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dingo wrought is become an anti-sjw again could you fly over to him and beat him into submission? Thanks.

internet blog whose opinions I care too much about: y’know it’s kinda silly when internet feminists protest twitter by not posting for 24 hours

me: buuuhh…he has become anti-sjw once again…time to whine to dingo about it

I’m not gonna put The Last Night on the cyberpunk games list because it’s clear it’s not actually cyberpunk, it’s just copying its aesthetic without understanding it.

And I’m not going to recommend anything involving Tim “feminists are silly and gamergate is progressive” Soret anyway.

I think that any female who gets asked if she’s a feminist… it’s silly… it’s so interesting when people ask females if they’re a feminist. Of course every female wants to be equal! I believe everyone should be equal, and we should all love and support each other and express ourselves the way we want to express ourselves and be whoever we want. That’s my motto.
—  Melanie Martinez on Feminism 

Favourite people ~ Louise Brealey

“Benedict just let me fiddle with his damp hair as a birthday treat. Apparently you have to ‘twist and diffuse’. Gulp.”

#MenimistTwitter and Anti-Feminism

This is a Transcript of my Youtube Video.

So these past few weeks I’ve been diving into feminist topics which, like race topics I’ve avoided talking about on my channel because I know that they attract a certain breed of crazy.

My #gamergate video seemed to attract a fair amount of anti-feminists despite the argument that #gamergate is about ethics in gaming journalism and not harassment of women or anti-feminism -but that’s another topic.

Looking into anti-feminism is very fascinating because it shows how little men seem to know about feminism. There are some people who have devoted entire blogs into criticizing and attacking feminism, but haven’t spoken to an actual feminist. They just know that they don’t like them!

So I discovered that there’s this tag called “menimist”. It seeks to parody feminism to point out how completely and utterly bizarre feminism is. Instead what it does is point out how little men seem to know about feminism. Allow me to sum up a few menimist tweets.

What I’ve noticed from a lot of men who criticize feminism is that everything they discuss refers to a personal romantic situation. Most menimist tweets relate to how women interact with men on a romantic or sexual level.

And my favorite

This is their criticism of feminism.

Now of course as a feminist, I find this extremely ironic because what these men don’t realize ,and what I find most men who criticize feminism in this way don’t realize, is that feminism is already fighting against these things.

There’s a reason why men are expected to open the doors and pay for meals. That’s because women are viewed as the “fairer sex”. Because women are viewed as a fairer sex they aren’t often considered to be competent. Because they aren’t considered to be competent there’s this entire system set up where men are more likely to be employed than women. In fact, if you were a woman at one point in time you wouldn’t even be able to get a job, let alone make your own money.
So a tradition has been set where men are expected to pander to women and are expected to pay for meals on dates because they could afford to.

Feminism isn’t about men paying for our meals or opening our doors. It’s about being able to decide that we want to open our own doors, have our own jobs and make our own money so maybe one day we CAN get you that free meal (if that’s what we decide we want to do)

Another thing I’ve seen is body positivity parody memes

This is a parody of one of many Body positive memes that’s been floating around. While I don’t like the idea of saying “real women” aren’t skinny, I think we also have to examine the feelings behind memes like this.

These memes exist because women from a very young age are taught that their body is their worth. The prettier you are the more likely you are to succeed. So women from a very young age make a connection between their appearance and their value. What this results in is many women of size desperately hating themselves and their bodies. So many of us are told we aren’t real women because of our size. So memes like this seek to fill a void in the media. They tell women of size that they are gorgeous and essentially tell skinny women what women of size are told all the time, that they aren’t “real women”. I do not agree with throwing skinnier women under the bus. I think it’s wrong, but i think we should also acknowledge that thinner women are the standard and because of that women who have struggled with their size naturally have a bit of anger towards them.

That all being said, while this is a parody meme,  I think that men also struggle with body issues (an issue that, by the way, many body positive feminists are addressing). The difference is that very rarely are men made to feel that their value as a human being is impacted by their size.


There’s a reason why when men talk about their size they relate it to getting a date and when women talk about their size they discuss being respected as a human being.

Here’s one that really pissed me off

This is a poster that was made as a response to the “don’t be that guy” posters that tell men that sex without consent is rape. A simple concept.

