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It’s okay to like Sansa in the show. I know, you’re supposed to find her a ‘faux feminist’, you’re supposed to be outraged 24 / 7 over the book changes, you’re supposed to find her sewing direwolves silly. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be. 

It’s okay to like Sansa in the show, it’s okay to reblog gifsets of her, it’s okay to defend her, it’s okay to spend hours having fun and looking forward to seeing her on your screen. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t critical or aware over the injustices her character has faced.

Lots of my friends here really love the Jon x Sansa scenes. I could scoff them. I could tell them they aren’t ~real~ Sansa fans, that they are just liking fic. But I don’t do that, I don’t want to. Not only is it mean, but I don’t want to be the person who gets irritated at the concept of people having fun. Truth is, they are real Sansa fans. They have every damn right to be in this fandom.

Those Sansa stans who look forward every week, and spend time writing fic, headcanons, meta or just simple text posts? Leave them alone. Don’t say condescending shit like they are ‘eating up’ / ‘sucking up to’ the show (as if you are so intellectually superior). 

Stop dictating how people like Sansa. 

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BTS reaction to y/n having an obsession with sewing her skin?

💌 — I did some research on skin sewing and I think it looks really relaxing if you know what you’re doing! Here’s some information for anyone who is curious to know exactly what this is. (Please be safe, sterile, and do your research before trying at home!) Thank you for requesting and enjoy!

Seokjin walks back from the kitchen to the living room, sighing as he sits down on the couch next to you without giving you an initial glance. He’s skimming through the list of shows playing when he notices you humming absentmindedly beside him. “Do you have something to say, honey?,” he teases as he turns to face you, his eyes widening instantly when he notices you expertly weaving a needle in and out of your skin as if it’s nothing. Jin tries to stop himself from yelling so loudly, but that doesn’t last long before he’s shouting, “Y/N! What the hell are you doing to yourself?” You glance up at him and motion to the star sewn into your skin as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “I’m bored and I had some extra thread lying around, so I figured I’d start sewing again.” You’ll definitely need to pause your artwork for a few minutes to assure Jin that you’re not completely insane and that it’s perfectly safe to do. But after some reassurance that you’re not going to lose your hand via sewing and you’ll keep the needle away from him, Jin will find it to be just another odd quirk of yours.

Yoongi is very apologetic to the fact that he doesn’t have many opportunities to spend time with you one-on-one. However, he enjoys the fact that you both are quiet souls together. With that fact in mind, he often invites you to stay in the studio with him on nights when he knows he won’t make it back home. A lot of that time is spent enjoying each other’s silent company, Yoongi busy producing on his computer and you watching movies on your phone or scrolling through your Tumblr feed. Tonight, however, you decided to pick up some sewing thread on your way to the studio since you were running low and wanted to do something different for a change. You give Yoongi a quick kiss after you arrive and make your way to your designated seat on the plush couch in the corner of the room. You fix the needle soon after and slowly start sewing meaningless lines into your hands, no clear pattern in mind. A half hour passes and you hear Yoongi groan as he stretches out of his seat. “I’m gonna go get something to drink. Do you wa-,” Yoongi pauses in the middle of his sentence and you look up to find him concentrated on the needle sticking between your fingers. “Um, would you care to explain what you’re doing?” You laugh at his confused expression and explain the concept to him, his only response being a short “hmm, okay then,” before he leaves you to finish what you started.

Hoseok is hard to keep up with sometimes. He isn’t necessarily bothersome - but he has a lot of energy that you can’t always compete with. And sometimes he needs to tire himself out before he can even think about curling up on the couch and relaxing with you. It’s times like this when you pull out your little sewing kit hidden beneath your bed and start to doodle into your delicate skin, little stars and hearts - and smiley faces when you miss Hoseok too much - taking up the space of your palm. You’re in the midst of switching out the thread with a different color when you hear your boyfriend walking through the bedroom door. “Hey babe,” you murmur out to him, hands still busy searching for the color that seems to have disappeared from your kit. Hoseok’s feet approach you slowly and you look up to see him holding the roll of thread in front of your face, eyes warily glancing down at the thread sewn into your skin. “Um… are you looking for this, babe?” You smile up at his worried face and take the thread from his hands, thanking him and explaining to him what you’re doing since he seems too nervous to ask himself. He reaches out to take your hand in his, facing your palm upwards and chuckling as he points at the brightly colored sun while saying, “Hey, this one looks like me!”

Namjoon enjoys learning new things and venturing into different hobbies that other people may avoid for whatever reason. So when he comes home to find you concentrated intensely on the multiple loose-ended threads hanging from your skin, he doesn’t freak out like you may have expected others too. He sets down his things and walks over to your seat, head quirking to the side as he examines the unfinished portrait of a night sky sewn beautifully into your arm. He notices the way your eyebrows are scrunched up in frustration, huffing in annoyance and sending a few stray hairs flying away from your face. “Ah, don’t get so upset, baby,” he whispers soothingly while leaning down to kiss your puffed out cheeks. “I think you should add some magenta to this side,” he notes while gently pointing and careful to not mess up what you’ve already done, “and fade it out to blue over to this side.” He purses his lips as he holds up the different colors, though his face instantly relaxes when you smile at him in agreement and finally return his kiss from earlier. “I think you’re right,” you answer before going back to trim the loose strings and begin threading another needle. Namjoon sighs and shrugs nonchalantly, “When am I not?”  

