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August 21st, 2017.

It made me smile that there is a solar eclipse today, because a solar eclipse somehow reminds me of Khadgar and Peregrïn. She compares him to the sun, and she is of course connected to the night/moon. So it sounds nice, meaningful even~ So I had to mark the occasion with a sketch ! 💜

I had a SU-related dream last night. I don’t remember all of it but it was set thousands of years ago on Homeworld. Gems had to buy shoes and what shoes they could buy depending on what kind of Gem they were. Basically, there were different shelves of different ranks and if you were a higher rank Gem, you had access to all the lower ranked shoe shelves too. Pearls only had one shelf and it wasn’t even on display because it was considered a waste of space (who would choose to buy those shoes?) so they had to specifically ask to see that shelf.

Anyways, Pearl had to get new shoes with a stipend from her unspecified owner Gem and also pick up their lunch (I guess this shoe store was in, like, a Gem mall [Gemall] because the lunch was from a food court). She had to ask for the lowest rank shelf, which she was really embarrassed to do.

But another Gem, who was also unspecified but I’m going to assume was Rose, had an arrangement with Pearl to give her her old shoes. And what they would do is cut the soles off her old shoes and attach them to the new shoes Pearl got, because I guess that’s where the quality difference was (low ranking shoes had little support, I think). They would do this secretly, of course.

And then my alarm went off and I woke up

Times Like These


Sometimes we feel like it is our duty to keep up with the silly little trends of the world and give our 2 cents on the current events that shape our futures. So here is a hard hitting humorous perspective on what’s going on with the youth of the world.

Something about fidget spinners and micro-transactions.

Whoa, didn’t expect that kind of brutal analysis from an seemingly harmless Tumblr blog. Guess we are just ahead of the curve here.
The Reset Theory Chapter 1, a mystic messenger fanfic | FanFiction

Soooo I started a fanfic that heavily references the infamous “Reset Theory” surrounding Seven and Jumin in the game. It’s about as meta as you can get for a fic, not even gonna lie about that xD, but I feel pretty proud of it, and it’s already getting a little bit of a following, so if you wanna check it out, here’s a little excerpt from the first chapter! Enjoy, and click the link above if you wanna read the rest!: 


You never liked completely resetting the game like this, almost feeing like you were retconning the entire storyline, but with no more save slots to help you out, you had no choice.

“Welp, Seven…thanks again for showing me a good time in this silly little world. I’ll see you again…”

As was a little tradition of yours, you said a final farewell to the character of your current route before you proceeded to reset the game. You never cared that it was essentially saying goodbye to nothing, it felt important to you and that’s all that mattered. Your thumb was mere seconds away from pressing the button when suddenly the background music skipped, and a brief white flash filled the screen before returning to normal. The jazzy music that once filled the atmosphere in the menu was now gone, replaced with silence. Figuring it was a glitch, one that didn’t feel too out of place considering how buggy the game could get at times, it didn’t phase you much at all. It was what happened immediately afterwards that made you pause.

A familiar ding filled the air, made more prominent from the lack of music, and you saw a text message box pop up in the middle of the screen. There was no icon indicating who had sent it, but nevertheless there was a message.

“Wait! Please……please don’t reset!”

In that fleeting speck of a moment, you felt your heart drop as far as it could go. You weren’t sure if this was fear, curiosity, happiness, or even a combination of all the above, but your hands froze in their pose. The thumb that was once hovering over the “Start Over” button was now making its way to the “Back” arrow, and in a frantic rush you felt yourself racing to the messages. You saw the little red “1”, confirming your suspicions. There was indeed a new message waiting for you, despite the game already being finished. It was then that it finally hit you…

…you shouldn’t even be on this screen at this point.

Your game was over. The route was finished. Good endings all around. There was literally nothing left in the story that you could do. At this point you should’ve been knocked back to the main menu and ready to start a new route.

