silly greeks

I’m really not okay with the fact that the ship name for Achilles + Patroclus is Patrochilles. I mean, I get it, it sounds really good in English and all, but it messes the Greek roots up so much. Like, it means “father” + “people” with a superfluous chi in the middle. I wish Achicleos didn’t sound so silly in English, because it means “grievous glory,” and that’s just so sad and horrible and appropriate.

neural networks & roman names

SO after asking my dad really nicely he did the actual computery bit of uhh. a recurrent neural network to make silly fake roman names. we used a (slightly edited) version of this List Of All Romans as the training set and it. Created some weird shit

then it tried really hard to spell ‘gaius’ and ‘lucius’

here it’s trying to do praenomina with varying success

here are some actual names!!! kind of

and some Not Quite Names

who the fuck is titinus

FINALLY. my favourite dictators;


This is how we would call cetaceans if we sticked to a literal translation of their scientific name:

Humpback whale: Megaptera novaeangliae

  • Large-winged New Englander

Blue whale: Balaenoptera musculus

  • Mouse whale - Keep in mind that this huge animal is the largest mammal ever. Mouse whale is its name.

Minke whale: Balaenoptera acuto-rostrata 

  • Sharp-snout whale

Killer whale: Orcinus orca

  • Whale from the kingdom of the dead, or Orcus’ whale - Orcus was the Roman god of death and the underworld.

Sperm whale: Physeter macrocephalus 

  • Big-headed blowpipe

Harbour porpoise: Phocoena phocoena

  • Big seal

Cuvier’s beaked whale: Ziphius cavirostris 

  • Sword-shaped hollow head

Arya/Artemis & Arya/Athena

Okay so I remember reading a meta a while back saying that GRRM based a lot of his characters on Greek mythology I’m pretty sure:



And I’m currently reading a random book about Greek gods and there’s an interesting chapter on Artemis. It says that she was her fathers favourite and that her father often took Hera’s wrath to please her. Now this got me thinking about Ned and Arya. Artemis, like Arya, is a warrior and not a typical woman. She prefers to hunt and to run free than to be bound by responsibility of being a conventional lady. Ned loved to appease Arya and often took Cats wrath for their daughters unruly behaviour.

Now there’s many similarities that I see with Arya and what this book describes as Artemis and Ned with Zeus in regard to Artemis. I’m not saying Ned is the equivalent to Zeus or anything I’m just using that as an example in regard to the Arya/Athena/Artemis comparisons.

  • Artemis asks Zeus (her father) to give her gifts and because she is his favourite he complies. He gives her multiple gifts like people to hunt with and a bow and arrow. But the most intriguing thing I read was that she asked for a pack of hounds to run with, swift and fierce. When I read this I couldn’t help but think of Nymeria and her pack of wolves. There’s also a hound bigger than the rest of them to which Artemis chose herself. Probably looking too much into it.
  • Artemis asks her father to keep her chastity, and it just reminded me of when Ned told Arya she’d marry a king and have his princes and she responds with “that’s not me.” But, Zeus also allows her (Artemis) to change her chastity status whenever she pleases, so if she wanted children she could. Or to simply take a lover, she could.
  • she also asks for a city as a gift but just one because she doesn’t like cities. Also reminded me of Arya not liking Kings Landing. And Winterfell can’t really be described as a city? (Not that relevant I’ll admit lol)
  • Artemis also spends most of her time in the woods, by rivers. Like Arya spends her time in the woods and the Riverlands.
  • Artemis is described as wild. So is Arya.
  • Artemis had many names. She has been called Goddess of the Moon, Maiden of the Silver Bow, Lady of the Wild Things and Huntress. Arya also has been called many names. Underfoot, Arry, Lumpyhead, Weasel, Nan and the list goes on.
  • Artemis let no man approach her, and when a man spied her bathing, for she was too beautiful to look away from, Artemis turned him into a STAG. Not too important but thought it was pretty darn cool. (Cos obviously her Bae is a bastard with Stags blood)
  • Artemis had a very good friend who was loved by all, handsome, kind and a hunter as well. They often hunted together, teased each other and joked around and this man ‘Orion’ liked to call her “my lady” for she was still a goddess even though he was a mortal. And he was the only man Artemis had thought about breaking her vows for. This kind of reminds me of Arya and Gendry, how they became quick friends and how she had thought of him in a manner that wasn’t just childlike but of a woman. And of course Arya is Gendry’s lady.
  • she also killed unjustly men, same with Arya. Artemis loved to serve Justice and our girl Arya is doing the same thing.


