silly jo


My cousin’s kids visited the farm today, and they wanted to hold all the snakes, so I let them hold (or at least touch) my three best scaled kids. The kids were not very good at holding snakes but they were very enthusiastic about it, and I think that definitely counts.

Probably the cutest thing was, after seeing me hold Isis (the BIG snake) over one shoulder (like you’re supposed to with big sneks), I brought out whitesnake (the tiny baby corn snake) and Jo immediately put her over one shoulder the same way. Of course, whitesnake is wiggly and turned herself into a necklace, but Jo tried.

(photos by @mamaspark)

Matt Miller Forever related Q&A

I’m sure there are people that already did this but I wanted to make a list for myself. Click the x for links to the original tweets.

  • Henry was going to tell Jo about his secret but they get interrupted. (x)(x)
  • Lucas would’ve been the first to find out Henry’s secret. (x)(x)
  • Jo’s family consisting of her mother, sister, and niece would have appeared. (x)
  • There would’ve been a flashback to Abe learning to ride a bike. (x)
  • Henry did have another marriage/family after Nora and before Abigail. (x)
  • He also had biological children. (x)
  • They did cast Karen Hanson but never got her scenes in the show. (x)
  • Adam would’ve made a return. (x)
  • There was going to be a female immortal introduced in season 2. (x)
  • There was also going to be “something for Jo”. (x)