…yet here you were, sitting in the Messages menu and looking at the text in full now. It didn’t say anything else other than what you had already seen, but witnessing it there in its complete form made you uneasy. Was this an easter egg of sorts? You knew there were a TON of moments in the game where the 4th Wall was broken, mostly by Seven and sometimes even by Jumin, but this wasn’t ever mentioned in anything you saw online. Did the creators add new content to the game in order to change things up? The game hadn’t been updated lately, and in terms of DLC, this was nothing you’d ever seen before. If this was indeed part of their plan, you admitted that this was pretty good. It honestly and completely shook you up.

You selected the message in question and saw it flash you to whoever had sent it. You looked at the past messages from the route you had just played, and quickly you realized who had sent this text.


- Remember to check out the link above ^^ to see the rest! I’d really appreciate it! Thanks so much for reading! ^^”

Obligatory Warning Post

So… everybody else is posting their warnings about tomorrow’s episode and what they’ll be posting or not posting and where they stand on the topic of potential sexy times for our precious hero, Captain Detective Killian Wish Hook Jones Rogers the Third from the Enchanted Forest, Storybrooke, the Wish Realm, the Other Enchanted Forest, Hyperion Heights and the Seattle Police Department… What the fuck was I saying?

Right! Wish Hook. Potential sexy times. Warning followers. I got it!

So here’s where I stand, people. Consider yourselves warned.

  2. I have waited 84 years for this.
  3. There will be fisticuffs and fire if I’m disappointed.
  4. There will be wild flailing and incoherent liveblogging if I’m not.
  5. I’ll try to tag shit with “captain frying pan” if he does the nasty with Rapunzel. I might forget. Shit happens and it’s hard to hit the keys when you’re flailing around like a wind sock in a hurricane.
  6. If the CGI gnome is the one having sexy times, I am moving to Antarctica and leaving my TV here. You guys can have it. Someone tell Colin I love him, but even I have standards.
  7. Haha, that’s a lie. I don’t have any fucking standards. You get yourself some, you big, glorious hunk of questionably-rendered man. We’re all getting laid tomorrow night.
  8. No, but seriously, if the sexy times don’t include Colin, this blog’s going to look like WalMart the day after Black Friday. “Oh, did you want valid content? Too bad. All I have left is a trampled-on GIF set and my incandescent rage.”
  9. It is literally impossible for me to overstate how very little I care about people being upset about any of this shit. It’s fiction. It’s fun. It’s a silly TV show about silly fairytale people living in a silly fairytale world and occasionally venturing into our silly little world. If you’re not having fun with it, you’re doing it wrong.
  10. If you see a post like, “aseghlgfd” do not panic. Do not call 911. I’m perfectly fine. If you see a post like, “What a well-written, tender scene…” please call an ambulance for me; I’ve had a stroke.
  11. Sexy times… Sexy times… We’re gonna all have sexy times…
FFXV - Kitty!AU - Masterlist

She smiles sweetly. “Hi there, Lovely! I see you stumbled into my silly little world of turning everyone in this game into a four legged companion.“

She hums, her head tilting gently before she giggles. “Here’s where you can read all about them, and what I’ve done with them. My inbox is open for discussion on your opinion of all these guys of course!”

“OH! I almost forgot!” she smiles brightly. “Adoption matchups are open. So, just send me an ask with a bit of information about yourself, and the type of companion you're looking for, and I’ll pair you up with one of these lovely Kitters.”

[ Updated: 11/20/17 ]

Kitty!AU -

Coming soon:

  • Weskham



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To The End of The World

Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 908

Summary:  Ivar makes his intention of following Ragnar to England known and you struggle with his decision.

A/N: The obsession with Ivar has not faded yet! and here is yet another little idea that popped in to my head while walking to fetch my horse in. (Funny where my mind wanders) I do apologies to any spelling or grammatical errors.Anyway, thank you for reading :)

Originally posted by allthosemuseiisms

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fic | The Day the Sky Turned Red

A story about Darkiplier and how he brings about the end of the world. And how he is stopped by someone who is just a man.

Warnings: blood, graphic violence, guns, death, self-sacrificial suicide, the literal apocalypse, Dark’s general disturbing sense of ownership over every living thing.

