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[160903] BigBang V.I.P tour in Macao

The girls name is Susan, but they’re trying to pronounce her Chinese name, ft. Top speaking a little English and genuinely trying to learn how to pronounce it and also Seungri being a silly, and loud maknae.

BTS reaction whe EXO is like a brother to you

(Sorry if you’ve ever done something like this) Bts reaction to you being very close with the Exo boys where they’re basically your super overprotective older brothers? Thank you :))

Jin: “I want you to meet my brother Kris tomorrow for lunch” You told him with a light tone, sliding it into the sentence with the rest of your plans for the following day, hoping to make it seem like less of a big deal than it really was. Clearly your plan failed, as you watched your boyfriend choke on the drink he was currently sipping. You patted his back lightly as he coughed up the liquid which was now covering the front part of his shirt.

“Kris? As in Wu Yifan Kris? Giant Kris? Hands twice the size of my face Kris?” He choked out, looking at you with wide eyes, and you nodded, grinning at him.

“Yes! We’ve been dating for a while now, and I think it’s time” You told him with a smile.

“Kris is your brother?” He asked, still confused by this new information. You nodded, slightly annoyed.

“Yes, keep up! I’ve mentioned him so many times! You never listen to me!” You whined, grabbing a paper towel and wiping at his face.

“You have never mentioned him before! You just said your brother! You never told me it was Kris!” he responded, his voice high from the surprise.

“Well he isn’t my blood brother, but he has been like a brother to me for a long time now. He’s my older brother at heart” you told him, twiddling your pointer fingers with each other.

“Oh… I see… He must mean a lot to you then.” He sighed, “okay, I’ll meet him with you… but will he like me?”

You could tell he was nervous; his hands were shaking in yours as you took them. You smiled at him; he could be so adorable sometimes.

“Don’t worry jagi, I love you, and he will understand that. I’m sure he will adore you once he meets you baby, it’s just a matter of time” You told him, as one of your hands lifted to his cheek to cup it gently. He looked at your eyes, searching for any hint of doubt, but he couldn’t find any. He relaxed under your touch.

“I hope you are right Jagi, I really hope you are” He whispered, closing his eyes as your lips brushed against his briefly.

Jimin: He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his palms sweaty and sticky, and his heart feeling like it would jump out of his chest any minute. You grabbed onto one of his hands to prevent him from playing with his thumbs, and smiled at him reassuringly, and for a split second, you saw him relax, until Kai cleared his throat. Jimin tensed beside you, eyes growing wide. He swallowed hard.

“Yah! Oppa! Stop scaring my boyfriend” You whined at the older boy, trying to divert his attention from the poor bundle of nerves beside you. His gaze switched from Jimin to you, and it softened, before he gave you a smile. Kai had been your best friend for years, you were both really close, so close he was practically your brother. A very protective, older brother.

“You are too young to have a boyfriend Y/N!” He tells you, pouting with those gorgeous lips of his, and you sigh, shaking your head.

“I am almost the same age as you! Please oppa! He means a lot to me, can you at least try to accept him?” You begged, grabbing his hand with your free one, staring into his eyes with your best puppy eyed expression, and you saw him hesitate. Kai looked between the younger boy and you, and sighed heavily, you knew you had won him over.

“Fine. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. But listen to me, If you ever dare hurt her, I promise you it will not be fun for you, got it?” He spoke to Jimin, without a hint of joke in his voice, and you rolled your eyes. Jimin however, didn’t find this exchange amusing at all, and he gulped loudly, nodding without breaking eye contact with Kai.

“Yes sir” He spoke confidently, but his hand tightened around yours. You looked at him and gave him a reassuring smile, so proud of him for having agreed to meet your overly protective fool of a boyfriend.

J-Hope: He felt cornered. He sat in your living room couch, staring at the 9 faces surrounding him, feeling like a cornered prey surrounded by lions. You could see it on his face, he was scared, even through the smiles and jokes he put out, you knew deep down he was overwhelmed by the situation. The boys weren’t making it easy for him either, instead of being welcoming and kind like you had asked from them, they were judging and cold.

You squeezed his hand tighter, and smiled at him reassuringly.

