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Rule 8000423 of TS3 (recap): When one sim pisses you off the logical course of action is to insult the other one, who hasn’t said a single mean word to you (yet).

Rule 8000424 of TS3: The logical and completely legit conclusion, after insulting the non-offending sim…

… is to make silly faces with the one who DID offend.

You play this game well, sir.  xD

Happy full moon, nuggets!  :D  I hope all is well with you.

It’s not Sunday yet but selfie time :3 

I’d like to interrupt my queue and use this opportunity to say a proper HUGE thanks for all your sweet messages that I received (and keep receiving) during my hiatus. I might be repetetive, but I just want to say sorry for making you worry and dissapearing for so long. As you can see I’m pretty alive ^_^” I realized one thing: this blog isn’t only a place where I post silly Sims pictures but.. this blog is my online family. And no matter how tricky my real life could be, I just don’t have a right to neglect it and you (my lovely folowers) by leaving without a note. Your wonderful comments, messages and notes encourage me to continue playing my game and make me feel very special. Make me feel as if my hobby isn’t a waste of time on pixels but something important. Something that can inspire people. Something that can make you smile, make you happy and just something that spreads the positive vibes. I received sooo many love letters through these three years of “simblring” that now it’s time for me to send a love letter for you. Sims community is awesome. It’s a place where I’ll always be happy to come back to. I’m very proud of this helpful and warm atmosphere that we are creating here. You can’t even imagine HOW important all these messages for me. I put all my soul in.. everything I post (no matter what: sims, houses, screenarts, funny legacy posts captions) and this is so amazing to get the positive attitude from you. It’s just that moment when you realize that it’s not only a game, but also people who surround you, with whom you share this game posts, who inspire you and give strength and desire to keep on. So, thank you for following me,making me happy, being so awesome and kind to me.

Your happy Lesya, xo xo.

I just went on to check my queue and did a literal double take! 3,000 followers?! That’s insane! I remember when I had just started out seeing a Simblr with 3000 followers and I just couldn’t comprehend it! I can’t believe there’s that many people following my silly little sims story, but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Being on tumblr and following everyone’s wonderful stories is a highlight of my day, and it’s just a bonus that any of you follow me back! In the two years I’ve been here I’ve chatted with and made friends with just some of the amazing people in our little corner of the internet! So thank you all! (Going to stop here before I get super soppy!) ❤

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The pair sit down and their silly sim goddess decides to go through all the interactions with the festival icon on them.  They weren’t under romance!  I didn’t know they were romantic interactions…

Pace:  “So what do you think of the romantic vibes in the festival?”

Caleb:  “It’s uh…..romantic?”

Pace:  “Does it make you feel romantic?”

Caleb:  “Yes.”

Pace:  “Towards anybody in particular?”

Caleb smiles:  “Possibly.”

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The maid ditched my homework!

  I’ve been asked a few times about where my ideas come from. Some insight below for the curious. Yes, there IS a reason I’m illustrating this with a pic of Ahnoui:

Old as I am..I’m STILL a very childlike person in many ways, “Puer Aeternus”

Yes, I know the term refers to males..but one of my artist friends observed, only half jokingly “Inside you are a playful 15 year old boy!”

Not EXACTLY a compliment..but fairly insightful. I ain’t mad at her, :)

In childlike fashion, I live in a wildly colorful house and collect toys (some pretty weird or scary!) I enjoy games and silly stuff, like Sims..and elaborate practical jokes.  Spinning a crazy story around what happens in my game comes rather naturally I guess? I appreciate similar spirit of play from those I follow here also.  I sense kindred spirits among some of you. :)

As for the themes of this story:

I worked for many, many years in a professional capacity with a lot of very, very  eccentric rich families and their children. Some famous..some not. (Not gonna name-drop..I respect people’s privacy and I don’t think any of them want to be associated with this absurd story. All my characters are composites drawn from many sources..not intended to be any specific person.)

The title of this post is an example of the sorts of excuses given by kids in these families for not doing homework. Not the usual “my dog ate it.”

Others I’ve heard include: “ I left my homework at our weekend house”  “The gardener misread my instructions and fucked up my project, sorry.”


A lot of the people I worked with fit the various “Trustafarian” stereotypes, including some of my colleagues. Yes, some very rich folks engage in socially useful work. Hidden in plain sight. Fortunately for me, I worked in environments where eccentricity was not only tolerated, it was prized. As weird as I am..some of my colleagues were even stranger…as were many of the parents and kids.

I’m not working anymore, but I still know/ am friends with, plenty of folks who fit some of the Trustafarian archetypes as detailed in the now out of print book by Brian Griffin: “The Trustafarian Handbook:  A Field Guide to the Neo-Hippie Lifestyle Funded by Mom and Dad” You can still find copies on Amazon..I’ve sent some to friends over the years.

Ahnoui, pictured above, is a good example of a Trustafrian sub- type Brian Griffin classifies as a “Diddlysquatter” Yes, his name is a pun.

If you have the book, you might have fun figuring out what other sub-types are represented in my stories.

Yeah, there IS a reason so many of my alien characters sport Electric Dreads..its referencing the iconic hairstyle of the types I’m poking gentle fun of.

Yes, gentle. I do like all the “Trustafari” I know and most are doing very good  charitable things in the world. Just poking a bit at their quirks, playful like.