silly in the studio

*Puts a plastic cheerleader’s megaphone up to my mouth*

There are some Minecraft animations that are actually really cool, clever, and incredibly well made. It’s a shame some of the talented animators involved in making them don’t get the appreciation they deserve due to the new overview of anything Minecraft being “cringey”.

BurntPasta Live Stream - Part 2

Paps: Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!! *powering up*
Undyne and Mettaton: …. :O
Undyne: MTT!! … What does the scouter say about his power level??
MTT: …. *takes off scouter* ….. BZZZZZZZTTTTTT!!! *BOOOOOM*
Undyne: …. OxO;;
Sans: … *Is Frieza* … :D *shrug*

I have no idea how the stream ended up here, but this was a blast! xD We all couldnt stop laughing while making this silly work of art.
Thanks to @super-aids1​ and @inuthekitsune  for hanging out and giving ideas! 


Such a hardworking man

As soon as I saw those pictures the first thought in my head was that this looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen…

Guys just be aware that you can’t share someones intellectual property and not expect to be held responsible for it (especially big companies). 
Fandoms go crazy over any little leaks, but people who are found to have leaked things are always going to be in trouble if they’re caught. 
That’s why people working behind the scenes are tight lipped, they’re under contract and can face serious repercussions if things get leaked to the public.

anonymous asked:

Okay, but what about this: Difference color inks invoke different drunken emotions in Bendy. Like, red and pink make him be a lovely dovey with everyone while different greens make him wanna list off everything wrong with you.

Blues make him incredibly sad and existential
Bright yellow-ish colors make him incredibly giggly and silly

I love this