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Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧


The two 1A vs 1B matches!! Incidently they included two of my favorite characters in the series, and for that I’ll always be grateful~

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Okay, now my mind got all fluffy and I've got you another Hazza - concept... Harry and y/n got a little one, like 4 years old and it only knows him with long hair. So, the day has come and Harry has to go and get his haircut. And as he returns back home... First of all y/n is like: WOW, that IS different and then his little pumpkin, I'd say girl... cause she loves his long curls which she also got from him, looks at him totally in shock, and screams: YOUR HAIR IS GONE, DADDY!

He would laugh and crouch down in front of her.

“S’not gone, silly girl. It’s still here, feel.”

He’ll take her little hand and bring it up to the top of his head so she can touch the short hair that still remains.

“See? S’still my hair; s’just a bit shorter now, yeah? M’still daddy.”

She’ll still look a bit hesitant so Harry will scoop her up and give her a lot of kisses until she’s giggling.

“I love yeh, little one. Always will, no matter how long my hair is.”

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              “I NEVER said I was a bad person. However,
               I did say that I wasn’t a good person. Is it
               not good form to admit to one’s crime and
               allow herself to be judged for it?”

A turrid shell was pulled from the satchel that hung across her body, and she extended it toward him– expecting him to take it.  Parts of her were still wet.

               “In my defense…she was trying to drown me,
                and it was the only thing near me. Bonking
                her on the head would have been preferable,
                but jamming that in her gills worked all the
                same. I don’t think she’s dead..”

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          “Tragic, isn’t it? He died so easily it almost begs a tear
           or two…”

         “However, he also wasn’t the most COMPETENT boy, so
           perhaps death was kinder fate in his case. At least he
           died a boy, you know?”


What’s the new record going to sound like? - SiriusXM Hits 1 [x]

/// I haven’t gotten around to saying this yet, but I feel I should so here we are- Thank you SO SO MUCH for following over here, for reading my posts, for caring and (wanting to) interacting with my silly girl Elle . I was feeling horrible about myself on here after a few not so thoughtful interactions and I just began to doubt myself and assumed no one else cared outside of 1-2 people. Hence the move and hence the lack of open advertisement to this blog.

So thank you to you my wonderful amazing friends. Thank you for caring and talking and showing me that everything wasn’t what it seemed.

She’s a girl who prefers food over make-ups and dresses, the one who prefers to stay at home and read than to go out and see the movies. She’s a girl who likes making funny faces, the one who believes in zodiac signs and wish-granting shooting stars. She likes to throw pennies in fountains to make a wish. She’s silly but I love her.

I still remember out first fight. It was only small, but you said you wouldn’t force me to go back to you but don’t give up, not just yet. To just walk away with no deep feelings. And I didn’t. I stayed.
Which I regret deeply, because I got more attached. Silly me, ey?

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Harry asking you to ride his face. You are a bit scared because you have never done it befor and it's intense you know? But he comforts you and you just do it I bet it would feel so good It would be my fav thing to do with harry

S’gonna feel good, I promise,” he says, running a hand up your back, and there’s concern in his voice and a little bit of confusion because, as he’s told you many times, “s’basically the same thing as what i’ve done before innit?” But no, it really wasn’t.  You’re straddling him naked, had been in the middle of a hungry, passionate make out session when you’d ground down on his thigh and he’d said he needed to taste you, fully taste you with your knees on either side of his head.  He’d mentioned it before and you’d blushed and swatted him away, but this time he’d seemed a little more adamant.  He’d never push you into something you didn’t want to do, but he knows a part of you is curious, that a new wave of warmth flooded you at the thought of the intimate position, and he wants to rid of the embarrassment he sees in your flushed cheeks.  “Harry,” his brows knit together as you begin, “it’s just…it’ll be right there, I’m-

I know,” he says, “There’s no need to be though. C’mere.” And for a moment, the slight panic seizes you again, but when he chucks your chin with a “Gimme a kiss silly girl,” you feel the panic melt away in an eruption of butterflies. Kissing you know how to do.  His lips are soft, molding against yours in a way that is familiar, loving.  And he knows it’s familiar, that he’s getting you comfortable again.  But as he bites your lip gently when you pull back, now a little short of breath, you know he isn’t going to let it go.