“You are doing really well baby, just let them warm up to you, I promise they are all bark and no bite” You told him, before turning around to glare at Chanyeol, who looked at you with wide eyes and shrugged, pretending he hadn’t done anything wrong. Lay sighed.

“Hoseok right?” He asked your boyfriend warmly, holding his hand out to him. Hoseok nodded, taking the older boy’s hand in his and bowing.

“Well Hoseok, I’ll be the first to tell you I am very glad you have won our little one’s heart, and we are happy you make her so happy, but you see, she is our little treasure, and we don’t want her to hurt.” He spoke softly, explaining the current situation. Ah your beloved Lay, always the diplomatic.

“We’ve seen her hurt before, and we don’t want it happening again. She has had pretty lame boyfriends before, let’s hope you are the exception” Bratty Sehun chirped in, giving your boyfriend a sassy look before breaking into a smile, making Hoseok chuckle.

“Guys, let’s be nice, he means a lot to Y/N. If she loves him, we should try to love him too.” Suho joined in, staring at the rest of the guys with his eomma stare, before sitting down next to you on the sofa, giving you a tight hug. Slowly, all 9 boys relaxed, and began introducing themselves, slowly opening to the ray of sunshine you were dating, growing to love him almost as much as you did.

Jungkook: You were happy, you had invited your practically brother Sehun over for dinner to meet your boyfriend Jungkook. The magical, beautiful, perfect golden maknae. You should have known better, but you were completely oblivious to the one sided rivalry between the guys. One sided, because the only one competing was Sehun.

You ate dinner with the guys, both complimenting you on your cooking, but Sehun making his compliments a little better than Jungkook’s. You finished clearing the table with the help of the guys, and as you ordered them to sit down for dessert, you excused yourself quickly to the restroom, hey, your bladder could only hold so much liquid. Sehun smiled at you as you left, but as soon as you were out of sight, he turned back to your boyfriend and glared at him, making him swallow hard, eyes growing wide.

“You think you are so special don’t you? Taking her heart with all of your silly golden maknae stuff” Sehun told him sassily, glowing green with envy.

“What?” Jungkook managed to choke out.

“I am the only maknae she is supposed to admire! I am the best! She looked up to me!” Sehun complained, glaring at Jungkook, and although he wanted to seem threatening, he knew he just came across as a jealous child, as he bounced in his chair.

“I’m… I’m s-sorry?” Jungook asked, unsure of how to respond in this situation.

“YAH! This is so frustrating!” Sehun exclained, ruffling his hair in the process. He had always been your everything, he was so used to being the protective older brother that you admired and looked up to, he struggled sharing your affections with another guy, even if the bond was different.

“She loves you too, you know?” Jungkook spoke, surprised by his own outburst, and Sehun locked eyes with him once more.

“I mean, she loves you. She talks about you all the time, always keeps up with the latest EXO news, her wallpaper on the phone is still the picture of you two eating ice cream. I’m not trying to replace you hyung, I just want to love her too. You are her brother, you mean the world to her, but I am her boyfriend. It’s two different types of love, and I think we can share her heart, right? We can both protect her and look after her, I promise I will never push her away from you” He spoke, looking at the older boy with honesty in his eyes, and at that point Sehun smiled at him. He finally realized why you had fallen for this guy, he really was something. He scoffed, and flipped his hair, trying to keep up the bratty act up.

“Fine, but I will always be her number 1. I hope you know that” He told the younger guy seriously, although his lips curved up into a mocking smile at the end, letting him know he had already won his favor. They both heard your light footsteps approaching the table, and looked up to greet you with a smile, eyes sparkling, one pair with love, the other with pride. You loved your stupid maknaes.

Suga: “Why are we here jagi?” He asked you, eyeing you suspiciously as you entered the building, tugging him by his arm. You felt terribly bad for doing this to him, but you knew it was the only way to get him to come.

“You’ll see” You told him, dragging him up the elevator, and through the front door of a dorm, where, much to his surprise, Xiumin and Chen were waiting for him on the couch, arms crossed. Suga turned to look at you, betrayal invading his eyes, as he tried not to let his expression show how shocked and horrified he was.

