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care for me

synopsis: you’ve finally begun to live independently from your immediate family as a blind woman. despite your best efforts, everyday life proves difficult, so your hired caretaker may prove to be your saving grace– not to mention he may need someone just like you ❋ blind!reader x caretaker!seungkwan

genre: fluff

word count: 2,606

The abuses your poor toes had withstood were not at all insignificant. Your feet ached while you shuffled across the polished wooden floor of your apartment, afraid that the plastic grips dotting the bottom of your socks would fail you and send you flailing onto your back. You jutted out your support cane, letting out a victorious “A-ha!” when you found the corner of the coffee table before it found you.

Cold air was tormenting the fingers that wrapped around your stick, so you began to walk toward where you thought the wall thermostat was. You turned up the heat, but when you turned around to get back to the kitchen, the dining table caught your smallest right toe.

Not again!

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