silly shit i made

Hey guys,

I just want to say in regards to the whole situation floating around anti-semitism and pewdiepie is that, if you /really/ think he’s a nazi or actually against Jews then you obviously have not watched his videos and have not seen what kind of person he really is.

Felix would not condone actual hatred towards people who are actually Jewish. It was a dark joke he made and was genuinely shocked when the two guys went through with it. Yes, dark humour is never politically correct but that’s all it was. It wasn’t a direct attack on those who are Jewish.

Also, people such as Markiplier and Jacksepticeye who /know/ Felix and have defended him will know what they’re talking about. Yes, anti-Semitic jokes are not funny and should not be condoned but that does not automatically mean the person who made them actually warrants hatred toward them.

To all those labelling him and getting wound up about this, go suck your thumbs somewhere else. Your dumbass assumptions are what makes no one able to speak about anything these days.

He’s said it so many times, he does not warrant hate towards Jewish people nor does the people who defended him. Get off your high horse and stop labelling him something he’s not.

Thank you, I hope my ask box won’t be filled with bullshit.


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