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Baker kids Childhood Headcanons

why nooot? :D

  • Lucas is four years older than Zoe
  • when Zoe was born Lucas was the proudest big brother in the world
  • he always wanted to hold her but he was still to small and to young so he was always really pouty
  • So he was extra happy if he was allowed to hold baby Zoe on the watch of their parents
  • Zoe first word was ‘Luca’ and it was Lucas nickname for years
  • He was so proud
  • Zoe still use it when she wants to tease him
  • Lucas was that kind of big brother who pushed all the blame on his little sister
  • like one time he builed a very confusing platform for his minicars
  • you know, that kinda stuff you see in movies
  • that super not possible stuff
  • so he managed to builed it and his minicars crashed into the TV
  • Of course Jack and Marguerite knew it wasn’t two years old Zoe but Lucas still tried to blame her
  • He’s a pretty overprotective big brother
  • he always made sure other children aren’t near Zoe
  • and he became jealous when Zoe went along with other kids
  • she’s his little baby sister okay?
  • they were this siblings who always watched over the other one if they were sick
  • Lucas used to bury Zoe under like ten blankets when she was sick so she wouldn’t be cold
  • he always fell asleep next to her when she was sick
  • what’s silly because they shared a room for like 6 years
  • he literally slept next to her everynight
  • no need to sleep in the same bed dude
  • Lucas was the reason Zoe started to wear her hair short
  • he used to grab her hair when they fought
  • so she got it short
  • she really liked it that way because it was easier to handle so she still sticks with it
  • She and Lucas thought it was funny to tell the teachers Zoe was Lucas brother
  • they believed it over half a year

I just wanted to say happy 20th anniversary to Resident Evil! This is my collection so far. I’ve only known about the games for half the time it has existed, but I still love them as much as anyone. I also dressed up as Jill because why not.

 I thought maybe some of my lovely followers could also post pictures of their collections and maybe some of you can dress up as your favorite character too! I don’t care how big or small your collection is, how many years you’ve loved the games, or if you can’t find clothes that match your favorite character closely enough, just have some fun and celebrate a ridiculous game that came out 20 years ago. Also, make sure you @ me so I see your pictures!

Forgive me I’ll post too much Jill ლ(・´ェ`・ლ) Jill is really beautiful (especially biohazard 3 and I love to draw) I feel like I’m a crazy that captured many Jill screens for admiring oooooooh!!థ౪థ  

+++++Thank you for the amazing posts, I wish all my friends / amazing babies here New Year flourish with new discoveries, wonderful inspirations and happiness to fill your heart ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡
  • Friend: So it was really awkward because we were doing that "Sex in the Elevator" program and this guy came in, we asked him if he wanted to answer a question for some candy or a condom. He said "Yeah right, like I'll ever use one of those."
  • Other Friend: Oh yeah, cause like the dentist would know that he ate the candy.