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First Time at the Beach, Part 3
(Parts 12, and 4)

I have only ever seen the ocean from inside a boat before.  So my first time at the beach, I kept trying to run into the great big ocean to see what it was like!  Mom kept saying this was a bad idea and turning me around.  Even without digging, I discovered so many treasures on the beach:  A delicious crab claw, brightly colored flip flops, and a fence I couldn’t fit through no matter how hard I tried.


IDK if anybody else has posted this, but this is magical and I urge you all to watch it.


Modern Worshippers: Spirit of the North Sea [Requested by lilislovesongs]

The wind whips the waters into froth and waves, grey-green and black-blue. They brave the choppy waves in search of mermaids and glittering fish. They jump from sheer-cut cliffs down down into the awaiting chilly embrace of the Sea. Salt coats their lips like sweet sugar as they breath it down into their lungs, watching the run rise and scatter pink and white and cornflower blue through the sky and waves. Sometimes smooth as a shadowy mirror and other times the stuff of nightmares, they reflect what is shown in the Sea. They leave tokens of sun-bleached shells for the mermaids - for this IS their home territory - and wear starfish jewelry around their necks or tied to their wrists or even wrapped around their fingers.

They swim as fast as mermaids and are as giving yet temperamental as the Sea

typical pre-ship osse/uinen interactions
  • uinen: [throws fish at osse]
  • osse: !!! *___*
  • osse: ulmo. ulmo i can't believe it
  • osse: i never thought this day would come
  • ulmo: u ok?
  • osse: .uinen...touched?? me??? 0__0
  • ulmo: ...they threw a fish at you.
  • osse, optimistic: thats like...remote touching, right?
  • ulmo: *sigh*
  • ulmo, gently: osse, come here.
  • osse: yeah?
  • ulmo: have you ever considered that if you were to stop remixing the currents without notice, grinding the seaweed to confetti and otherwise wreaking havoc through our nascent ecosystems, you might have a chance?
  • osse: ...
  • osse: ...
  • osse: woah. woah really?
  • ulmo: not necessarily a good chance. but it would be a start.
  • osse: woah
  • ulmo: just a thought
  • osse: ...fuck.
  • umlo: what?
  • osse, staring into the middle distance, resigned: i don't think i can do that.

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Hello, I'm trying to build an ocean planet in a fantasy setting with lots of moons (up to 9) that have varying effects on the tides, floating islands that change altitudes and other such float-y silliness. The ocean is the 'center' of this world, and I'm wondering if you have any suggested resources on how close/how big the moons would have to be to cause noticeable effects on the movements of the water. Thank you!

Synth dug up all the moon-related asks they could find over on @scriptastronomer for you:

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What if the normal DP crew ended up having to team up with the Role Reverse AU crew? How would they all feel about this? Nerdy but Adorable Nasa geek Danny meeting Kickass Wisecracking True Blue Hero Danny? Ex-Ghost Liberator turned Ghost Fighter Halfa Sam meeting Gothic culture loving heiress but just as kickass Sam? WHOA! What about this version of Amethyst Ocean meeting this AU Amethyst Ocean? Confusing feelings?

I think about it a lot actually. Astronerd Danny is totally amazed over Phantom and regular Danny is just slightly weirded out over all the normalcy. Tucker doesn’t understand why he’s goth since he didn’t like it but as long as he’s rich he doesn’t really care. And Sam and Sam are both content with each other. 

Rouge week day 3:

in which the author just wanted to write more Ocean deity Rouge

Rouge pulls the soft strings of the things that she had found in the shipwreck, head tipped to the side as she tried to figure out what it was for. There was something soft to put something on at one edge and the other narrowed down to a point, there was another thing that she had found crossed over it, but she didn’t know what either of them were. Lampoon was back at the entrance to the Grand Line, too far to visit for such a simple question and it was a human item, so he might not know either!

She tilts her head, sensing Fisher King and Queen Otohime, both asleep. She sighs before grinning excitedly and searching for the only other people that she knew, finding them relatively close enough, hurrying in their direction.

“Hello!” Rouge waves, spotting a man on the deck. “Hi! Is Roger here?”


Who was Captain, Rogue wonders as people start scrambling around and the bright sparks are increased and made brighter. She wonders how that happens as Roger stumbles into her line of sight.

“Roger! Do you know Captain?”

“Rouge!” Roger shouts back grinning brightly. Rouge tilts her head, had that funny thing along his upper lip always curled like that? “What are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night.”

“What does dark have to do with anything? You have tiny suns on the ship, I can see them.” Rouge says edging closer and pushing herself up enough to show her prize. “What does this do?”

Roger blinks accepting the item from her hands, tapping it softly as if to empty something from it before putting the odd cushion underneath his chin and grabbing the second piece in his other hand, sliding them together to make a soft noise.

“How did you do that?” Rouge asks eyes wide.

“It’s a violin. It makes music.”

Rogue blinks at him, “Like this?” She sings, the sound of wind whistling over the waves, crashing into the land. “That’s music?”

“How do you do that?” Roger asks, eyes wide. “I didn’t think anyone could make noises like that.”

“I make those sounds all the time? Make the violin sing again? Please?”

Roger laughs, putting it back under his chin and sliding the pieces together again, making several noises in a row before it started to sound like a song, Rouge clapped her hands, singing along with it, the sound of water lapping at the hulls of ships and the gurgle of sinking ships.

“Where did you get this,” Roger asks when he’s finished. “It’s water logged.”

Rouge nods, “It’s from a shipwreck. I found it that way,” She points back from where she had come. “It was closer to my other friends but they were sleeping and I promised that waking them up to answer questions wouldn’t happen anymore. So I came to ask you!”

“I was sleeping,” Roger says yawning. “We had a fight yesterday with another crew and so I am very tired.”

“I know. That you fought! I was cheering for you!” Rouge says brightly.

Roger pauses, “You were?”

“I sang a battle ode,” Rouge agrees. “Do you want the violin? I can’t make it sing underwater, it’s just sad.”

“I guess I can,” Roger stops shaking his head, “You sang a battle ode?”

“I can sing it again?” She offers.

Roger nods, “I would like that.”

Rogue smiles brightly, singing her battle ode loudly enough to echo around them, the boom of something over the water competing with the clash of metal on metal, water slamming into the bottom of ships.

“It’s a lovely battle ode,” Roger says when she finishes. “Thank you for singing it for us.”

“You’re welcome!” Rouge had never been thanked for singing her ode before. “I’m sorry to wake you? I always forget that people sleep. Thank you for answering my questions!”

“Rouge, before you go,” Roger pauses. “What are you?”

“The Ocean, silly!” Rouge says giggling. “I’m the ocean! It’s nice to meet you, Gol D Roger, wasn’t it?”

“And to meet you, Portgas D Rouge.”

Roger glances at Rayleigh when Rouge vanishes, the sounds from the ocean around them no longer matching where they were, the same battle ode repeating, “I’m in love.”

“Roger, you can’t fall in love with the ocean.”

“But she’s gorgeous,” Roger whines. “And she sings for us!”

“All she needs to do is bring you meat and you’ll propose to her, won’t you?”

Roger grins besotted, “You think she would?”

“Go the fuck to sleep.”