“You betrayed me…” He whispered at you, eyes wide, and you instantly felt sorry for him.

“They wanted to meet you baby… I promise you it won’t be as bad as it seems… I’m sorry” You whisper-squeaked, and he looked towards the door, and back at you with pleading eyes, but let you lead him to the couch facing the one with the older exo members.

“So we hear you are dating our little sister” Xiumin begins, his eyes icy cold as he stares at the poor rapper. Suga nods, the lump in his throat preventing him from speaking, however, hadn’t you known him so well, you wouldn’t have noticed how intimidated he felt.

“You know what will happen to you if you hurt her right?” Chen told him, leaning forward towards him, his stare burning like the flames of Hell, and you watched Suga tense a little. You smiled as you noticed the sides of Chen’s mouth tug a little.

“YAH! Stop it you two! Stop with the act” You told them laughing, and then it happened, their characters broke and they started laughing with you.

“Y/N! We were trying to be intimidating!” Chen whined, and you slapped his arm slightly.
“You are supposed to protect me, not scare my boyfriend away!” You scolded him.

“We just want him to know he has to treat you well. We want to protect you Y/N” Xiumin told  you with a smile, and you felt Suga relax beside you, no longer feeling threatened by the two older guys.

“You don’t have to worry about that, I know how much Y/N means to you guys, but she means even more to me. I will look after her better than anyone else could, I give you my word.” He promised, looking at your two best friends with his most solemn expression, and you smiled at him, feeling the butterflies in your stomach go wild at his statement. You leaned over towards him, and as gently as you could, you kissed his cheek, making both of you blush at the action, while the two boys cooed.

Rap Monster: Unbeknownst to you, Suho had managed to find your boyfriend’s number, and called him up, inviting him out for coffee one afternoon he knew you’d be busy at work. At first Namjoon was a little confused, and a little suspicious, but he is a gentleman after all, and he accepted the offer. He wore his best casual outfit, trying to look dressed up, but not too dressed up, he didn’t want Suho to believe he had tried too hard to get his approval.

Namjoon sighed deeply as he sat down on the chair in front of Suho, mentally preparing himself for this talk. He knew how much the older boy meant to you, how close you two were, and that he was basically family to you, and he didn’t want to mess this up.

“Ah, you must be Namjoon” Suho greeted him with a smile, but it was tense, Namjoon could tell he was trying hard not to judge.

“Yes, and you are Suho, Y/N’s oppa” Namjoon replied, smiling warmly, his dimples showing through. Suho’s eyes lit up at the mention of your name, and the endearing honorific you used to refer to him.

They ordered their drinks, and fell silent for a while, both slightly awkward.

“Okay, from leader to leader, man to man, I think we need to talk seriously about your relationship with Y/N” Suho told your boyfriend, looking up at him from above his coffee mug. Namjoon nodded, setting his cup down, hands linking over the table.

“She is very important to me, she is basically family; I have been looking after her since she started to walk, and I would hate to see her heart break because someone handled it carelessly, do you see where I am going with this?” Suho begun, breathing deeply as he voiced his worries to the younger man.

“I understand, Y/N speaks about you a lot, and I feel like I already know you. I understand the bond you share, and I know you care about her a lot. From the bottom of my heart I promise you I will look after her, I won’t let her down. She is also very dear to me, and I know how difficult the idol life can be, and I know the image my band gives, but I promise you I am a good man, and I love her, more than you can imagine” Namjoon confessed, his cheeks reddening at the last few words, as he looked at your almost brother in the eyes, hand on his chest. Suho smiled, he could sense how genuine Namjoon’s words were, and he knew you were in good hands.

“Good, I’ll take your word for it, so don’t disappoint me… And now that we are done with this… Please don’t tell Y/N I called you over today? She will kill me if she finds out” He begged, slapping his palms together and bowing with his head, giving Namjoon a sheepish grin, which he returned with a laugh. God, if only you had seen your two favorite dorks right then.

