silly joe

you can only practice so much with haggar, so eventually you just start fucking around with other peoples’ teams

that, and i was determined to find lee some silly bomb combos, since joe’s the character we both use

Ridiculous headcanon

Nobody at Star Labs can actually make decent coffee. Cisco makes scorched tar water. You get to the bottom of the pot and that stuff crunches. Caitlin kinda waves a coffee bean at a pot of hot water. Barry doesn’t have the patience. There’s no coffee machine in the world fast enough for him.

Iris, now you would think Iris could make decent coffee. But Iris needs a full espresso machine and steamer, sixty-seven kinds of syrup, four options of milk, sixteen varieties of sprinkles, whipped cream, and a recipe card to make anything. A basic Mr. Coffee completely defeats her.

Joe? Joe’s been drinking cop coffee for thirty years. His coffee taste buds have all withered away in despair.

The only one who could make drinkable coffee was actually Harrison Wells. Too bad they defeated him because they’re all severely undercaffeinated now.

Look, there’s a reason this workplace is single-handedly keeping Jitters in business.


Fun fact, this PSA was made by the folks who created Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, and I must say it is super weird to see them play this sort of thing mostly straight…

“Fallen in love? of course i’ve fallen in love. Who hasn’t, problem is i fall for people i can’t get. 

No, literally , i fall for fictional characters from books or movies. I fall for actors more than twice my age and for youtube personalities.”

Silly Sickness - Joe Sugg Imagine

HI can I request an imagine where you are sick and Joe freaks out because you almost faint and you’ve never fainted before nor has he ever seen you that sick before because you never get sick, only little cold here and there that lasts no more than 3 days, and there you are so, so sick! thanks?? :P

“Hey love, how are you feeling today?” Joe asks
You have been feeling so sick for a whole week now.
you have been vomiting, sweating, shivering, you have had migraines, muscle soreness. All in all absolutely horrible.
Today was Sunday and you were really hoping that today would be the day the prescription medications would actually start kicking in.
You looked up at Joe after he asked you how you were feeling but he just seemed to get really blurry.
“Yeah,” you slurred.
“Y/n?! Oh my god are you oka-. Y/N!” Joe yells quickly taking his laptop off his lap and ripping the blanket off from around his waist.
He ran up to you shirtless with trackpants, and picked up your head to place on his lap on the ground.
“Mmmm.” You mumbled rubbing your eyes and moving your head slightly on joes lap.
“Shhh y/n. Can your hear me? Are breathing alright? Here let me get a pillow for your head and some water. Just a second.” Joe said very quickly and jittery.
Did you faint? You don’t even remember what just happen. Just the dizziness you had felt earlier and now.
“Here love. Sit up.” Joe demands squatting so he can put his knee up for you to lean on. You take a sip of the water, I try to gain some energy to stand up without talking.
“Hey, hey, hey. Let me help” Joe said picking you up bridal style to the couch, placing a blanket over top of you.
“Shhh just sleep now, I will wake you when’s you need to drink more water, I think that’s why you fainted. I’ll get your medicine.” Joe said just about to run back upstairs when you say.
“Thank you Dr. Sugg.”
He slowly turns around and looks at you with his cute little smirk, that made you giggle no matter how badly you felt.

Whenever you guys send a request and start off saying hi, or hope you having a great day or something. I just think it’s so cute, and it makes me smile so thank you.
Grace x

The Accidental Pregnancy (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

suggyimagin3me: could you write an imagine where Joe and y/n are friends with benefits and y/n finds out she’s pregnant and her and Joe argue but they make up and end up dating, sorry if it’s confusing xx

‘You need to tell him’ you told yourself knocking on Joe’s door. You’d been building up the courage all evening to go over and it was now getting quite late. You’d figured if you left it until the night you’d be able to make the excuse that you needed to get home if things went terribly wrong.

‘Y/N!’ Connor opened the door inviting you in.

‘Oh sorry I didn’t realise you guys were here’ you spoke to the group of lads who had occupied Joe’s apartment. 'I can come back another time’

'Don’t be silly come in’ Joe said getting up and heading to the kitchen. 'You want a drink? I think there’s some wine in the fridge from the other night’

'The other night eh?’ Caspar teased, yours and Joe’s friends with benefits arrangement was no secret amongst the lads.

'I’m okay thanks, I’ll just make myself a cup of tea or something’ you smiled at him and you could tell from the look on Joe’s face that he knew something was up.

'We better get going soon anyway, we can leave you two to it’ Oli winked and you felt yourself blush.