Minor Dark/Anti but it’s your decision how much of it is genuine.

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I like to think that in the wizard world silly little things that we believe in are actually magical

Like making a wish on an eyelash or waiting till 11:11 or black cats and walking under ladders. I like to imagine a world where all these silly little things we do or believe have real magical properties. Like someone opens an umbrella indoors and everything immediately stops because this is a dire situation that needs to be handled immediately. Idk I think it would be really fun if things like that were actually true.

“Jim, look, it’s your road.”

He glances up from the map he’s prodding on the PADD and squints against the sun. They’re a little turned around on their shore leave road trip. James Street is pretty common. Kirk Drive isn’t a far stretch.

Darling Road though, that’s a silly one, and it makes him grin and lean over to kiss Bones’ cheek.

“I don’t know, it’s kind of missing your twang,” Jim replies.

“Hmm, I guess so, darlin’,” Bones agrees.

A trip for two- A Wilfred Spencer(Be my princess) fluffy smut!

Wilfred’s soft golden locks shined brightly as the moonlight reflected off them,  his handsome face was inches away from yours and his gorgeous sky blue eyes looked at you in complete adoration as he held your soft form to his strong one. You were laying in your shared bedroom on the comforter of your satin bed as his hands gently stroked your face and hair in the dimly lit room. 

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‘BB-8 is the best wingman Poe can ask for’

“Okay buddy, today is the day,” Poe says tying a small ribbon he’d stolen from Jessika’s craft basket around the wildflowers he’d picked in the forest that circled the base. Poe gets a small beep in return that sounds like a question and Poe looks down to BB-8 who is waiting patiently by his feet.

“What do you think?” he asks as he holds out the small bouquet he has assembled; he watches as BB-8 examines it carefully. “It’s for Finn,” he continues, smiling when BB-8 lets out a sequence of excited beeps and whistles. “Yes, I’m going to tell him how I feel, that’s why I said today is the day and you’re going to help me. What do you say BB-8, be my wingman?”

Poe laughs as his little droid does a series of spins all the while beeping its little head off before coming to a stop to open a small compartment and extending his light torch in his now custom way of offering thumbs up.

“Okay,” Poe says taking a deep breath as he opens the door to his quarters. “Let’s go.”

Poe and BB-8 walk down the quiet halls of the base, it’s noon and that means most of the staff are at the mess hall but Finn since starting his training in the med bay was known for taking a later lunch to let some of the other medical personnel get something to eat first. With that in mind the duo head for the medical wing. When they get there, there are only a few medi-droids, Major Kalonia who has been training Finn in first aid and trauma care, and Finn himself. Major Kalonia spots them first, her eyes darting from Poe to the flowers in Poe’s hand to Finn and back again. The Major smiled, shaking her head in silent amusement and stands heading for the door where Poe hovers.

“Good luck, Commander,” she murmurs as she exits.

Poe gives her a grateful look, nerves preventing him using words. Poe looks over to where Finn sits, he hasn’t noticed them yet, his focus on a medical datapad in front of him. Poe takes a moment to take him in, how happy and healthy Finn looks after months of pain and recovery.

BB-8 now used to Poe getting lost in his new favorite hobby of staring at Finn rolls into him, giving him a small nudge and when Poe looks down the droid gives him a look that can only be described as impatient.


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thanks for participating! :)


hey lovely people! i’d like to thank all of you for coming into my silly little world, and since most of you are steam powered giraffe fans and/or cosplayers, i figured i’d share some handy dandy makeup things!

here’s what you’ll get:

  • one 50ml bottle of kryolan aquacolor soft cream body/face paint, in the color of your choice.
  • one 5oz bottle of mehron metallic powder, in the color of your choice
  • one 4.5oz bottle of mehron alcohol based mixing liquid
  • one 12-piece set of e.l.f. makeup brushes
  • one 60ml bottle of e.l.f. brush cleaner


  • you must be a follower
  • reblogs and likes both count
  • you can reblog as many times as you like
  • i will pick a random winner one week from now! be sure to have your ask box/submit open.

good luck, friends! <3