V: You walked into the coffee shop with Taehyung holding your hand tightly, walking behind you. Your eyes scanned the place searching for the familiar face, completely unaware of the discomfort of the poor man behind you, tagging along like a lost puppy, breathing heavily. You spotted the gentle face, and almost like he could feel you, Luhan turned around to look in your direction, a wide smile spreading across his face. He jumped over the chair in front of him, and ran to you, his arms wrapping around your body, engulfing you into a tight hug.  You stayed like that for a while, until you felt a small tug at your hand, and you remembered Taehyung. You pulled away from Luhan, and turned back to your now very uncomfortable boyfriend.

“Lu, this is Taehyung, my boyfriend” You told him shyly, pulling Taehyung forward.

“Oh! Hi Taehyung, little Y/N has talked a lot about you” He told him with a smile, but his arms snaked around your body again, making Taehyung shift on his feet uncomfortably.

“Lu! Stop being mean! He is important to me, be nice okay? I’ll go order our drinks, play nice” You warned him, removing his arms around you, and kissing Tae gently on the cheek before walking off to the counter, leaving them at the table together. Luhan stared at the younger boy, checking him over indiscriminately. You knew Luhan could get a little overly protective, but you had told him multiple times how much your boyfriend meant to you, and you hoped this time he would be nice, and try to accept him. So far none of the guys you had liked were good enough for you in his eyes, but Tae was different, he really meant a whole lot to you, and you needed Luhan to understand this and accept him so you could be happy.

“She really does love you” Luhan spoke at your awkward boyfriend, breaking the silence. Taehyung looked up at him with wide eyes.

“And you seem to love her too, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here, am I right?” He spoke again, his eyes studying the expression of the younger boy intricately. Taehyung nodded, not breaking the eye contact, but too afraid to speak just in case his voice betrayed him by showing how nervous he really was. Luhan sighed.

“She is everything to me, you understand? She is my little sister, my angel, my princess, and I love her more than you could possibly imagine. I know you love her too, and I know you make her happy, but trust me when I say if you hurt her, I will hurt you, understood?” he said with a voice so threatening you would have never imagined it coming from a boy with such a gentle face. Taehyung knew Luhan wasn’t an aggressive person, and he had been told by you how nice he was, but he also knew how protective he could get.

He opened his mouth to respond, but before he could push a word out through his plump lips, you arrived with three drinks on a tray, humming happily.

“What were you guys talking about?” You chirped happily, looking at your two favorite men sitting across from each other. Luhan looked up at you with a smile.

“I was just telling your boyfriend how much you mean to me” He smiled at you, and you smiled back, but you made a mental note to reassure Taehyung that Luhan was only trying to intimidate him so he would look after you properly, and didn’t mean whatever it was he said to scare him, you knew your oppa well to well to know when he had just done something cheeky.

EXO reaction when their girlfriend is '98 line~

Thaank you for your request sweetie \(^.^)/

btw love this request, cuz I’m ‘98 line girl too ~~


Suho: If you’re 17, I can be your daddy, sugar daddy that is *being cheesy af*


Y/N: I just think I’m too young for you, and I don’t want other people to judge you.Xiumin: *shuts you up* I don’t care what others think, I can only think about you.


Sehun: with you I can act like the silly maknae I am *blushes*


*he always likes to tease you about your age* Tao: would this little girl like a lollipop?


Y/N: aren’t I bit to young for you?

Lay: you’re funny jagi~ *just sweetly smiles*


*he always picks you up after school so his babygirl wouldn’t have to walk through her creepy neighborhood*


Y/N: what if we’re gonna break up because age? *tears fill up*

Kai: Don’t cry. I don’t care about that stupid stuff, I only care about you jagiya~~


*you’re always complaining about how you are too young for him*

Baek: Jagi please stop…. I thought you knew that I love you no matter what.


*you are always complaining about your age and how you’re not good enough for him*

Chanyeol: you’re so beautiful *ignores all your bullshit and just looks at you with loving eyes*


*he thinks that you are super sweet and when you two are together he pokes your cheeks and always reminds you how precious you are to him.*


*you were feeling upset all day*

 Luhan: ohmygod this girl is so beautiful and hot!

(Y/N): ooh, cool.. *feeling even worse*

Luhan: *shows a picture of you* I think I made a good choice;) you’re perfect for me.

