silly residents

Resident Evil officially turns 21 today. They are now legal to drink.

Drink up guys, you all deserve it after all the shit you went through for all these years.

Happy 21 years of Resident Evil everyone!


I just wanted to say happy 20th anniversary to Resident Evil! This is my collection so far. I’ve only known about the games for half the time it has existed, but I still love them as much as anyone. I also dressed up as Jill because why not.

 I thought maybe some of my lovely followers could also post pictures of their collections and maybe some of you can dress up as your favorite character too! I don’t care how big or small your collection is, how many years you’ve loved the games, or if you can’t find clothes that match your favorite character closely enough, just have some fun and celebrate a ridiculous game that came out 20 years ago. Also, make sure you @ me so I see your pictures!

  • Friend: So it was really awkward because we were doing that "Sex in the Elevator" program and this guy came in, we asked him if he wanted to answer a question for some candy or a condom. He said "Yeah right, like I'll ever use one of those."
  • Other Friend: Oh yeah, cause like the dentist would know that he ate the candy.
You know its Halloween Weekend wheeeeeenn...

You overhear residents’ conversations like this:

“Some slut bumped into me and I wanted to cut her. I went to go look for her and I couldn’t. Because everyone was dressed as a slut!”

“Some guy was dressed up as a naked guy with a penis hanging off of him. I was like Sorry! I just can’t find your eyes right now.”

“Can you stop making awkward sounds. It sounds like bed springs.”

“I’m standing next to some people in strange costumes. I could be anywhere!”

“You should be able to rent children! I want a kid, but not forever.”

So a few weeks ago, we had to key in to every room in my building the day before spring break to make sure every resident was out of the building. Of course, we were polite and knocked first in case anyone was still around! My co and I came up with this little gem of a throwback:

“I’m respecting your privacy as a resident by knocking, but asserting my authority as an RA by keying in anyway!”

Just thought some other ResLifers out there might get a kick out of it, we certainly did.