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Zodiac Bad Interview Answers

Twitter users inspired 

Aries: “Why are you a good fit for this company?”  “No. Why don’t YOU tell ME why I’d be a good fit for this company.”

Taurus: “What’s your strengths and weaknesses?” “Strength: Loves money. Weakness: Spends a lot of money.”

Gemini:  “If your friends had to describe you with one word, what would it be?” “Insane”

Cancer: “Tell me about yourself”   “…..No.”

Leo: “What do you think of the current work our company produced?” “It’s crap, that’s why you need me.”

Virgo: “What are some of your biggest accomplishments?” “I know all the words to every Disney song”.

Libra: “So what are your positive points?” “I’m good looking.”

Scorpio: “Describe yourself in one sentence.” “Mysterious as the dark-side of the moon.”

Sagittarius:  “Why do you want to work here?” “Because I need a job….”

Capricorn: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “Being your boss.” 

Aquarius:  …. “I can’t answer that without my lawyer present.”

Pisces: “Why did you leave your previous job?” “Haters gonna hate”.

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that


Hey I have been working on my larger Ransom Week project all week and doing some modding when things get posted. Yeah, but I wanted to write this drabble for @oluranurse and @senor-lapin, who have been kicking ass at all their amazing ransom week posts! Thanks y’all.

Revelations are pretty common when people start dating, but do they have to come out over The Dinner. They have dating pretty casually over the past month. This dinner was going to be The Moment^TM  to ask him to be exclusively his boyfriend. Nothing a little wine and dining to woo someone into saying yes. 

Now, he wondering if its too soon. Nursey has been very quiet throughout the meal.  His brows are furrowed as he pushing his food around the plate. Every time Ransom starts a conversation, he smiles brightly and nod at the appropriate points. Yet as soon as Ransom looks away, he can see Nursey grimaces at his plate. Ransom would think the food was bad if hadn’t had every single occupant in the Haus try some of it.  

“Hey, Is everything alright? You have been kind of quiet tonight.” Ransom said before reaching across the table to take Nursey’s hand. Nursey squeezes his hand before reach for his glass and taking a excessively long sip.  He looks nervous.  O. Someone must have told Nursey about his plans. This is Nursey finding a way to let him down easy. Ransom, always the gentleman, is going to give him the out. 

“Uhh we don’t have to continue this if you don’t want to.” Ransom said with only a little quiver his voice. 

“O, thank god.  I am sorry. I know you worked on this meal and I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” Nursey sounds so relieved.  Ransom gets it.  It’s totally fine. 

“I just really really hate lentils.”  Nursey continues. Ransom snaps his eyes up. 

“What?” Nursey smiles sheepishly and shrugs. 

“Yeah. I know its hashtag silly, but, I don’t like beans or hummus too. My moms tease me all the time about it.” Ransom laughs loudly. 

“What?” Its Nursey’s turn for confusion. 

“Bro, Seriously? I thought you were telling me that you didn’t want to be my boyfriend.”  Nursey eyes widen. 

“You want me to be your boyfriend?”  Ransom reaches for his hand. 

“Yeah, if you want.” Nursey has one of his blindingly excited smiles, and, he nods.  

“So if you are my boyfriend, does that mean we can stop eating this and go get some pizza instead?” Nursey smirk.  Ransom starts to grab the dishes and packs up the dinner for rest of the Haus. 

“As your boyfriend, I would be honored to get pizza with you.”  Nursey goes and grabs their coats.  