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Y/N: Next to you I feel like a baby…

Kris: Well then here is a present for my baby *kisses a teddy bear before giving it to you*

hehe, tell us what you think about it! ~(^.^)~

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Your insecurities are beautiful

Pairing: Hyuk/Reader

Warning: Smut?:3 But it’s sweet and cute and I feel like this would be Hyuk at his best;p

Another day which equals another day of hating yourself. You couldn’t bear it any longer and turned off the tv when yet another perfect girl group popped on the screen, sexy toned legs and tiny waists; they were perfection and you weren’t.. well at least that’s what you thought. That’s what you thought late at night, it’s what you thought every morning even when Hyuk showered you with love.. It was almost as if you were battling yourself and something inside of you stopped you from loving your body. Even dressed up you felt not right, the feeling of bumping into another girl when with Hyuk at a broadcasting show made you feel sick, they were beautiful and had it all but you were just a plan Jane..

Hyuk found you in the bedroom, looking in the mirror frustrated. You were unhappy with the way you looked and were completely insecure about so many things.

“Good evening beautiful” his arms wrapped around your body, head leaning on your shoulder with his eyes closed; practice often wore him out like no tomorrow. You couldn’t help but flinch softly at his words. You weren’t beautiful though. “Something wrong?” He murmured in your ear softly while rubbing up and down on your arms. You shook your head, not wanting to make it a big deal. “Tell me honey, what’s wrong? You look upset..” His black hair stuck out at weird angles and the bags under his eyes aged him by a good few years. He was no longer the silly maknae, he was older, mature and willing to listen to you.

“You know how I feel, all those beautiful talented girls and i’m not them. They’re so gorgeous and sexy yet i’m not… I see them on TV and you could get any of them yet you’re with me with my four day hair and the inability to look nice” He flipped you around and pushed you down on the bed so you were sitting on it.

“Listen to me.. You’re my baby girl okay?-”

“Hyuk don’t, you can’t make me just magically feel better okay?” You toyed with the end of the duvet, avoiding his eyes, trying your best not to end up crying again.

“Oh sweetheart” He clambered on the bed and wrapped his skinny arms around you, kissing your head softly while humming old songs in your ear. He smelt of his leather jacket and it made you cry more, sometimes it was so weird to think that he was yours. That a beautiful man like him was actually yours. “Let me show you just how beautiful you really are”

“I’m not really in the mood tonight to fuck Hyuk” You actually pouted at the idea, why would you want to show him your body when you felt so ashamed of it? You watched him take his jacket off, and then his blue t shirt. 

“I don’t really like my stomach, I’m not very muscled.. not like Ravi or Hongbin and I don’t like it much” He commented while rubbing his pale stomach, pinching at the skin softly.

“I love your stomach” You honestly did, so what if it wasn’t as defined? He was him and a six pack wouldn’t break your relationship.

“That’s exactly how I feel about you though, I love you for you. I love your thighs-” His arms went around your waist, lips on your neck. He made love to your neck while his arms went to your lower body and suddenly the warm sensation spreading through your body stopped as he spoke again. “I love your stomach, I don’t want a flat one, if you want one go ahead baby but you don’t have to impress me? Impress yourself! Love yourself like I love you. I love those hips, god your hips were made for me to hold on too while I fuck you” You interrupted him by giggling, by now a fierce blush arose on your cheeks, making you look more awake and enlightened, like his words were impacting you"

“Hey i’m being serious here, I love every inch of you and I want to worship you tonight” His lips worked up to your mouth where he grabbed your lips with his, it was passionate and made every hair on your body stand up to attention much like the erection he was sporting which you could feel against your thigh. 

Before you knew it you were both lying on the bed, lips still showing eachother just how much you loved each other, Hyuks warm hands caressed the length of your body before making love to you. It wasn’t rushed; it was sweet. It was what you both needed and wanted. Sex was great and always exciting but making love was the thing you both loved the most ironically. It kept that beautiful connection alive between each other alive and real. He rocked back and forth into you, hands grabbing the hips he said he adored while he fucked you harder, deeper until you were moaning in his ear, hands entangled into his dark hair. He kept going, deeper and faster until all what was heard was each others moans. Hyuk loved every second of it.

