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Love and Poetry // Ron & Hermione

Sometimes, when they were out for dinner with a collection of Very Important Ministry Officials dressed in robes worth more galleons than his childhood home, and her eyes were shining as she laughed politely and sipped her drink while she pushed a soft curl behind her ear with a sort of ethereal grace that belonged in a montage of beautiful people you’d see in a posh muggle film, he would wonder why fate had decided he, of all people, deserved to have this woman cross his path when they were eleven.

Then again, he felt very much the same when she stumbled out of the bathroom at just gone six the next morning, pinching her eyes shut as she scowled and tugged at her hair, as if that could stop it from frizzing out of her head at strange angles.

When you live with a person - not just sharing a flat, but when you live your whole life with them - they work themselves seamlessly into your experience of the world. They become a part of you that you never quite get used to, but that is all a part of the comfort and intimacy of being an “us.”

Which is why, Ron supposed, Valentine’s Day didn’t make much sense to them. Sure, when they were dating, it had been nice to have a day set aside where everyone in the world would take “we are in love” as an excuse to skive off for an extended lunch and an early dinner. But now that they were married and spending all their spare time in a place they both called home, it seemed a bygone conclusion.

That’s what Hermione had said, anyway. “A marriage is not about a wedding,” she’d declared sagely, repeating what had been her calming mantra during the planning phase of their engagement, “and love is not about a commercial holiday.”

And yet, somehow, Ron found himself wandering aimlessly through a crowded flower shop early on the morning of the fourteenth. Hermione had only sent him out for a few items they’d forgot, but he’d passed no fewer than three Grand Romantic Gestures on his way down their street. It started with a surprise proposal complete with a flash mob, then a yard fully decorated with streamers and a banner proclaiming that “Bonnie, you are my whole heart,” to a man reciting what Ron was sure was very symbolic and moving poetry to a sobbing woman clutching his hand. And so, he found himself in the flower shop, wondering how on earth he could surprise the smartest woman in the world.

The trouble was, this being their sixth Valentine’s Day, he’d already covered all the basics. The first year had been the roses, more than he could count, delivered to her at breakfast in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, with the closest thing to a love letter he’d ever written. Having set the bar so high before he’d turned nineteen, it wasn’t unfamiliar to feel a certain sort of shame when he realized his best idea was to settle for a dozen red roses bound up in a purple ribbon.

Still, Hermione seemed pleased enough when he got back. “You didn’t have to, Ron, but this is very sweet, thank you!” She beamed, kissing him on the cheek as he arranged the flowers in a vase on the kitchen table. “Why don’t I make us a nice dinner tonight? My treat, whatever you like.”

“Okay,” Ron said uncertainly. “You don’t want to go out or anything?”

“Not particularly. Saturdays are about the only day we get to ourselves, aren’t they?” Hermione settled into their armchair and pulled a book from one of the many stacks that had formed in every nook and cranny of their small flat. (They’d wait to buy a house, they’d decided, til they were ready to have children - in a couple of hypothetical years, safely in the future.) “Come here and relax a bit. I’m sure there’s some sort of sport on the telly.”

Ron sat hesitantly on the floor in front of her, grabbing one of her feet and working her muscles with his thumbs. “You know this is our first Valentine’s married, yeah?”

Hermione shrugged without looking up from her book. “It’s a Saturday at home with my lovely husband.”

“You don’t mind that I didn’t set up a flash mob or write any poetry?”

“Sweetheart, if you ever flash mob me, I’ll be tempted to file for divorce.”

Ron snorted. “Feeling’s mutual. I just feel a bit unromantic, y’know?”

“We’ve got our whole lives to be romantic. Besides, it’s the little things like this that make a marriage last.” She raised her eyes to his and smiled, wiggling her toes as he continued to rub her feet.

“You’re always saying that,” Ron remarked, poking her ankle gently. “Maybe you just have a foot thing.”

“Yes, that’s it, a foot fetish. That’s the basis for our relationship, really.”

“Always knew it.” Ron raised an eyebrow. “I was serious about the poetry.”

