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Bonam Noctem ; Good Night 

When you’re lying in bed with your softest clothes on. The room is dark and the sheets are warm. The night sky paints a calm picture and yet you still can’t let dreams overtake you since thoughts of tomorrow overwhelms you. This is a lullaby for you. Let the gentle embrace of sleep enfold you and keep you safe. Close your eyes, take a deep breath; 

 and go to sleep.”

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Turn: Washington’s Spies Characters: The Christmas Gift-giving Edition!

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(and isn’t this just the most DIVINE GIF, ever?!)

 Ever been curious about what everyone’s favourite characters would be like at choosing/getting/making presents? Ever wanted to know who would be a better bet as a significant other when it comes to gift-giving? Let the friendly Turn Gift-Giving Guide assist you!

Abraham Woodhull: The farmer’s life has taught him some things  - like how to haggle. Mr Woodhall is a dab hand at bargaining and adroit at getting the best out of a business deal.He gets Mary the finer things in life, like silk (or the gift of silver cutlery from an illicit girlfriend on the side, but… somehow I don’t think that was as appreciated as much) You may actually strike lucky, and have something thoughtful and romantic! Unfortunately, his gift for gift-giving depends entirely on how many things Mr Woodhull is trying to do at the time. If it’s a bad year and the spy-workload is mounting you may find yourself with half a field’s worth of rotting cabbage, “best before autumn 1775″. 6/10 when good, 4/10 when bad.

Richard Woodhull: Oh dear. Where even to start with this one? He’ll try to give you what he thinks you need. Which is well-intentioned…mostly. But sometimes his gifts can be rather pointed. A copy of “Blackstone’s Commentaries” once ‘you forget that silly farming business and take up law again like you ought to do,’ or “Designing Minxes: a Guide to spotting Gold-Diggers” isn’t going to cheer up anyone’s stocking, or inspire the most kindly Christmas feelings. Even little Sprout’s gift of ‘my dead perfect sons’ toy soldiers” is a little emotionally charged, and dripping with expectation. Expect glares and tension over this Christmas dinner table.2/10.

Mary Woodhull: At first glance, very proper. Will give out kind, neutral little token gifts; probably something monogrammed with your initials, neat and useful, like a set of pocket handkerchiefs, or a ready-to-hand darning kit in a small, useful box.On second glance, however, there may well be something surprising in there the average housewife doesn’t have -  a discreet bottle of good brandy for the man of the house, or some strong homemade wine that was the scandal of Setauket at last year’s Whitehall garden party.Mrs Woodhull has hidden depths, and a keen eye. 6/10

Ensign Baker: Not a rich man. He’s a poor foundling who gets minimal soldier’s pay, with a slight increment for carrying the flag on parade days. But what he does give you, which is worth infinitely more - is time. He might simply mind a child for you for an afternoon, bouncing them on one knee and playing ‘Ride a Cock Horse’. Or he may just listen to you when your husband or your family doesn’t - and never with an air that he doesn’t care.If he can scrape together enough to get you a small Christmas token, it will be something home-made - a hand-carved figure for your mantelpiece, or a painfully knitted pair of lumpy mittens.Gives more than he’s given. 6/10

Thomas “Sprout” Woodhull: Energetic toddler hugs, or a scribbled drawing in charcoal he made his own self. It may show a rather perplexing scene of ‘Mama fyring her ryfle’, or ‘Daddy’s secret playce’, but heh. Kids these days, eh? Such imagination! 3/10

Anna Strong: Comestibles. Lots of them. Anna knows her stuff; she runs a huge household and thriving inn. She knows an army marches on its stomach. She also knows winter is the time of ‘first the fast, and then the feast’, and occupying army or not, Anna is a practical woman and will make damn sure every household in Setauket is full to the brim with good things to eat and drink. In times of hardship for herself, she can still be genuinely kind and generous to close friends and companions - and has been known to give away silk gowns; old items of luxury from Strong Manor she no longer has any use for - to people who will value and appreciate them.A good friend to have. 8/10

Abigail: A saver, a hoarder of gift ideas, and an all-rounder. Abigail will be contriving a gift for you, no matter how much or how little she has to give.She knows how important clothing is, in presenting yourself to the world - it’s how the world sees you. If she can get you something which is a little bit fine, a little less dreary, she will. She knows the importance of light and colour in the dark times of the year. 6/10

Akinbode: If Akinbode lived in the 21st century, he’d almost certainly be that one guy you dated who urged you to ‘live a little’ and go extreme cave-diving, or stunt-car driving - and would buy you a special weekend offer for them, regardless of whether you actually… wanted to go or not. Gets super-offended if you ask for the receipt, or explain it’s not really your thing. 18th century Akinbode? Well, he’s a proud man. He’ll probably buy you something very expensive and fine in a fit of generosity with the first pay he gets from the Queens’ Rangers - but then ruin it all by talking pointedly about how nice it would be once you’re his wife and he can keep on providing for you like this. He should stop hanging out with that creep of a Major so much. 6/10 for the gift, 2/10 for the expectations that go with it.