Jimin quite nearly drops his phone when he walks into your room and sees you poking at your skin without a single care in the world. The choked noise he makes and the way he knocks into different things trying to catch his phone before it shatters brings you out of your concentration immediately. You look at him bewildered and he returns the same expression to you for a completely different reason. “What are you doing?,” you both ask at the same time, pausing for a moment until Jimin decides his question deserves an answer a bit more urgently. “Why are you stabbing yourself like that?,” he asks like it’s the most horrific thing he’s ever seen. You roll your eyes at him and giggle at his reaction while telling him, “I’m not stabbing myself, silly. It’s called skin sewing. It’s totally safe.” You hold up your palm to him and have to fight back another laugh when he slowly approaches you like you have a bomb in your hand. He glances down at your palm, up at your face, then back down to your palm again before muttering out, “Well, I guess it kinda looks cool.”

Taehyung doesn’t know whether to be fascinated or terrified when he comes over for a surprise visit and finds you going to town on your hand with a needle and thread. You don’t seem to be in pain as you casually greet him with a simple “Hey babe” before focusing back on your work. However, everything in his mind is telling him that he should be panicking right now. Cautiously, he walks over and slowly sits down next to you on the couch, staring at your face until you direct your attention his way and sigh in defeat. You were hoping that you could finish the design you were working on without interuption, but Taehyung’s surprise arrival and heavy stare immediately shoots down that idea. “It’s called skin sewing,” you inform him before he can ask - his jaw closing shut as you interrupt him mid-question. “It’s completely harmless. Look, no blood involved,” you insist as you hold your hand up close to Tae’s face, his eyes widening in shock for a few moments as he admires the thread woven through the thin upper layer of your skin. However, he sees that you’re right about it not hurting you and he slowly pushes your hand down. It takes him a couple of moments to find his voice again, but once he does he smiles shyly and holds his hand out towards you as he asks, “Will you try it on me next?”

Jungkook is a simple boy. A simple boy who is going to be extremely bewildered when he comes home to see his very adorable girlfriend sticking a needle and thread through her skin while she watches her favorite drama as if it’s just a regular pastime. You don’t notice his presence for a few moments because he’s been shocked into silence. However, he’ll soon find his own voice and relearn how to walk and quickly approach you with a million questions on his mind. “Um, hello. This morning I left my very normal and not crazy girlfriend here and I wanted to know if you could help me find her?,” he blabbers to you while motioning to what you’re doing as if that’s proof of your insanity. You glare up at him jokingly and wave the needle in his face as if threatening to get to him next. He quickly dodges your swipe and stares at you wide-eyed and bunny gazed. You decide to stop teasing the poor boy and quickly inform him that your sanity is still there and what you’re doing is completely normal. He’ll definitely continue to tease you throughout the night and takes jabs at you every time he can, but he’ll quickly shut up every time you threaten to start sewing him next - at least for a couple minutes.

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Hi! I love your blog. The thing is, most of the projects are too hard and have too many materials I don't have. I'm bored stiff over the school holidays and I love art projects, do you have any suggestions as to what projects I should try?

I understand your pain. I found a bunch of DIY projects that mostly use simple household and craft materials!

DIY Felt Piggy Banks

  • felt sheets
  • needle + thread
External image

DIY Bunny Softies from Socks

  • socks
  • needle + thread
  • stuffing
  • optional pompoms, bows, and/or other embellishments

DIY Origami Jumping Frogs

  • paper

DIY Spinner

  • cardboard
  • string
  • paper

DIY Painted Vases

  • glass bottles
  • paint

DIY Silly Putty

  • cornstarch
  • dish soap

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

“Five Things” Game

I was tagged by @mintyliciousbjd ! Thanks so much for tagging me!

Rules: Please tag 15 people at the end of this challenge (if desired)!

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bag:

  • Valnar’s flip flops
  • Doll hair brush
  • an sd bjd
  • ibuprofen
  • baby wipes

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom:

  • massive amounts of stuffed animals
  • my dolls
  • a fan
  • g.i.joe figures (my husband’s)
  • legos

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do:

  • See the Rocky Mountains
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Make a full scale fairy princess outfit
  • Just travel really?
  • Photography classes

Five Things That Make Me Feel Happy:

  • My Husband
  • My Son
  • My Dolls
  • Finishing Something
  • Its been almost a year and I’m still a quitter. (cigarettes)

Five Things I’m Currently Into:

  • Dolls
  • Music (listening to music)
  • Sewing
  • Several silly phone games
  • my husband, i always dig spending time with my husband.