“Alright,” Hermione smirked. “Let’s hear it, then.”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, your name is Hermione, and I love you,” Ron said smoothly, making it to the last syllable before they both dissolved into guffaws.

“Really, Ron, the flowers are more than enough,” Hermione said once they’d recovered.

“I know you’re not one to ask for gifts, it’s just…they just don’t say what they ought,” Ron explained. “This holiday’s a bit ridiculous, yeah, but there’s something to be said for doing something crazy because you want to let a person know that, ‘hey, every time I look at you, I remember that I’m the luckiest person in the world, and no matter how boring our lives seem from the outside, you will never be the boring part.’”

“Now that, my dear, is poetry,” Hermione remarked softly, leaning forward to give him a sound kiss.

Because forever was made up of every single day, and the biggest love was in the smallest things.


CS AU [2/2]: Killian and Emma have been friends for as long as they can remember, always there for each other. Due to the endless list of heartbreaks in both of their lives, they have a Valentine’s tradition: play video games with her son, Henry, tangled in blankets during the whole day and buy a lot of chocolate and candy on sale during the other day. But what happens when Emma sees Killian asking someone else to be his date for the special night? Maybe that (and a big push from Henry) is exactly what she needs to see her true feelings for her friend. The only question is: will he be her Valentine?

For the amazing Jare (aka lovelycaptainswan). Here’s the last part of your gift, I hope you like it! It was awesome being your cssv, darling, wishing you a lovely day <3

Part 1

Rin  Makoto 

Here I am with another one of these silly things. Done for the MakoRin Valentine Fiesta 2014, which is a Thing that more people should be a part of so just go go go -

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Everyone thinks I have a crush on your friend but actually I like you which is even more embarrassing. Klaroline au please

Valentine’s Surprise

AN: Just a silly little thing for Klaroline Valentines - Feels Day. Hope you like, I loved writing this prompt ;)

One thing everyone knew about Caroline - no one did holidays quite like her. Which in itself, was an understatement of the year.

Weeks before Thanksgiving, she would pester everyone with charts, game plans and assigned tasks, so that everything would go beyond perfect during family/friend dinner.

Christmas was a crazy time, with Forbes’ house always winning the contest for the best decorations (numerous but tasteful, Caroline’s number 1 rule) and if one even thought of not doing Secret Santa, they got another thing coming.

This year’s Valentine’s Day, however, did not particularly put Caroline in a jovial mood. And the reason for it?

He had just sat across the table, his dirty blonde hair mussed by the wind, dimples that could only be described as sinful showing as he smiled at her. Caroline could feel this tingling in her lower abdomen, the same one she had been experiencing for some time now around Klaus. The feeling that screamed big time trouble, given that, one - he was one of her best friends, and two - he seemed to suffer from the same affliction as most of the male population of Whitmore College. He had a crush on Elena Gilbert.

Caroline had known Klaus since her first day at the campus, when during his begrudging attempts to help Rebekah move into their dorm room, he also managed to annoy the crap out of her. She was quite adamant in fending him off that time but soon, she learnt that Mikaelson’s came in a package deal and if she were to be friends with Rebekah, she would have to get used to all of them. Because as much as this family couldn’t go through the conversation without almost (literally) spilling blood, they would always stand up for each other. And gradually, over family dinners, camping trips (she so wasn’t fan of those) and vacations at their Hamptons bungalow, Klaus had also snuck up on Caroline. So much, that Rebekah had become pettily jealous of the amount of time her older brother and best friend would spend together.

Their time together, though, had become visibly shorter in the recent weeks, as Klaus had spent every minute between his courses on following Elena Gilbert like a lost puppy. It’s a miracle he could spare her a minute now, for their daily coffee routine, Caroline thought bitterly as Klaus told the waitress his order.

“Hello, love,” he let out lazily, the timbre of his voice spreading goosebumps on her skin. “I’m so glad we got a chance to meet. I haven’t seen you in ages and it’s a bloody shame.”

Charming, as always.

“Yeah, I wonder why that is,” she drawled, her irony too biting to come off as a joke.

Damn, Caroline, keep it together. This is your friend. F.R.I.E.N.D. Nothing more, nothing less.

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