Selah Strong: Nothing, he’s too busy either rotting in prison-ships or languishing in Congress. The gift of life, I guess.In that he’s… alive.2/10

Major Edmund Hewlett: A somewhat fussy officer with a lot of money at his disposal, and consequently will throw himself into an agony of prepration to find something you like. When he finally settles (after much mental torment) on a gift, It will be a small but significant thing that feeds the soul. An interesting book he feels you might like to read, or some finely-assorted embroidery silks in just the shade you have run out of - because he has sat for weeks now watching you at your embroidery, and knows to a hair how lovely your hands look as you sit stitching away. Something that touches the heart, in that it shows how much he thinks of you and for you. The only area in which he is a… little lacking is that he can be a little stubborn and strong-willed, and that sometimes the gift he selects for you can be something he’d like very much himself - like a set of fine crystal lens in a black velvet box for his telescope. Or a book on astonomy so he can explain the stars to you. 7/10

Captain (Later Major) John Graves Simcoe: (Jeez, you really want to set Simcoe loose amongst the crowds of frantic, angry Christmas shoppers? Your gift will be that of being a character witness at his multiple homicide trial!)

In all seriousness, the gift would depend on this officer’s frame of mind. Your best case scenario is that the Major leaves it a little late for shopping, and then madly charges into the nearest shop demanding ‘something that will make her love me!’letting the capable shop assistants gently ease his money away from him. You will get a hasty,insane assortment of gifts that are over-blown, bizarre, and more than a little intimidating from the sheer volume of the things. Because it’s ‘what ladies like.’ If you’re unlucky, and Major Simcoe has time to think about his gift, it may well be a handwritten volume of terrible poetry dedicated to yourself. Which he will insist in reading. Aloud. At your dinner party.

But… no matter what the gift, be sure to keep your best look of false enjoyment firmly fixed in place. Not only does this man get super-offended, but he sulks. 6/10 for actual gifts, 3/10 for maturity level

Caleb Brewster: A man who can get you anything, from anywhere! With his smuggling, privateering, and downright piratical contacts, as well as a twinkly-eyed approach to ‘liberating’ goods from the opposite side, Caleb ought to be a high-ranker for this particular one. Unfortunately, the high-value gifts come with a high-risk factor in this gentleman’s trade, so it’s entirely possible Mr Bewster may have got you a diamond necklace - but ‘had ter barter it for passage for marines, y’know?’ Or he was sailing a consignment of salt beef and fine silks downriver, but ‘them pesky Redcoats burnt us out, know what I’m sayin’?’ Better at giving small, well-made gifts that he can work on during the dull times in camp - carved ivory, or wood. And at the end of the day, should his luck be well and truly out on the gift front, he can pull out a penny-whistle and give you a Christmas dance and a kiss by the camp fireside. 7/10

Benjamin Tallmadge: Not at all rich, despite his elevated rank of Major, but Ben is a person who takes his commitments seriously. As a preacher’s son he believes Christmas to be a time of study and reflection as well as merriment, so his gift is likely to be thoughtful, as well as practical - a book, perhaps, picked up from some abandoned half-burned farmstead. Or It may well be just a Christmas letter, written in earnest, about all his fears and hopes for the year to come, his thoughts on the year behind, and all his feelings for you. With his superiors and fellow-soldiers in the army, the gift is much more likely to be a warm Christmas toast - but given with one of those rare sincere “Ben” smiles that light up the darkness of Valley Forge. 8/10

Robert Townsend: The ultimate Christmas troll. Has calmly informed you since at least July that Quakers do not celebrate with gifts and merriment, and that frankly he considers the whole thing distasteful and overbearing, with it’s excess. Allows you to continue in this belief up until five-minutes to midnight after a very dreary Christmas Day, upon which he will produce some fantastic object you have always expressed you wanted. Will smile benignly at your sputtered astonishment/rage/frustration, and then blandly ask what on earth you mean - “Quakers do not celebrate  Christmas with gifts and merriment.” 7/10 for gift, -3/10 for fact you will almost certainly have murdered him afterwards.

General George Washington: Will have already briefly fretted over gifts for friends and family in his spare moments, and written anxiously to Virginia asking for advice. Swift and decisive in the field, the small things in life like Christmas tokens leave him somewhat helpless. Luckily Martha will have calmly made a list and bought in small, thoughtful tokens for his fellow-officers and family months before, - and no-one except close-friends and the rag-tag aides-de-camp know it wasn’t the general who concocted them. The real gift is his calm reassurance and quiet approving smile. 8/10 for George (well,Martha’s) gifts, 10/10 overall

Nathaniel Sackett: You really think Sackett has time to bother with trifling things like Christmas gifts? Here, take this experimental submarine with grenade attachments for enemy frigates and do what you like with it. 7.5/10

Major Robert Rogers: Knowing the ex-commander of the Queen’s Rangers, his gift is probably: Himself, on your hearthrug, with a ribbon-bow placed at a (mercifully) strategic angle on his breeches and a bottle of brandy he cheerfully clubbed a passing soldier in the street for. 2-10 up to 8/10, depending on whether that’s really your thing.

