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Christmas? I got you fam! Imagine the sumo friend group (sun/moon, lillie, hau, gladion) getting together for a small christmas party at the protags house. Lillie arrives early Christmas Eve from Kanto and helps you and Mom prepare the food while Hau comes over to taste test. Gladion shows up fashionably late and after the meal they decorate the tree and all sit around drinking hot cocoa (despite it still being hot af outside) and exchanging gifts. Got any present and reaction hcs for them?


I actually made this so long lmao sorry guys



- Burns himself right away because he can’t wait to drink the hot chocolate. Your gonna have to wait till it cools down to give it to him  bc he WILL, I repeat, WILL just chug this scalding liquid. Doesn’t matter if this is his 7th time doing this, he will do it every time. 

- Came with one of those goofy reindeer antler headbands - STRONG LEAD FOR CUTEST KID AT THE PARTY

- Wrapped all his presents in messy over-taped newspapers he had laying around b/c he completely forgot about wrapping them until last minute and didn’t have the time to go out and buy any before the party started



- More marshmallow than hot chocolate, like she dunked those marshmallows in Hau’s hot chocolate and then put them back in her own mug, puts whip cream on top of that too.

- Definitely thought you were supposed to show up an hour earlier than the invite said, so she helps Sun/Moon and their Mom bake up some of the last of the Christmas treats

- Her presents are wrapped up so neatly, with shiny, glittery color palettes and then wrapped around with a sheer ribbon and beautiful bow. Clearly spent time on every part of these presents and wrapping even.

- Is overwhelmed by the affection and amount of nice gifts, blushes and tries to hide her face b/c wow she might start crying from just pure embarrassment. Not sure why she’s embarrassed but makes sure to let everyone know after that she loves all her stuff and is very touched!


- Since it’s at their place, they have the privilege of having their own personalized cutesy christmas mug, but also has a set of reindeer mugs that they offer to share with everyone (this is b/c I also have a set of reindeer mugs…luv em…)

- Is 100% showing off their christmas treats they made (their mom made it lbr, but Sun/Moon Helped!!)

- Specially and thoughtfully picked out presents for everyone and had their mom help them wrap them up neatly with novelty christmas packaging ( like silly pikachu where the lightning decals are holographic - they picked those out specifically)

- Loves their presents!! Starts playing with them, or putting them up right away and giving their friends big hugs!!!


- Sipping on the same mug of cocoa all night, it’s basically just gross chocolate milk by the end of it but he also ate all the marshmallows out of it first thing and then serenely sipped on that cocoa 

- Bought thrifty gag gifts and wrapped them in coupons for the squad b/c he is broke for sure, and everyone loves them tho. Like, everyone genuinely loves them b/c they’re from him. (Mom is lovin the coupons too, stay thrifty ho)

- Tears up a little when he recieves so many gifts from people who chose to love him…Blushes and smiles A Lot, while trying to hide from Mom’s camera - unsuccessfully

Your Mom

- Drinking that cocoa straight from the green thermo that every parent insists on using to drink hot chocolate, but uses the lid as a quaint little cup to pace herself. Is also the cocoa provider

- Makes everyone wear Santa hats for at least one christmas picture, but then ends up loving the Look so much that she makes them keep them on the rest of the night.

- Loves the little home made christmas cards the kids made her, like so much, she wishes she could get these cards all the time!!!

- Like Google Earth, Always Takin Pics (makes a scrapbook out of all of them and sends those out instead of christmas cards)


We got a package in the mail on Monday, and (under careful observation) I gave Jimmy the bubble wrap that was in it. He took it jumped onto the sofa and took a couple bites at it, sniffed it for a minute, then decided it made a good bed and laid down on it.

A Matt One shot

very cliche and i hope y'all find it cute / i’m doing requests if ya want


I heard my bedroom door opening and someone saying my name, telling me to…something, I didn’t know. I tried to clear my foggy mind to listen intently. I couldn’t make out what the person was saying. I was half awake, that was for sure. I tried opening my eyes but for some odd reason, it made my head pound.

The bed dipped and I felt the person sitting beside me. A hand rubbed my back gently, trying to stir me awake.

“No,” I tried to protest but my voice came out hoarse and scratchy. Ouch, that hurt. Speaking hurt. Why did it hurt? Suddenly, my throat felt like it was on fire.

There was more speaking and this time I could make out the words. “Cris, are you okay?”