“I love you, every bit of you” You managed to breathe out before your orgasm hit you, it tipped Hyuk over and he came with your name bruised onto his lips. You were both sedated almost, quiet while you took in each other and how you looked. For the most part you felt more comfortable and when he gave you that sexy soft smile you knew he loved your body just like you loved his; 100% and nothing less.

“You are perfect okay? Your everything is perfect, that freckle is perfect” he said while tracing the freckle on your knee softly. “You are the most beautiful thing you can be, you have one body and one face and I wish you loved it baby”

“One day” You whispered before kissing him again.

EXO reaction to finding their GF asleep on the couch

So, just a EXO reaction to finding out that you fell asleep on the couch while waiting for them. I felt like i’ve been cheating on my first bias group, because I barely written about them. But I decided to make this one!

Suho: He would get inside just to find you sleeping on the couch in his t-shirt. He would smirk and lift you up. You woke up while he was carrying you upstairs to your bedroom. “Hi oppa. When did you get home?” you asked sleepily. “Just now, jagi. I’m sorry I woke you up, I just felt like you’d sleep better with me upstairs.” You smiled, he laid you down in bed and jumped in next to you. Suho gave you a kiss on the lips before you both fell asleep.

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Xiumin: “Aish, this jagi falling asleep here…” he’d mumble as he saw you sleeping there. He wouldn’t want to wake you up, so he just lied down next to you on the couch, which you barely both fit on. He’d cuddle up and fall asleep right there.

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Lay: He’d shake you awake carefully. “You fell asleep waiting for me? You’re so cute. Come on, let’s go to bed.” You’d walk upstairs and cuddle up next to each other. Lay was about to tell you about his day a bit, but you were so tired that you fell asleep immediately. He smiled at the sight of you mumbling in your sleep.

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Baekhyun: He sat down on the other end of the couch and tickled your feet. You snapped awake and pulled your feet closer to you. “Byun Baekhyun, omo, you scared me” you mumbled. “It was the point, jagi. Now let’s go sleep, on an actual bed.”

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Chen: He’d smile at the sight of you cuddled up on the leather couch with a blanket. Chen would bend down and kiss your lips, which woke you up. “Sleeping Beauty, let’s go. It’s 2 a.m and that couch can’t be comfortable. You’re gonna get back pain before you’re thirty.” he’d nag cutely, then help you get up and walk holding your hand.

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Chanyeol: Omo, Y/N is already asleep? And she’s wearing my shirt, Chanyeol would think to himself. He’d be lowkey loving you even more after seeing this adorable sight. He’d shake you awake and tell you to hop on his back so that he could carry you to bed.

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D.O: He’d shake you awake “You didn’t have to wait for me, jagi. If you were tired you should have gone to bed.” He’d take your hand and you’ll walk to the bedroom together. “I wanted to, oppa. It didn’t feel right to go to bed without you by my side.” He’d try to hide his smile after what you just said.

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Kai: Kai would start laughing when he saw you clumsy lookingly sleeping. “Jagi, get up!” he’d say making you wake up. “What time is it?” you’d ask Jongin confused. “It’s time to sleep next to me, silly.” he’d sarcastically answer and carry you to bed.

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Sehun: He’d come home tired to see the apparently super tired you. He’d leave his silly maknae behavior and wake you up sweetly by running his fingers through your hair. “Hey, how about you’ll continue your beauty sleep upstairs?” You’d smile at the sight of him, kiss him once and get up.

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Bts Reaction: when you fall asleep on them

 Jin: You and Jin sat on the couch enjoying the christmas drama that was on the tv just enjoying each others company. Its was nice to spend time with him and just cuddle up close to him with his warm arms wrapped tightly around you. You sighed happily feeling quite comfortable in the warm setting. You didn’t even notice that you started to drift off against him until eventually you were fast fast asleep. Jin turned his head during a cute part in the movie to see what you were doing and only saw you were asleep, and he couldnt help but blush and glance around at his surroundings as if one of the members were to walk in disturb you at the second he saw you. He smiled trying to hold in a small laugh as you started snoring, but he let you lay there until the climax of the movie. He would let you sleep against him although he was very blushy as he thought of what you were dreaming about. He would gently grab a blanket and cover ou with it all though he spent like 15 minutes deciding if he should or not since he might wake you up.

