silly lucifer

You know what I think makes Tom Ellis’ Lucifer so engaging?

It’s the little bit of madness lurking behind his eyes. The deep, righteous rage. 

Like, this guy GETS Lucifer Morningstar – not the dime-store version of Satan, the bastardized Greco-Celtic god-myths warped into one frightening Tim Curry character – but the angel. Most beloved, most betrayed, who STAYED IN HELL because Daddy told him to – but also because he believed in justice. And all those bad little souls needed to get SOME kinda comeuppance, dammit. God wasn’t gonna do it – so Lucifer did.  

A thankless, never-ending task – even if he made the most fun out of it he could. But the monumental unfairness of getting blamed for EVERYTHING that goes wrong, after you’ve dedicated eternity to providing justice? That’d make me angry. Hell, that’d drive me more than a little mad.

And all that’s right here, in his eyes, whenever he gets pushed juuuust a little too far.

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