  1. Let’s start with appearance. Athena is said to have a stern beauty, with a warriors build and stormy grey eyes. Arya fits this description as well, even though Arya is still young her beauty is only just being brought into context. Arya is said to have the Stark look with a long solemn face that almost appears stern and grey eyes with dark hair. She isn’t a soft delicate beauty, like Sansa or Cersei, but stern and harsh I would think. A wild beauty, much like Lyanna was.
  2. Let’s not forget these ladies are both very pragmatic and smart as hell. Athena was often described as the mistress of strategy. She had a quick temper though and was easily jealous. But Athena was also very kind, especially to the mortals who loved her the most out of any gods. This to me sounds a lot like Arya as well, hot tempered but kind when it comes to the small folk and lowborns.
  3. Athena and Hespheastus are said to be soul mates (thanks to @3holmes who pointed this out to me, I did more research lol). Hespheastus is the smith god, who was cast from Olympus by his mother but now works as a smith and forges the gods their weapons and whatever they want. Now who can we think of that relates to this? That’s right our boy Gendry.
  4. Athena was said to have a fondness for Hercules and Perseus…two bastards. Arya also has a fondness for Jon and Gendry…two bastards.
  5. Athena, like Arya, represents feminism. Athena understood the important of weaving and sowing and gave women the power to do so. Although Arya isn’t very good at sowing or weaving she is still a very motherly figure much like Athena was to the people of Athens.
  6. Artemis, Athena and Arya are favourites of their fathers
  7. They both share a similar moral compass. They believe the wellbeing of others is of the utmost importance especially those who cannot fend for themselves.
  8. she was also referred to as a virgin goddess but no one really knew the status of her virtue, many men tried to seduce her, even the Smith god himself. I’m not saying Arya will stay a virgin forever, but at this age she may very well still be a Virgin when the series ends and when the last book is published.

• I’m most likely reading too much into this but I thought It was cool how I came to the conclusion that they had some similarities 🤷🏽‍♀️ I see Arya as a mixture of Athena and Artemis I think, but that’s just my opinion. Gendry is definitely more of a Hespheastus instead of an Orion, except Gendry is hot af and the god of the forges was said to be ugly. Tell me what you guys think! •

sometimes I think about Persephone and Cerberus, and I like to headcanon that she spoiled him rotten, much to Hades annoyance.


Cerberus:   :D  :D  :D

A̛̰̥ ͎̞̼͉́W̸̩͉̞͈ ̡̩̯̘̞͕O̤͓͓̮͇̳͉ ͍͕̬̘O̬ ̯͞Ò͎̜̗ ̧O͉̙̣͚̙ ͓̩̻̱̼O͙̪̮͈̣͚͠!̳̼͍̤̝!̜̭ͅ! ̟̠̳̺̰̠
̭͓̼͍̮̱ ̡̻̯̝̗̙̻̦(̱͚̰͓w̪a̠̪̩̰͈̜͎g̛̝s͚ ̸͈̣͕͙ţ̟̺̭̪̬͇ͅa̮į̹͓̘l͇̤̩̗̝̺)̖̟̜ ͍́ ̟̳͇̙̗̬I̯̼̗̩̝̥t͕͈'s̤̭̭͔ ̯̼ͅm͕͙͇̦͙̞ͅe͕̹̺͡!̵̞!͚͈͉̞̲̬̪ ͏͚͈̳̠ ͕̱̣̭̞ͅ
̱̱ͅI̷͎̮͕̭̻͚̼'̢M̝̩̠̗̩͚̟ ͖A̙̟̣͉͢ ͙̼G̪̠̲̰̻O͡O̻͎̜D̴̜ B̴͔̺̺Ọ̷̺̤Y̡͎ ̧̘̗͈̻̫̳̟W̰̞̱̺͡I̠T̛̺͍H͓̹̪ ̹̩͈̳T̢̙͙͉̗H̭͕͚̥R͏̝͔͓͕EE̛̗̤̪̠̘ ͙͖͕̘H̻̮͙̞̣̦̺E̠̞͞Á̘D̜S̸̞̟̗̯͚!̴͎̹!̰̩̞̣͇̖̫


tell that to Persephone
she’ll laugh at your back

most won’t believe her story
a flower goddess that powerful?

now Persephone smiles, her hands
shaping flowers into crowns

the romantic souls, they ask her
how, why and eagerly await

to some she will spin incredible
tales, tales of magic and heroes

the truth she discloses to a few
who will believe in her powers

for them she sits down in the fields
digs in the dirt, pulls out a flower

daisies, always, so inconspicuous
i bestowed him a crown of flowers

history never liked simple truths
the flower crown becomes darkness

every time Hades wears her present
he becomes daisies, easily ignored

flower goddess, they mock her,
they don’t know the power she holds


—  || flower power

anonymous asked:

Could you do another Hades and Persephone? Maybe where harry leaves and y/n can't take the shouts and screams from below and she travels out of the palace?

Usually the screams didn’t bother Persephone.