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Suga:  You and Suga were sitting in the back of the car waiting for everyone to grab what they needed and come back, so they could get out of the parking lot already. He sighed spacing out for a second at the window before feeling something fall on his lap making him jump slightly at the sudden touch. He quickly glanced at his lap to see you asleep in his lap making his eyes widen. He didn’t know what to do at first at all. Suga let out an awkward laugh as he looked at you a smile creeping up on his lips. He debated waking you up to get you off him, but he decided not to just for now.. maybe before the othe- Suga heard laughing and looked up to see all the members staring at the two of you through the half opened window with smug smirks across their faces. Suga immediately narrowed his eyes and told them to shut up because they would wake you up,  but he would added something like “what are you looking at” with a small “psh..” at the end as everyone climbed in, but of course he made sure the hyper active Tae didn’t mess with you while you slept making sure to keep you closer to him.

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Jhope:  Jhope sat on the couch scrolling through whatever on his phone while he listened to the stuff on the tv. You had just gotten home after a long day at work and were pretty exhausted after having to do the simple task of taking a decent shower. You yawned before lazily sitting down in his lap after he smiled at you noticing you were standing there. After getting comfortable you just laid against him with your eyes closed listening to him say something when you drifted off to sleep. Hobi hadn’t even noticed til he decided to go get up to get some food, but when asked you to let him up you only responded with .. well no response. Hoseok leaned forwards straining slightly to see your face was peaceful and your eyes closed,” Y/N~ah?”, his whispered softly as your head fell against his shoulder after he had wrapped his arms around you to keep you from falling. He grinned realizing you were asleep and completely forgot about the rice cake he was thinking about and thought about how freaking cute you looked as you slept. He would blush like the others, but enjoy the skin ship thoroughly and cuddle you close against him.

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Rapmonster: Rapmon and you sat in the dressing room after the last performance of the night. You had come to watch him preform Run and other songs in his newest albums as well as support the other members, your close friends. You were on the couch sitting against the arm as he cleaned his stage make up off as well as the sweat that was evident in his adorable pink hair. He spun around and placed the towel he had used on the counter before making his way over to you with a slight smirk. He plopped down next to you and wrapped his arms around you in a hug,” sooo what did you think of my dancing?”, he laughed as you leaned back so you were laying across his back,” better then when you almost blew up the kitchen yesterday”, you teased back. Namjoon frowned a bit and shook his head before grinning down at you. You laughed and closed your eyes stretching a bit as you started to get comfortable. It was already night time and it was pretty late, and the other members were out and about with the staff doing stuff, so it was just you two. He smiled and kissed you about to ask a question when he heard you start .. snoring?? His eyes widened as a smile spread across his face, you had practically fallen asleep in like two seconds. Namjoon couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he brushed your hair off your cheek and laughed as you snorted in your sleep. He wanted so badly to take a picture of the scene just to remember your adorable face, but he didn’t want to wake you up either. He eventually gently moved you from under him and immediately escaped the room to burst out laugh and tell everyone, but if anyone did anything then he would totally be mad in a split second and yell at them for messing with you.

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Jimin:  Jimin watched you dance around the kitchen making some lunch that you both were hungry for after being out and about all morning. He laughed and grabbed your arm as you walked over to the refrigerator to grab and pulled you against him before sitting you comfortably in his lap. You laughed, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks as he kissed your cheek affectionately. You turned around on his lap and wrapped your arms around him so you were hugging him and buried your face into his chest making him smile and wrap his arms happily around you in return. Jimin heard the timer for the food and felt his stomach growl,” jagi, we better get that”, he snickered shifting his shoulder so your sleeping face could be visible. He laughed as he gazed at you, all the thoughts of how lucky he was and how cute you were running through his head. Jimin pulled you close up against him and hugged you in his arms before transporting you to the living room and gently sitting on the cough he laid down and just cuddled you until he fell asleep although he was still hungry…