General Charles Lee: A snarky pamphlet commenting bitterly on all your shortcomings over the past year. 0/10, would not recommend.

General Benedict Arnold: The word here is: Overcompensation. His gifts are expensive. Nankeen china, mahogany, a solid gold ormolu clock that plays music when it strikes the hour, silks, you name an item and it’s ridiculously over-priced price-tag, Arnold will procure it - sometimes by ‘diverting’ it away from their rightful owners. He feels people judge him on his humble beginnings, and he is anxious to cover this as much as he can.Fails to realise just how bad it looks when the outraged owners of the goods appear to claim the items back, and will accuse you of ‘not supporting him.’ if you question the legality. 6/10 for eagerness to please, 1/10 for the crushing awkwardness that will ensue 0/10 for arguments afterwards.

Major John Andre: Seriously hard to beat as a gift-giver! Thoughtful, talented, pleasingly rich, but not overbearingly so, Major Andre’s gift to you is sure to be a delight to receive, which may range from an exquisite evening of sophisticated entertainment, music and dancing, followed by some energetic er… gymnastic? exertions in his comfortable bed. To round off the evening,  he will add an elegant personal touch of an accomplished hand-drawn sketch of you. The only drawback is that the Major is exceedingly generous, and to more than one person… 9/10

the real reason why john is depressed is because hes excluded from the silly carapacian birthday gifts every year. the other kids get fucking moon planetscaping while all john gets is cake and a shitty reused banner


For FriskCz : “The best possible wish, for one of the greatest persons i know. I hope your special day, is nothing else but wonderfull to you, and that those around you fill your life with laughter and happiness. Please enjoy all of your presents, and beautiful wishes of luck and love. You are great, and i love you. :)”

How far are we willing to go for someone we love as a friend ? How much are we ready to put into work for someone we hold dear, and theyre birthday is just around the corner ? Honestly i havent really being thinking about these things so much, all i always wanted to do, is just to make people smile.

And now, i think im finally on the lowest, of low possible qualities of drawing to be able to do it. This is a special, birthday-short-lyric-comic-present for my dear @friskcz and her much beloved @xxmileikaivanaxx, both of then being a few of the best people out there, who constantly take care of each other, and me.

I am about to pass out, because i reworked the short comic six times, and when i finally came up with an good idea, which was around 7AM today (been working on it since 6PM Friday) i pushed myself even harder to finish it. And i did :) Not only that, but @xxmileikaivanaxx even went so far, to edit and add the text at a much, much later time of the day then me ! So a big applause to her people !

Lyrics - Glad You Came- The Wanted ( Boyce Avenue Cover )
Drawn by me @deusn and text and effects added by @xxmileikaivanaxx
Created with love, and care.

Have a fantastic day, or a majestic evening everyone,

Here’s another gift for my lovely @crashfur

This is our other team. I call it the mayhem team because we both suck terribly but when we can’t choose the Talon Team we just gotta improvise.

So our second choice for team-ups is Junkrat/Tracer with Crashfur as Junkrat and me as Tracer, so far it’s worked out pretty well.

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More Overwatch Dogs

Malec shippers. They get hardcore flirting, teasing, a wedding showstopping kiss,dates, feelings, relationship drama, the angst of keeping half of the OTP alive out of magic, hand holding and the need to stay alive because eternal life is meaningless without this boy. A silly gift that means I want this, I want to be yours because it’s the first time you’ll be mine and I’m different from all you’ve had so far.

Merthur shippers would kill for magic to bring back that loved one, to be more powerful, to have the skill of centuries and the knowledge to command the darkness that claimed the man who made him wish to live. The prat, the clotpole, my lord, my king, my Arthur, I can’t lose him… Cursed to forever waiting, may someday, one day.

Sterek shippers would kill for a kiss that would hide the best bits behind closed doors and fade to black. Plaid and leather in the bedroom floor as they pin each other against the wall for the right reasons. Something more than a look across the room, a dying stare, the wet memories of holding his sourwolf 2 hours to save his life, watching him grow, live, love… and leave.

Destiel shippers would kill for the showstopping love declaration. Dark angel wings wrapping around a speechless man who’s suffered and shouldered the pain of his family and his own feelings, ready to be dragged from perdition once more and taught how to love without fear.

Hannigram shippers would kill for some uncomplicated feelings, less blood, less pain, more time together. Less making you miss me, making you need me by poisoning your mind so you cannot live without me. Or too broken to live with me.

Stormpilot shippers would kill for more than a few hours of longing stares, a jacket that was mine and now it’s yours along with my heart before you came back to base all broken and silent, hurt saving someone else. 

Malec shippers have canon on their side, books showing all the love and desire and they’re eager, desperate for more. In a world where every second they are together is a miracle we envy so much. May they get more time. All the time. ANY time.