She never left Hades’ palace, as it was dangerous considering she was still alive; despite being immortal. Under Hades’ say, it was not a place for little goddesses of life to be running around in and Y/N honestly could not agree more.

Harry had left the Underworld due to an important message he received by Hermes, one that he turned grey and solemn at. He wouldn’t tell Persephone much, other than it was sent by Zeus and he and the three brothers must meet to discuss the outcome of… whatever was happening. No matter how hard she pestered, he wouldn’t tell.

Eventually, Y/N guessed the silly Greeks must’ve been fighting some war (She later learns it was the Trojan War), and that was the sudden influx of all the recently deceased spirits. Their screams, left over from the war, rattled Hell and echoed throughout the palace walls and there was close to nothing Persephone could do about it.

As days passed, her headaches grew worse. She dreamed of their screams; beautiful dreams of her reuniting her with beloved were interrupted and instead, hands rose from the ground and pulled her through the Earth, shrieks drowning her under like water.

Y/N had had enough.

Traveling out of Tartarus was no challenge; she did it ever six months to meet her Mother back out in the mortal world. She gathered her longest cloak and with a few sneaking footsteps passed the skeleton guards, she was out of the palace and soon on her way back above.

On the flip side, Harry’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw his wife waiting for him on the outside gates of Olympus. His mouth hung like a fish, all of the nearby nymphs giggling and mocking his face to each other.

“What in the Hell?”

“Aren’t you happy to see me!” Persephone smiled, purposely acting utmost oblivious to Hades confusion.

“Why,” Harry stared out low. “…aren’t you in Tartarus…. waiting for me.”

“You don’t understand.” Y/N shook her head. “I know a war has happened. I could not take the screams, Harry. They drilled into my head and lodged themselves in every part of my ear. I couldn’t not take it.”

“So you just… fucking leave? Are you telling me that you left Hell empty of a ruler?”

“Of course not, I’m not stupid. I left Thanatos in charge.”

“Thanatos.” Hades scoffed. “Fionn can’t even rule over his own fucking personification of death, much less rule my kingdom full of it.”

“Well.” Y/N drew the word out, adjusting her wreath crown over her hair with a smile. “Let’s go back and make sure he hasn’t burned it to the ground!”

“You are so damn lucky you’re my wife.” He mumbled, linking their hands together and starting off towards the carriage he arrived in.

“And you love me.” Persephone smiled, glad to be back into her husband’s arms.

(They had later found out that Fionn, had indeed, played with more fire than he was suppose to and burned a good portion of Hell over.)

My parents loved silly names

EURUS: I’m Eurus.
JOHN: Eurus?
EURUS: Silly name, isn’t it? Greek. Means the East Wind. My parents loved silly names, like Eurus… or Mycroft… or Sherlock.

It’s funny when you remember that Sherlock isn’t actually his real name.

Right, William?

Once you think about it, the Holmes named their kids Mycroft, William and Eurus. Poor Sherlock is the only one with a boring name.

How many Williams are there? How ordinary is it to be a ‘William’?

My headcanon has always been that Sherlock chose to be called Sherlock. Mummy Holmes calls Mycroft ‘Mike’, she gives strange names but doesn’t seem to make a deal out of it.

But Mycroft was the one with the extraordinary name, the one who wasn’t like all the other boring people. William Holmes? He fought to be called Sherlock. He fought to be like Mycroft, because he’s an ordinary man trying to be a god. In face of his ultra clever sibling(s), he decided to make his own name himself. He chose his iconinc name.

He was never born Sherlock Holmes, he became Sherlock Holmes.

HOLMES: Nothing made me. I made me.

He made Sherlock Holmes. He, William Holmes, the slow little brother. He made his name, he made his job, everything he has got, it’s because of his hard work.

MYCROFT: Every choice you ever made; every path you’ve ever taken – the man you are today … is your memory of Eurus.

If I didn’t know she wasn’t real, I’d be livid. Because Mycroft’s just shat on everything he’s done, reduced all that hard work to nothing.

learning Latin is great, because you learn Latin and you basically learn every language. What’s that? Latin won’t help you with Korean grammar? Then I’m afraid that doesn’t exist. because every language comes from Latin. all of them

Art Roulette Day 1: Notos, greek god of the southern winds/ hurricane season

I decided to try completing a 30 days drawing challenge, but I didn’t really know which one to do until I stumbled across @freshoutoflogic ’s art roulette post. It seemed like the most well rounded challenging type of assignment.
So! For my first roll I got palette 78 and topic 100 which I have shown in the top left corner. I didn’t really know of any seasonal gods, but with a little research I was able to find the greek god of hurricanes, which i figured was appropriate. So here’s my silly little interpretation of notos to cheer someone’s day up amidst all of these fearful times. 🤗

You can find the challenge and try it here: