silly requests

Iwa-chan has a healthy scepticism regarding presents jointly purchased by Mattsun and Makki.

[I knooow this is late for his birthday, shh]


I went and drew a few of the requests I liked of characters wearing silly stuff. I MEANT FOR THESE TO BE SKETCHES, I SWEAR. Anyway, obviously these are for @corgisun, @stupidusernamepolicy, and @red-bonesaw.

I’ll be doing more suggestion drawings in my stream this afternoon at 4pm Central. So feel free to come hang out and watch!

forrestwyrm  asked:

Keith gets hit on by some random royal. literally yells 'i'm gay' to get her to stop. cue others reacting/dying in the groupchat XD

let’s just say that as soon as lance got involved, any confusion she felt was quickly cleared up ;)

personalsilly  asked:

For requests: some silly uncle vs. niece shenanigans with Genji and Hana? If you're not up to it, no pressure, and I wanted to let you know I love your drawing style :)

she’s strong!!!!! (n he’s light af)

hausofax  asked:

I am going to be super unoriginal but.... if you have time could you draw Gabriel? or Mercy...? tbh whatever you draw I'll be happy >3<

After a long mission, Dr Ziegler is too sleepy to pose for my drawing

Most of Mercykill stuff is so gloomy, I wanted to draw something more light-hearted… Hope you like it! ^^

mynameisdoppio  asked:

popular bands in the pokemon world?

Annoyingly few have names having to do with Pokémon, although many will use them on their album covers (my favorite is from a techno band that features an Absol on a white background. The Absol’s red eyes are the only things that are not blacked out. It looks cooler than it sounds).