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Quick backstory. In the summer, I got out of a 5 year relationship. We both weren’t happy and it was time to go our separate ways. There were other things that happened at the end of the summer but I don’t want to put it out there since she follows me. Regardless, I lost my best friend/girlfriend and one of my closets friends because of religious family reasons. During the fall and winter, I went through one of my worst depressions that I’ve had in a long time. I isolated myself completely and fell into this very dark place. Then in the midst of it all, I found Katie. She became this great escape. I soon began to clutter all of my main blog with vast amounts of videos/gifs/photos literally anything that had to do with her. (okay get to the point) She was that ray of sunshine that could break through my clouds of gray. 

When the hiatus was coming to an end, I decided to create my side blog. It was honestly, just to reblog Lena Luthor and Katie related content for myself. I tend to cope with escapism. I constantly hid away in fanfictions and built this hope for SuperCorp in my head. Those stories helped/saved me in so many ways, that I don’t think I could ever stop thanking all of our supercorp writers.  my first popular post was an appreciation post for them. I soon shoved myself in this fandom and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Within the last month I have gained 2,700+ followers. THAT’S CRAZY? I didn’t think I would even get more than ten people to follow my blog. And now I have some of my favorite artists and writers following me. I’ve met loads of the cool people through this fandom and I’m lucky enough to call some of you, my friends, my ride or die. The reason why I’ve been feeling so much better is because of you guys. I am beyond grateful and humbled that y’all are sticking around with me. I hope to get to know more of you throughout time. I love making new friends. Drop by my ask box or message me. I’m always here to talk. I am incredibly chatty. We can talk about anything. 

Seriously, thank you. I love this fandom so much and I love you guys. 

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‘BB-8 is the best wingman Poe can ask for’

“Okay buddy, today is the day,” Poe says tying a small ribbon he’d stolen from Jessika’s craft basket around the wildflowers he’d picked in the forest that circled the base. Poe gets a small beep in return that sounds like a question and Poe looks down to BB-8 who is waiting patiently by his feet.

“What do you think?” he asks as he holds out the small bouquet he has assembled; he watches as BB-8 examines it carefully. “It’s for Finn,” he continues, smiling when BB-8 lets out a sequence of excited beeps and whistles. “Yes, I’m going to tell him how I feel, that’s why I said today is the day and you’re going to help me. What do you say BB-8, be my wingman?”

Poe laughs as his little droid does a series of spins all the while beeping its little head off before coming to a stop to open a small compartment and extending his light torch in his now custom way of offering thumbs up.

“Okay,” Poe says taking a deep breath as he opens the door to his quarters. “Let’s go.”

Poe and BB-8 walk down the quiet halls of the base, it’s noon and that means most of the staff are at the mess hall but Finn since starting his training in the med bay was known for taking a later lunch to let some of the other medical personnel get something to eat first. With that in mind the duo head for the medical wing. When they get there, there are only a few medi-droids, Major Kalonia who has been training Finn in first aid and trauma care, and Finn himself. Major Kalonia spots them first, her eyes darting from Poe to the flowers in Poe’s hand to Finn and back again. The Major smiled, shaking her head in silent amusement and stands heading for the door where Poe hovers.

“Good luck, Commander,” she murmurs as she exits.

Poe gives her a grateful look, nerves preventing him using words. Poe looks over to where Finn sits, he hasn’t noticed them yet, his focus on a medical datapad in front of him. Poe takes a moment to take him in, how happy and healthy Finn looks after months of pain and recovery.

BB-8 now used to Poe getting lost in his new favorite hobby of staring at Finn rolls into him, giving him a small nudge and when Poe looks down the droid gives him a look that can only be described as impatient.


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arya felt a little silly sitting on the floor the way she was, but then, who could blame her. things were a little silly now. the world had gone to hell, everything resembling real humanity had been completely gone. and now somehow, arya had stumbled right into the middle of some war of the worlds between multiple communities. she’d been so desperate for human interaction, now she was this group full of strangers’ doctor. when she heard footseps in front of her, the doctor looked up, feeling very small all of a sudden. “can i help you with something?”

Soooo, a while back, I was lucky enough to win fourth prize in the giveaway of the very talented mureh.  I asked her to do a Wheel of Fortune tarot card for my sketchy rogue Warden, and this is what she came up with! 


I mean, look at her. Look at her faaaaaace.  My wonderful murder princess. <3