silly grown ups

“Doesn’t he look more kingly?”


“Your uncle Duncan,” Tywin says.

“But my uncle Jaehaerys is going to be king after my grandfather, not uncle Duncan.”

Aerys sees them watching the procession from the window. He waves. Steffon waves back. Tywin nods in acknowledgment.

“Aerys looks kingly too,” Steffon says. His cousin looks grand on his new palfrey, bursting with pride and confidence. But uncle Jaehaerys looks apprehensive, as if he’s worried his horse is about to bolt. Riding behind them, uncle Duncan looks like he and his horse are one and the same, gliding forward smoothly and gracefully.

But looks can be very deceptive, Steffon remembers his mother’s caution. Just because you look brave, it doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. And just because you look afraid -

“It’s a good thing Prince Duncan has no son,” Tywin suddenly remarks.

Steffon stares at him, astonished. “Why is that a good thing?”

Tywin clams up, looking mysterious. He does this from time to time. It annoys Steffon when he does it, or when he and Aerys drop their voice to a whisper, as if Steffon is too little or too silly to understand the grown-up matter they are discussing. Steffon is only two years younger than Aerys. Two years. That is nothing at all. Aerys himself is two years younger than Tywin, and he acts like they are the same age.

“Do you hear it? Do you hear whose name they are cheering?” Tywin asks, looking at Steffon meaningfully.

“But he can’t be king!” Steffon blurts out. “My mother said he gave up his claim to the throne when … when -”

When he dishonored Steffon’s aunt Argella and broke their betrothal to marry another woman.

“Prince Jaehaerys broke his betrothal too, and his sister’s besides. And he looks less kingly than his older brother,” Tywin points out.

Steffon shudders. “Uncle Duncan loves his brother,” he says, defensively, much too loudly. “He would never -”

Tywin shrugs. “Brothers have been known to make war against each other before.”

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Harry taking his little girl to the bibidi babidi boo boutique,and when they are done,the little girl wants Harry to have a princess makeover tOO FUCK


He giggles when she suggests it. “The princess makeovers aren’t for grown ups, silly girl! S'just for you.”

She pouts. “But daddy…”

He giggles, scooping her up in his arms– puffy princess dress and all. “Tell you what, bug. You be the princess, and I’ll be the prince, hm? So you get to walk around all gorgeous, and and I get to show you off!”

She giggles. “That’s not how being a prince works.”

“Oh no? How’s it work then, your highness?”

“You have to hold my hand. And dance with me. And tell people your name is Prince Daddy.”

Harry giggles now. “Prince Daddy, huh? Quite like the sound'a that.”


hold on tight, this ride is a wild one

Children Hearts

Let alone the grown ups that don’t care,
stay here with me
and discover new entries
in never land,
new doors of perception,
new opportunities.
Let us move our brittle bones
in silence,
cause it’s enough
gruesome noise in the world.
Let us sprint in the wilderness
like lil’ kids stumble
upon new territories
and smile wholeheartedly
at the silly jocks that
grown ups deliver
“like they know how to tell us amusing stories 0_=”.
Let us fly on spellbound wings
and remember bubbled dreams,
desires and wishes long time forgotten.
Let us embrace our young hearts at last,
and get ready to throw them in the blue soul of the ocean
in the shape of two bottled homeless stars.
I want you
and only you
to come with me
and search new adventures.
I want only you by my side
as the night arrives
like a magnificent black hawk
which covers smooth with cotton clouds
children hearts looming
among fireflies under happiness blankets.

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Hi, I enjoy time to myself. I'm content with being with myself. I enjoy being in the nature than in a crowed place. I feel that I don't fit in the society, like I'm a stranger in this world. What I see in this world is only the importance of social status, fame, greed etc. The more I grow spiritually the more I don't want to be part of the society. Do you have any advice what's the best way to deal with this? Much Love, Thanks

The status seeking, fame seeking and greed seeking is all just a game. People are playing a game without knowing it they feel that life is a serious seeking of these things and they are just caught up in this game. They are asleep so to speak and they play this game because they haven’t realized any other way of living and being. They get happiness from having and so they continually seek things. This is just the way it is. If you see this game that is a good thing, it is a step in the right direction. The next step would be to not oppose this game and just watch it. What if you came across some kids playing hop scotch or another kid’s game, you would just watch them and enjoy the game. You enjoy it because you see it as a game and nothing more. You see the silliness of it. Try to see the silliness of the grown up game. See that it is truly a game that can be taken lightly and just observed. You don’t have to play in it or take it seriously. You can just watch and join in if you what to. It is all just a game. You can join in the same way you join in the kid’s game. You see the lightness of it and just join in. The truth is the seeking can bring some pleasure and happiness, but the seeking and the striving make people miss the awe and wonder of life that is not in seeking, but is in being life, not seeking pleasures that comes and goes in life. Try to see the silliness in the meat vehicles trying to get more cotton paper and shinny things. It all is just silly. There is peace and stillness underneath all the games and silliness. You find it by taking them lightly and realizing you are not the one playing the game and being pushed around and feeling good when you have things and bad when you don’t. You are the stillness underneath all these things. You are jay the being underneath it all.

So go out and see the greed and see the silliness and just laugh at it. It truly is not serious. If you have food, water and shelter that is truly enough. There is no need to fight and struggle for more. If people do, try to see this as a sickness a sickness of not understanding life and happiness and the whole situation. A person with a sickness should be treated with compassion, not harshness and judgement or thought of as wrong. They are just asleep and sick, try to see this.

Nature is great, being in nature is great, but if you find stillness there you can find stillness everywhere. You have to allow life in all forms. It is easy to allow a bird to just do its thing and sing a pretty song, but letting a business man bent on greed, power and more shiny things be can bring about peace in the urban setting as well. The bird, the greedy man, they are just part of this whole thing we all share. See the game and see the silliness and let the game just be a game and try and spread the peace you find, try to spread the awareness and consciousness that you cultivate. Greed and seeking are how it is now, it can and maybe it will change, but you have to change and spread what you find and this all starts now.

I’d suggest the book Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh. He explains, in a beautiful way, that we need to reintegrate into society and not be an outcast living in the woods and living in seclusion to bring this into this world.

Anyone that has found stillness and peace is drawn away from society. Buddha wanted to just live in peace and live alone. He though no one would understand him or his teachings, but if he did that we wouldn’t have the Dharma and be shown a way to peace. Lao Tzu is said to have gone into the woods to live and before he left a man pleaded with him to write what he had learned and what came from that is what is known as the Tao Te Ching, which is a great source of peace and stillness for many. So we have to share these things and practice compassion, integrate and share and this is how it changes.

I hope this helps.