Five Things On My To-Do List:

  • clean something (anything)
  • work on viridia’s suit
  • call or text my mom
  • call or text my step mom
  • make my bed

Tagging- anyone who wants to.


This is the only sensible way I could think of to post this perhaps 1.30am ideas aren’t the best…  seeing as I even spelt scream wrong but only noticed too late to be bothered changing it.


To open up the app and see Dolly Ota was surreal and it’s very weird and wonderful and to everyone who has ever said anything nice about any of my dolls and encouraged me and generally been awesome, thank you.  Too gushy?  TOUGH!  TAKE MY LOVE!

oc art meme.. send me a # and ill draw it ok
  • 1: ageswap (switch ur chars' ages)
  • 2: sleeping (alone or w other ppl, alternatively cuddling)
  • 3: eating
  • 4: karaoke
  • 5: au of choice
  • 6: in super fashionable clothes
  • 7: modern au (or some other time period)
  • 8: playing video games
  • 9: shopping (at a supermarket, cd store, open market, candy store, w/e)
  • 10: wearing glasses (or not if they have glasses already)
  • 11: with a rlly cool / different hairstyle
  • 12: climbing a tree
  • 13: catching fish / bugs
  • 14: painting
  • 15: swimming / at the beach
  • 16: being a tourist somewhere
  • 17: hiking
  • 18: dreaming
  • 19: gardening
  • 20: going to a convention
  • 21: at the movies
  • 22: putting on makeup
  • 23: at a spa
  • 24: sleepover pillow fight
  • 25: sleepover nails & gossip talk
  • 28: tending to their / someone else's wounds
  • 29: watching clouds in the sky
  • 30: watching stars in the sky
  • 31: nightmares
  • 32: family
  • 33: friends
  • 34: a funeral
  • 35: making origami
  • 36: waking up in the morning
  • 37: (alternatively) getting ready in the morning
  • 38: waking up from a bad dream
  • 39: having a bad argument
  • 40: crying (alone or on someones shoulder)
  • 41: buying electronics
  • 42: in another time period (besides modern-day)
  • 43: personality swap
  • 44.1: eating rlly spicy food
  • 44.2: eating rlly sweet food
  • 44.3: eating rlly sour food
  • 44.4: eating rlly bitter food
  • 45: cooking
  • 46: at work (or school, or doin some duty they have)
  • 47: in the snow
  • 48: raking leaves in autumn
  • 49: remembering something (open to interpretation)
  • 50: eating over at someone else's house
  • 51: going to a party
  • 52: a video game au (theyre in the world of some video game)
  • 53: with someone they admire
  • 54: going into a haunted house
  • 55: as a ghost
  • 56: clothes swap (wearing each others clothes)
  • 57: with stuffed animals
  • 58: gushing about something they love
  • 59: going to an amusement park
  • 60: going to a fair
  • 61: playing a sport
  • 63: falling asleep in a silly place
  • 64: sewing
  • 65: playing in the mud
  • 66: treehouse
  • 67: playing make-believe
  • 68: 5 or 10 years ago (aka draw everyone as little kids / young teenagers)
  • 69: 5 or 10 years in the future (aka draw everyone as adults / older adults)
  • 71: having a family of their own (either au or actual family)
  • 72: hiding from someone/thing
  • 73: halloween costumes
  • 74: as animals
  • 75: as animal crossing animals/villagers
  • 76: pets
  • 77: a song or album of the asker's choice (draw somethin to match the song or somethin that the song makes u think of)
  • 78: as mythical creatures au (if theyre already mythical, do a human au)
  • 79: as gods & goddesses (if already godlike, human au it is)
  • 80: themed as an element (like fire, wind, water, lightning, etc)
  • 81: having a conversation
  • 82: learning to do something (ride a bike, drive a car, do some kinda magic thing, etc)
  • 83: in a play / musical
  • 84: finishing something theyre rlly proud of
  • 85: texting someone (emphasis on their typing style omg)
  • 86: carrying a lot of things
  • 87: doing something they do rlly well
  • 88: doing something theyre terrible at
  • 89: washing dishes
  • 90: cleaning up their house / wherever they live
  • 91: something in their past that they regret
  • 92: missing someone/thing
  • 93: in the rain
  • 94: doing something nice
  • 95: being proud of someone (or someone being proud of them)
  • 96: storytime by a fire place
  • 97: staying up late with someone
  • 98: drawing/painting each other / themselves
  • 99: speaking another language (or trying to)
  • 100: ANYTHING!!!!!!

This marks the 5th gyarados hat I’ve made, unfortunately I don’t have a booth at fanime this year, but this will be the centerpiece of my artist table at ACEN, and it is for sale ;)

I had to completely repattern this from scratch as the original pattern was destroyed when my apartment flooded back in April last year. It measures ~9 ft. long and fits perfectly comfortably if you wear it like a boa.