silly silly sillies

[voltron] B R O
  • lance : *highlighting an entire page of his notes*
  • hunk : bro , you know you're only supposed to highlight the important things .
  • lance , without hesitation : *drags highlighter across hunk's arm*
  • hunk : bro , why did you do that ?
  • lance : because you're important to me bro .
  • hunk : BRO

Today i’ve learned that any animal with deer like legs would not be able to sit on a chair, a stool would work tho, but not a regular chair of any type

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘Elle has a coat of arms. I mean it’s REALLY a coat - of ARMS. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life…and I’m afraid to ask where, and HOW she got it. “Bru, it keeps me quite warm.” “Sweetie, I would imagine so…with all those arms hugging you.’

You can’t dismiss the charms of a coat of arms. I got this one from the gendarme, who has an arm farm out in Guam, but have no qualm, they’re all false arms. If they get too dry, I have a balm from Vietnam that helps to calm, and protects the arms from harm. My coat can and does alarm, but don’t worry- I’ll never be disarmed.

I wanted to give you some updates on some projects I have been doing, primarily, my Don’t Starve Together Mod, Wellen

I made my first set of anim files for my mod, all from scratch. They are working really good in the spriter program. However…. 

When exported and compiled into Dont Starve, this is what the creature becomes. A flock of floating closed eye .pngs with only the two actual eyes working! Not sure what this means or how to fix it, but my friend and I are looking into it.

In other news my coding friend found out how to change the sizes of objects within the game’s code, and did some irresponsible, yet hilarious things

When did a moose goose ever need to be bigger??