“But seriously, what bro doesn’t like hummus?”  Nursey  just rolls his eyes and grabs his boyfriend’s hand to drag him out of the Haus. 

anonymous asked:

Same anon as before.I can see things from both sides. I definitely see Taylor's. I think the same can be said of fans who aren't fully understanding where fans who might feel more uncomfortable are coming from. Put yourself in their shoes too. Have you ever felt one way about something that you didn't necessarily WANT to feel but no matter how much you tried to change it, you couldn't? I'm sure many people don't want to feel upset, but can't just turn it off. Just need to be respectful about it

i mean… sure, i would not be upset to see pictures of taylor,  ig stories of her goofing off with her friends, lip syncing to the radio, of her playlists, of her and joe, her witty captions, her silly hashtags, her comments on the most inane things, or the serious stuff, sure i’d love if she made ten minute long vlogs that were filled with all sorts of taylor humor and entertain me all day long. i think she’s hilarious and i love her (obviously or i wouldnt have a tumblr blog). i would want all that or even one cookie crumb of that. i wont lie.  i dont think anyone (who is a fan) is saying that they wouldnt like that stuff?

i am just saying that bc i understand why she isnt doing it, im not upset about not having it.

so i guess the difference is “wanting it but understanding why it isnt there” vs “wanting it and being upset over it”.  The inherent difference there is the difference btwn wanting or wishing something existed, vs, being upset over it not existing.

i want it, but i am not even remotely upset bc i understand the why behind it, and i dont feel it is my place to be upset about taylor’s choices on how she lives her life.  So i cant empathize with being upset, but i can empathize with the predicament she is in.  just me. 

maybe in order to understand why she is where she is there is a need to learn to understand exactly where she is first. 

YAY!! My 500th Posts on my stephratte Tumblr! :D LOL. 

Anyway! I went to H&M today, and saw this:

And I was laughing all the rest of the afternoon. As soon as I got home I “doodled” this (doodle is a relative term… more like… nitpicked for 5 hours) up because I can totally see Sherlock wearing it. I almost want to go back and buy it.

HURR DURR DURR Inanimate objects?!? How do I draw those? LOL. 

Anyway, this is meant to be just a silly doodle, so I didn’t really try at all on the table and newspaper. Feel free to colour it if you want. :)


hiya tumblr long time no see! sorry for the mini-hiatus that is going on…in the meantime here are some silly gifs I found in my drafts that I am posting to thank you all for sticking with me! ★ 

I am so disappointed in the response from Taylor and her friends. They’ve all responded in such shameless ways. It sucks that Taylor has been caught in a lie, but continuing to lie and trying to deflect from the subject is pitiful. I’m completely fed up with how fake Taylor has been. She herself has written many narratives about others that I’m sure they wished they had no part in. 

The most disgusting response came from Abigail though. Bringing a child into this fight was uncalled for. I get that she’s defending her friend, but don’t bring a toddler into this. I don’t care if you don’t like Kim and Kanye, Taylor is a grown woman you don’t need to use their 3 year old to defend her.

Then you have Selena saying she couldn’t give a fuck about Black Lives Matter. Saying it’s a silly hashtag. Selena has never spoken up, yet comes on twitter to defend Taylor and tell us all to care about more important things. People can care about more than one thing….

I am no longer a fan of Taylors. I’m so fed up with the lies. At first he never ran the line past her, then it was him taking credit for her fame (something she laughed about during the call), now she only has an issue with the bitch part. Also she’s had that response ready and waiting. Everything she does is unauthentic and calculated. Her side of this story has changed 500 times, where as Kanye’s hasn’t changed. Every time it’s some new line.

I pity those of you who continue to believe her lies and call this bullying. When Taylor was lying on that Grammy stage, she was “defending herself” but some how when Kim defends her husband, the father of her children, from public slander, she’s a bully. Why would she allow the man she loves to be abused by the public over a lie?! Why is Taylor allowed to defend herself, but Kim and Kanye are mean bullies?! Maybe it’s hard for you all to grasp the concept of Kim standing by her man because Taylor is incapable of doing so….

Tweets and Texts (Jem And Izzy Are Bros)

     “How do I hashtag again?” Jem asked as he looked at his cell phone.

     Tessa chuckled and leaned over his shoulder. “Oh, no you are not.”

     “Not what?” He asked innocently.

     “You are not sending another silly picture of you and Church to Isabelle Lightwood.”

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