D’yeh trust me?” he asks softly, stroking your cheek gently, and when you look down at the man you know would never, ever hurt you, with everything in you and everything you are, you know that trust is all you have. “You’re so beautiful,” his thumb dips down to rest on your bottom lip you’re biting down on in thought and the awe and adoration and pure love he has looking up at you is enough to give you the confidence to move up his chest.  He’s quick to hide his surprise as you come closer to him, his hands instantly finding the backs of your thighs and pulling you closer, but you saw the slight lift of his brow and the excited glimmer of surprise in his eyes that, for a moment, overtook the dark tint of desire.

And for a second you contemplate looking away, because you can feel his hot breath hit you and you know he’s so close, but you don’t.  And you’re so glad you didn’t.  He’s staring at your center, awestruck, like he won the lottery and he’d never stop bragging about it, like this is a moment he wants to remember.  That he wants to cherish.  And a new tingle strikes you when you detect the dark glimmer in his eyes because you have never seen him quite like this, looking so overcome and flushed by desire that he looks like he’s going to devour you.  You are dripping, and he can smell you.  He can’t help himself, not really, not when you are mere inches from his lips, so he breathes in a deep long breath, letting out a groan as your scent intoxicates him. “God you’re beautiful.”

And though your cheeks are still on fire, something else is slowly burning and building in the pit of your stomach, waiting for him to move, to do something.  “Harry,” you whisper.  And he breaks his gaze to hold yours that now holds traces of restlessness, and when he feels your legs tighten a bit against the planes of his face he desperately tries to fight his smirk. “Yeh ready pet? Wanna ride my face til yeh make a mess on me?” He turns his cheek to kiss the inside of your thigh and the slight moisture in the gesture makes you want to cry because you know in a matter of seconds that attention will be somewhere else and you want it, you want it so badly now. But instead of saying all this you hum weakly, your stomach in too many knots from nerves, lust, and anticipation for your mouth to form the word, yes.

And he knows that, so he turns his lips back to the ones only he’s allowed to kiss, and with a moan you know you were right.  This isn’t the same as before, this is very, very different.  With the new angle he’s deep, deeper than you thought he could ever go with just his tongue, the sensations of his strong jaw moving against you, the fact that you can literally feel the tensing of his jaw muscles against the inner parts of your thighs as he works against you, leaving you panting.  And he’s pushing up against you hard, and he’s everywhere, there’s not a part of you that seems un-touched which is ridiculous because he’s only there, and you’re almost afraid you’re crushing him so even through the pleasure you lift up just a bit - until you feel his large hands grasp your ass to tug your down closer, holding you there, the deep moan he releases shooting a jolt of pleasure straight through your core.  And this time you don’t move away, and when he mumbles something that just makes you let out a high-pitched whine again because the vibration of it against your clit is a little overwhelming, the hands sprawled across your backside dig in a bit and you realize he wants you to move.  So you do.  You rock against his face, picking up a rhythm as he continues to delve into you, in, out, in, out, flicking, circling, delving again and again.  And when your ruts become more desperate, your clit brushing against his nose, you finally come undone above him, with your hands wrapped in his locks of hair and an explosion of warmth and fireworks spreading throughout the entirety of your body as you feel yourself clench uncontrollably.  He laps you up, drinking all of you in until there’s no longer a trace of your arousal, just the slight twitch that wracks through you when his tongue runs up to touch your swollen bundle of nerves. You jolt up on trembling knees when he does, but he won’t let you move back, not yet.  He gives your center one last glazed look, like he’s just died and gone to heaven, but now he wants to live and sin a second time just so he can see the glistening gates all over again.

“Please tell me I get to do tha’ again,” he says, and it was the boyish way in which he said it contradicting the manly lust in his eyes that made your heart glow anew in your post-orgasmic haze.

…..and though it may have taken a little convincing in the beginning, once he got you over him, I don’t think you’d fuss too much when he asks you to try it again the next night. (In other news, WHY ARE MY CONCEPT ANSWERS SO LONG IT’S NOT MEANT TO BE THIS WAY)