silly hearing people

anonymous asked:

I have the Veronica from your dead girl walking with the "snapping off JD's window lock with her killer leg strength" as one of my friends contact pics if we're talking about your animatics and favorite frames

have a high quality window lock kick

some customer with a stuffed wallet full of a bajillion cards and papers: haha i can never find anything in here!!

me, an extremely organized person, who also can’t afford to do much shopping and therefore has little or no loyalty/discount cards: can’t relate

piningforthefords  asked:

ahhh thank you for offering little drawings! if you don't mind could you draw a little ford fluff for me? anything would do, and again thanks for offering these! you don't know how much this blog has helped me get through the last week and you're honestly such a great person ahhh

it’s my pleasure!! and aaa thank you… please enjoy this tiny ford taking a nap

(Some) people’s reaction when a new film making is announced and Benedict Cumberbatch will be in it (again)