silly shit

So today, my character creation teacher mentioned how you can make any lead character look adventurous by slapping a vest on them. He said you could even put a Marty McFly vest on Giger’s Alien and it would work.

And so I tried it and now I’m crying

I am cryyyiiing

So, while sittingon the toilett in the kinda house we live in, you hear your neighbors talking in a muted manner

I just heard a VeryDoneDad voice speaking through what sounded like a makeshift megaphone go “Report, report! I would like to inform you i will turn off electricity in the house if you do not fuck off to bed right NOW. END OF REPORT”


Before I disappear for the night. This scene just happened in the movie and I immediately thought of this dub.

Whew, wrote another thing!

This was based off a prompt faerieswing gave me, “Snake is having trouble sleeping—Otacon helps him out. (Your choice whether it’s with “boring” anime, a “would you rather?” game, or any other method, sexy or otherwise.)

I kinda wanted to make it sexy, but no, things decided to get dumb and fluffy. Consider an AU where the timeline makes sense for what I wrote and for when the animes I referenced were actually airing.

So, uh, yeah…


Otasune; Rated: PG

Warnings for: N/A

Snake had to admit that having the company was refreshing.

Even if that company frequently went on incomprehensible, lengthy monologues about Cowboy Bebop, or rootkits.

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