 I recognized the voice. It was my boyfriend, of course. I started wondering, why was Matt here? Waking me up? It was Saturday, I think, and… Oh—Oh. My mind sharpened and suddenly I was fully awake.

I bolted upright and instantly regretted it. I sat up so fast it made my head pound it felt like it was going to fall off. My joints felt stiff and sore, my back hurt, my throat was dry, and I couldn’t breathe through my nose. “Ouchhh,” I muttered and cradled my head. I rubbed my eyes and slowly looked up at Matt. He was wearing the tank I gave him last Christmas, blue shorts, and my favorite Vans of his. He was also wearing a snapback and sunglasses. I knew we were supposed to have a date today. We were supposed to go to… Oh, shit…

“I am so sorry, Matt,” I started saying. “I overslept. Can we refund the tickets? Disneyland does that, right? Maybe we could—“My voice suddenly cracked. In my moment of realization I’ve forgotten how much my throat hurt. Now, the pain came crashing down and I felt tears prickling my eyes.

“Hey, it’s alright,” he said quietly and touched my forehead. “You’re sick, that’s for sure.”

“Are you serious?” I groaned. I felt like crying. I hardly got sick but when I did I got sick big time. My body probably went for the motto “Go big or go home” or “It’s all or nothing.”

“You’re burning up, Cristina.” He held my hands and massaged it softly. “Do you want to take a quick shower? I’ll run down to a convenience store while you’re at it.” I nodded and started standing up. Matt helped me walk to the bathroom, kissed my forehead, then left the house. I tried to shower as quickly as I could. The water felt like it was piercing through my skin. It hurt, but it was worth it after. I put a hand to my forehead—I had cooled down. A bit. Hardly.

Matt came back as soon as I finished changing into a large shirt and boxer shorts. I sat on my bed and watched him bring out all the stuff he bought. There was a box of tissue, Ibuprofen, chicken soup, and a paper bag of churros. I laughed, and it came out throaty and dry and I probably sounded like some monster choking on its dinner.

“Tada!” he said with a smile once he laid down everything on the bed.

I smiled back at him and aww’ed. “You bought me a care package!” I kneeled up and hugged him, the impact bringing him slightly backward. I ended up sitting on his lap hugging him tight. “Thanks, it means a lot.”

I felt his arms wound around my waist and I leaned back to look at him. “It’s just a care package, silly.” I grinned and kissed his cheek. I’d kiss him on the lips but I wouldn’t want him catching the nasty fever I had. He smirked and I felt him do the Matt thing—he slipped one hand under my shirt and grazed his fingers over my bare lower back. “You should be sick all the time, babe. You’re so…affectionate, throwing yourself at me and all.”

I scrunched my nose at him and pushed at his chest. “You’re so full of yourself, you know that?”

He caught my hands in his and placed them back around his shoulders. “But you love me,” he teased.

“Unfortunately…” I joked.

“Hey!” he laughed and pinched my lower back slightly. He moved me closer to him so we were chest to chest. He started leaning in for a kiss. My eyes widened and I put a hand between us.

“No, no, no,” I tsked. “I’m sick.” He made that cute angry face of his and moved his hands to hold my head, pulling me closer to him. “Matt—“I tried to say but was cut off by a kiss. Oh God, he was a good kisser. This distracted me, of course, and I came to my senses after a while.

I pulled back and looked at him disapprovingly. “Too late,” he teased. “Already kissed ya.”

I rolled my eyes playfully. “Yeah, whatever.” I started to get off his lap but he pulled me back down and stole another kiss.

“Matthew Lee Espinosa!”



Haul today!!!! I haven’t been to the mall in at least 2 months since I’ve been so busy and I was so happy when I got these goodies.

Bath & Body Works
5 hand sanitizers: $5.00
Piggy case: $7.50 (what the fuck!!)

Charlotte Russe
NYX Liquid Illuminator: $7.59

The Icing
Faux Gauges: $12.50 (I just got them for fun but ended up losing them because I took them out the packaging, silly me)
Septum Piercing: $14.50

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation: $52 (My old one shattered into pieces in July and I was heartbroken! It’s one of my absolute favorite foundations.)
Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer: $28 (I already have one but i’m about to run out and I didn’t know when the next time I would be back so I got one just in case)
Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush: $26

GRAND TOTAL: $165.72 :)))))) so happy. I’ve been wanting to try the blush ever since it came out!!!