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 V:  V wrapped his arms around you from behind tackling you to the couch in a mischievous playful way. You were already tired as heck after spending three hours staring at your computer screen trying to get some studying done. You laughed as he tickled you a bit making you burst out laughing and automatically revert to defense. You wrapped your arms around him as well as your legs and pulled him down making him collapse on you as you hugged him. Taehyung laughed his square smile very evident as he tried to tickle his way out of your grip only you hadn’t let go at all. Taehyung laughed and gave up as you two cuddled there on the couch. He has his face snuggled into your neck as his arms cuddling you as close to him as you were holding him to you when he suddenly felt your grip loosen. V lifted his head and gazed at your face. Your eyes were shut softly and your whole expression was peaceful making him smile sweetly. Tae grinned, a giant blush coating his cheeks as he leaned forwards and kissed you a little surprised you fell asleep so fast, but he has no intention at all of ever leaving his position at all. He would lay there until you make up and probably fall asleep on top of you with his arms hugging you safe against his chest.

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 Jungkook:  Ahh.. The golden maknae mhmm. Jungkookie was sitting on your bed hiding under your sheets while you got dressed after a relaxing shower. You pushed open the door glancing around to see where the heck the boy went when you saw the giant lump in your bed you bit your lip trying not to giggle at how silly the maknae truly was when he wasn’t being a wild hip thrusting, body rolling fool on stage and other places. You sighed sarcastically deciding to play along with him,” Jungkook? Where did you go?” You opened your closet door pretending like you were searching or expecting him to be hiding in there,” oh well, no cuddles for you then”, You called out the door as if pretending he was in the kitchen. You heard the covers shift as Jungkook flinched obviously affected by the comment and probably debating if he should give up. You grinned hoping on top of the bed and rolling over so you were on top of the lump. You couldn’t help but start laughing and pull down the covers to peek at kookie who grinned back at you with his smiley dimples. Jungkook leaned forwards and pressed his lips to yours and you happily kissed back. You two continued this with a bit more pressure, but just to tease him you broke the kiss and let your head rest against his neck letting your breath blow softly against his skin making his neck tingle. You lifted your head and kissed his jaw and he tried to kiss you again, but you only ducked against his chest with a laugh. Jungkook grinned obviously accepting the challenge and flipped you two over and he tried to kiss you yet again, but this time you covered your mouth with your hand making hm end up kissing your hand. You laughed and closed your eyes keeping your hand over your mouth as he wrapped his arms around you and kissed along your jaw. You hadn’t even noticed for you were so tired you immediately fell asleep and Jungkook had noticed. Jungkook frowned, but he was determined to get his revenge when you woke up. you were so adorable as you slept he couldn’t wake you up. Jungkook grinned at you and kissed your cheek, although he was already thinking about what was going to happen when you woke up he loved how adorable you were and let himself fall asleep right with you.

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Hehehe Silly Maknae line ^_^
cr. ruinedbybts


happy birthday to this cutie right here!

park jimin is one of the cutest guy i’ve ever seen, he cares a lot for us and always smiley. he’s so sweet, cute, and caring. He joined bangtan the last but without him, bangtan wouldn’t be the same. He works hard for his position and no one can beat his powerful high notes. I hope he will have a amazing day because it’s his birthday!

i hope he’ll find his jams soon and i want him to not be really tired because of work. he don’t need to do diet too! he’s perfect just the way he is, so don’t be afraid because true fans won’t leave him just because he’s chubby. To be honest, i like the chubby jimin but i love the masculine jimin too! but i don’t want him to suffer just because he’s afraid that the fans might leave him for not having his abs anymore, the one who leaves just because of his abs is not a true army. i hope he’ll always keep that beautiful smile on his face and he keeps doing silly things as the maknae line. I can’t actually believe he’s 21 already, i felt like he just turned 19 but the fact he’s 21 already. You’ve grown up jimin. but because you’ve grown up it doensn’t mean that you cannot act silly and crazy anymore! Stay healthy and I really hope you’ll enjoy your day! I LOVE U JIMIN♡♡♡♡♡


xoxo and good night cutaes ,

kimtaehyuvng ♡♡♡♡

i hope his parents know how much he works hard. THANK YOU TO JIMIN PARENTS FOR HAVING SUCH A SWEET AND CARING SON♡♡