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BTS Reaction-Crushing on you...

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Jin:  He had realized that he was in love with you for a while now.  Hearing that you had a serious crush on J-Hope wasn’t what he wanted to hear.  He went with you when you confessed to J.  When J rejected you, he put on a silly hat and danced to make you feel better telling you its okay since he loves you.

Suga:  He knew he loved you since the moment that he met you.  You would keep telling him that you wanted to confess to Jungkook your love and he encouraged it even though it hurt him.  When you showed up at the studio crying he would make silly faces at you to get you to smile while he confessed his love to you in song.

J-Hope:  Being friends since High School, he developed feelings for you in high school but never told you.  One day you told him you were going to confess your feelings to RapMon.  He was shocked but listened in when you told him.  After you go rejected he would lift your head smile at you and tell you to smile because he loves you and he always will.

Rap Monster:  He fell in love with you after you guys sang a song together,  He asked you to stop by so he could confess to you only to hear you say you were going to confess to Jin.  He would sigh and let you do your thing.  When he stopped by your house after getting your text message, he’d tell you that you don’t need Jin’s love when you have his.

Jimin:  He met you at a fan signing that he did once and kept in contact with you.  He arranged a nice night so he could tell you how he felt about you.  You in turn told him that you liked Tae.  He would help you confess to him, only to get rejected.  He would bring you in close and tell you that his love is better than Tae’s.

Tae:  Having meet you through another friend years ago, he fell in love with you over time.  However you didn’t feel the same for him, having a huge crush on Suga.  He would watch you confess to Suga only to have him not care and reject you.  He would bring you the stuffed animal he won for you years ago and tell you how he feels about you.

Kookie:  He met you after you had been his waitress at a small bistro he went to.  He had given you his number and spoke to you everyday.  You asked him for advice on how to confess to Jimin.  He was hurt but helped you figure it out.  When you showed up at his house devastated and crying, he would look at you and tell you that you won’t ever be alone as his love has always been there to protect your heart.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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Sans Decorates the Tree for Giftmas <3

I was trying my best to get this little ditty done before today, and seeing as how it will become irrelevant in less than 24 hours… Here it is! Sorry its unfinished!

I honestly have no idea where I was going with this. xD;; But yes, Sans is wearing a snuggie. o3o


Papyrus’ First Cooking Attempt~

I have not done any animating aside from working on this for a few hours over the past few weeks… But I wanted to animate something with a bit more frames that usual so it flows better… It’s very evident in how Papy coughs up smoke… >W< I love how smooth that part is! ah!

The extra pic is a long pun I wrote for Sans to say to Pap instead of “I’m sure it will blow me away.” but I thought it was just to long-winded… I like the simple pun I did include >W< You can take it as a bonus panel, as if its what Sans said next. lol

I decided to do this one almost entirely black and white so I could practice my frames better without the added hassle of coloring them in… It was hard enough to see where Pap had his scorch marks without the colored-in body… I think it works well, honestly >W<

I hope you all enjoyed this one! I loved animating it *w*