reject the gender binary.