silly hitler

So my sister is a biology major and I am a history major, so we are constantly making fun of each other because what we do is so completely different and have a continuous joke going that our major is better then the other’s

So she just sent me a text that said the biology building (which is where she spends most of her time) is currently on alert, and the students were told to keep there eyes out, because there is a tarantula loose in the building. There is no joke a real live tarantula just running around the building that they have yet to find, and everyone was just told to be on the look out as they continue with their classes….

My response was this is why history is so much better. Because in the history building fucking Hitler and Pol Pot can’t just escape from their tanks and run around loose in our building. And all that that statement can call to my mind is people being like “Excuse me everyone, please remember to watch out as that silly hitler escaped his pen yet again!” And then just imagine a student sitting in class doing college stuff and out of the corner of their eye seeing hitler standing behind a bookshelf and peeking out, realizing he’s been seen, and then scuttling away back into the dark

I consider this an overall win for the history column

Late 1950’s JOHN LENNON rare self portrait sketch as Adolf Hitler!…..silly John  :)


rare sketch by John Lennon which originates from his Art School days in the late 1950’s, most likely 1956-58. John drew himself in the role of Adolf Hitler giving the famous Nazi salute and added the words “Heil John, Heil John, Heil John, Heil”. The page was part of John’s ring-binder sketch book and was formerly the property of Cynthia Lennon. The previous owned purchased it - along with several other Lennon items - directly from Cynthia in 1991. They met at the exhibition of the Cynthia Lennon Collection held at Christie’s London saleroom that summer, where Cynthia signed a copy of the catalogue for her - this will be included in the sale (see final photo). The Christie’s auction featured several other Lennon sketches. Coincidentally this Hitler sketch, along with three others we acquired - weren’t accepted into the Christie’s sale due to their policy of refusing Nazi-related material.