silly george


John: “See ya later!”

George: “We’re going…”

*John, George and Ringo walk out*

Paul: “See ya! See ya, Harry! See ya, Tom! See ya, Jack!”

*Paul walks out, moment of silence follows*

*Ringo walks out of far door, awkwardly following in the direction the other three went*

How to get a girl the George IV way:
  • Publicly declare your undying love for her- Actually mean it, though. You can’t do this shit halfheartedly. Put your entire SOUL into it!
  • Bombard her with dozens of letters- each more flowery and embarrassingly romantic than the last, the more pages the better. Don’t be discreet.  This will make your devotion known to her, and she will be forced to interact with you on some level.
  • Tell ALL of your friends about your DEEP love for her-  Talk about this love constantly. They will be forced into making her attend all their parties in order to please you, and they will also serve as an outlet for your hysterical tantrums when she inevitably refuses you.
  • Work yourself up into such a frenzy that you make yourself seriously ill- Make her pity you and milk this for as long as possible. Make her know you’re ill and it’s all her fault- if she had just given in to your love this would never have happened!
  • Make a GRAND gesture! Propose to her. Declare to her that you want nothing more than for her to be your lawful wife. Hammer it in her skull that you would GIVE UP EVERYTHING for her. (note: DO NOT ACTUALLY GIVE UP EVERYTHING. Just make her believe you would!)

Now, if she is still avoiding you like the plague for SOME reason:

  • STAB YOURSELF. Or, just threaten suicide. Let your beloved know that you CAN’T live without her. She is EVERYTHING for you, and if she isn’t in your life than life itself just isn’t worth living. This should frighten her into being with you. 

This relentless torrent of emotional abuse and desperation bordering on the insane should land you your lady love in no time!