silly holly

The occasional Friday nights when Mike and El babysit are Holly’s most favorite thing in the entire world. El patiently helps with homework and gives her expert tips for those tricky math problems. Mike insists that he’s making nothing but broccoli and all her least favorite vegetables for dinner, while he’s really ordering pizza from their favorite restaurant (half extra cheese for Holly, half pineapple for El). El braids Holly’s long auburn hair in new styles and teases Mike’s short dark hair up with butterfly clips and scrunchies. The three of them squeeze together on the couch, pizza in hand, to watch a marathon of Disney movies, in which Mike quotes his favorite lines with frighteningly accurate impressions and El badgers him into singing the duets with her because they both know he knows them by heart (when Holly’s little, she doubles over in giggles at this, but when she’s a bit older, she rolls her eyes at their silliness). Holly always protests when it’s time for bed, even if she knows it’s futile, just so Mike will instigate a tickle fight and El catches her off guard so they can carry her to bed. They have a cutthroat competition in the bathroom over who can brush their teeth the longest (somehow the two teens always seem to give up right around the two minute mark, leaving Holly as the winner). El kisses each of the stuffed animals goodnight, and Mike checks the closet routinely for monsters. Even when she’s a little older, Holly can’t shake the strange chill going down her back whenever the nightlight flickers, almost as if she’s seen something like it before, something much more sinister….But those nights with Mikey and Ellie in the house, just downstairs snuggling in their matching flannel dinosaur pajamas reading books or watching Star Wars, Holly knows deep in her heart that the monster can’t get her, and all is right in the world 

Quick drawing of @commanderholly and @rubberninja as pigeons…because…cute…>A< ♥ (i wanted to draw a pink pigeon…)

I watch pigeons every day on my way home and they’re all snugly and cuddly these days…maybe it’s mating season ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ?i don’t know…and whenever i see pigeons i think of Holly because she’s the pigeon queen, i tell you!

Also if you guys ever read this: Love both of your videos and art streams ♥ Keep it up! I’m looking forward to Gameoverse and i don’t care how long it will take (๑و•̀ω•́)و

…and right here let me say a word about conservatism. It does not mean, as many believe or affect to believe, a stubborn refusal to discard what is old and unworn, nor an old-fogeyish prejudice against innovations of any kind. It really means a determination to retain what has been tried and proven to be good, and to refrain from the exploitation—simply because it is new—of what is essentially cheap and silly.
—  Winthrop Holly Brooks, President, Brooks Brothers