silly kells

“Hey, Dev.  Dev.”
“Dev Morgan, you in there? 
“Oh, yeah.  Dev Morgan’s in here, all right. - Th-That’s me.”
“Wow.  You must really be feeling the pressure.”

Myles: No No nO NO

The two cadets starts elbowing each other and laughing

Myles: LiSteN To

Ezra standing up to Nazhros after he pushed Jai aside

Myles: CoMmaNDant ArEsko

Ezra taking ahold of Jai’s hand and hauling him up

Myles: He SaiD tHerE

Jai helping Zare up

Myles: iS nO

Ezra shoves Jai off the highest platform 

Jai making heartbreak eyes at Ezra

Myles: ….

Ezra takes a low-powered blaster bolt for Jai


Jai offering his hand to Ezra’s and subsequently yanks him up

Myles: iN

Ezra and Jai fleeing from the academy, together

Myles: WAr!