The boys headed off, Caspar went to his room and you found yourself sat with Joe on the sofa. Joe leant in to kiss you and you reciprocated as you always did. As always Joe was fuelled with lust and it didn’t take long for him to start pulling at the hem of your top.

'Joe stop’ you told him pulling away.

'Y/N what’s wrong with you tonight, you don’t want to drink and now you won’t have sex with me?’ Joe asked and you frowned at him.

'I’m sorry’ he told you 'I didn’t mean for that to come out so bluntly, just that’s what we normally do’

'I know but I can’t right now’ you told him biting you lip. 'Joe I really need to tell you something and it’d be really great if you tried not to flip out’

'Have you met someone?’ He asked and you shook your head.

'No it’s not that, it’s just… I’m pregnant’

'You’re what?’ Joe’s eyes widened 'I thought you were on the pill?’

'I was… I don’t know how it happened I guess it’s not a hundred percent effective’

'What?’ Joe put his head in his hands 'how could you be so stupid?’

'Me?! I’m sorry Joe but this is fifty percent your fault as well’

'How are we going to be parents?’ He asked looking at you angrily.

'Stop shouting at me, I’m scared too you know, I wasn’t exactly planning this was I?’ You stood up throwing your jacket on.

'Where are you going?’ He shouted after you.

'Home, I don’t want to stay here if you’re just going to blame me’ you walked out and hurried home in the dark.

You were just starting to fall asleep when you heard a knocking at your front door.

'Who is it?’ You asked cautiously.

'It’s Joe, can you open the door please?’

'What are you doing here?’ You asked opening the door for him to walk in.

'I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting it, I was in shock and I over reacted’

'Ok, but you could’ve text me that’ you yawned.

'But then I wouldn’t be able to see how sexy you look in those pyjamas’ Joe laughed at your Winnie the Pooh ensemble.

'And I’m supposed to raise a child’ you laughed with him burying your head in your hands.

'No’ he took a hold of your wrists moving them from your face and forcing you to look him in the eye. 'We’re going to raise it together. Besides I’ve wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend for a while now’

'Really?’ You felt tears welling in your eyes and he pulled you into a hug.

'Really’ he assured you kissing your lips. 'At least then we can all be a proper family’

Okay okay but can y'all imagine if Barry and Iris got together while they were still in high school. Like they share a parent and live in the same house. They would not be allowed to watch a movie together without Joe peeking around the corner to make sure no shenanigans were happening and he would never be sure who he should be threatening so he like gives them looks on alternate dates.

And just as he finally let’s his guard down and thinks things are chill he comes home from work to find one of them with their hand down the other’s pants


Immortan Rose and her War Pearls!
War Pearls: Laura Uniacke and Lilly Kitten’s niece
Photography: Tentacle Spine and Laura Uniacke

The Rose Quartz cosplay is only partially finished so we have no proper shots of it yet. We wore it as fill in when it became clear Immortan Joe would not be ready in time for Melbourne AMC expo. The Immprtan Mask was on display in this silliness happened at the end of the con….

We may even custom make an Immortan Rose and her War Pearls cosplay and group to celebrate a certain follower milestone ;) 

Joe Sugg imagine || Glass part: 2 ||

Anonymous said:
I loved ‘glass’. Please make a part 2, don’t mind what happens, maybe they get together or kiss or something, I don’t know just major fluff! thank you very much if you get round to this xx

- - -

Part I:

- - -

After laughing at Caspar and his reaction to your being silly, Joe carried you into his door, pushing the door closed with his foot.

Placing you carefully into the bed you were still laughing, “we are so ridiculous.” You admitted watching as he took his boots off getting back into the bed himself.

“We are, I love it.” He smiled, running his fingers through his hair fixing it a little bit.

“You know…” Joe said after a moment of silence went by, “hmm?” You asked him looking up and over.

“Most superheroes usually get a kiss from their damsels in distress after saving them.” He said casually looking from his nails to you, a sideways smile appeared.

“Is that right?” You asked curiously and he nodded. “It’s standard practice.” He bit his bottom lip.

“Well, I guess we better not… Break hero code.” You whispered, leaning closer to him, you tilted your head and placed your lips to his kissing him lightly for a short moment pulling away.

“Sometimes, to make sure they are really grateful, they give a second kiss.” He pointed out.

“I’m starting to get the feeling your kiss milking this for all its worth.” You pointed out and he playfully smiled. “Maybe.” He admitted.

His finger trip lightly started to trail up your bare leg carefully, “I can’t say I mind.”

Both of your eyes closed, as you kissed again, your fingers found Joes hair twisting carefully into the soft locks - you pulled at it gently. His hand stopped, holding your hip, he pulled you closer so you’re fronts had pressed together during your kiss…