What a lot of anti-feminists seem to think is that feminists don’t think that men can be raped. They also seem to think that we don’t care about male survivors and well, that’s simply untrue. As a rape survivor myself, I will always sympathize with other survivors regardless of their gender or the gender of their attackers.

Anti feminists seem to think that we think that women cannot be rapists. No one made this argument except you. I find anti feminists always use male survivors to make grand points about how “men can be raped more than women”. And the thing is, that’s very true but you’re not telling the full statistic: Men are certainly raped more than women, but men are also raped far far far more often by other men. Prison rape skews the rape statistics in the favor of men and i think it’s super vital to recognize that when you use that statistic, you’re also still pointing the finger back at other men. Of course women can and do rape men, but it’s at a much much much less frequency.

With that in mind, let’s look at how other men respond when women DO rape men.

When Megan Mahoney was caught sleeping with a male student, a bunch of guys chimed the comment section of the post with things like 

This is how society views men who are raped and this is why men who are raped often do not report their abuse. Men are less likely to report when their attackers are men for fear of being seen as gay, which again, is much more common.

It’s frustrating to me that anti feminists will always use the “men can get raped too” argument against feminists and do absolutely nothing to foster care for male survivors. Not to mention that men getting raped doesn’t then invalidate women getting raped. These are both still issues that need to be addressed.And the sad thing is that these guys commenting on this article are the same guys under this menimist tag.

Feminism is called feminism because, while yes, it’s about equality of the sexes it’s also recognizing that women need the most attention because of how women have historically been oppressed and told to stand behind men. I’m a feminist and I feel like there are certain “mens rights” issues that are worth discussing, but almost every one of those issues leads back to misogyny and how society views men and women because of it.

Feminism helps men too and I wish these people would spend less time saying witty things to each other over twitter about how terrible feminism is and actually SPEAK to a feminists. You can be a feminist and still criticize feminism. I do it all the time. And understanding all waves of feminism is the best way to criticize them. Not all feminists are rad fems. I would argue less than a quarter of us are. So when you criticize that type of feminism and assume that’s how all feminists feel, it’s ultimately going to sound really silly to most feminists. .

With that all being said: Log out of twitter every once in a while and always remember and never forget that you a beautiful and you are loved!!

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Feminist Logic

Guy: I have a preference when girls have their armpits and the pubic area shaved.


Girl: Guys with hair are gross.

Feminists: OMG so true. When will men realize that they look so unattractive with hairy chests and pubes. Would it kill them to shave and have hygiene for once?

Guy: I have a preference for thin girls


Girl: Some gross fat guy asked me out, I have standards, tubby. I’m only attracted to tan fit guys.

Feminists: It’s good to have standards. Toned guys are so hot. When will those fat guys realize that society finds them unattractive?

Feminist: OMG Why won’t guys be attracted to me?! They’re so shallow falling for those skeletons.

Guy: I think you’re beautiful even if you’re not thin


Feminists: ugh men sexualizing lesbians. They don’t exist for your fantasies, they’re people too.

*obsesses over Destiel, writes tons of yaoi fanfics, harasses BBC for Johnlock, ships real life males with other males even if they’re already in a relationship, says stupid shit like how they want a gay best friend so they can have someone to shop with and talk about boys*

Feminist: Women should not be shamed for what they wear, their body image, sexuality, the amount of sex, or things that are beyond their control.

Person: *argues against feminism showing evidence of flaws with the concept*

Feminists: lol I bet he’s a white fat virgin neckbeard fedora dudebro that jacks off to MLP and cuddles his waifu pillow. I bet he’s butthurt that he’s never got any girl to suck his tiny dick xp

Feminists: there’s nothing more fragile than a male’s ego xp

“OMG people are calling girls bossy. Instead of letting them shrug it off and grow from it we should form a hugbox to let this evil word be erased. Being called bossy could hurt a girl’s self esteem because we’re going to assume girls have a fragile self esteem. We need to ban the word bossy because it will hinder girls from growing up to become successful as told by female celebrities who were called bossy and grew up to be successful.”

Feminists: Feminism is about gender equality

“Transmen are traitors! Was being a female not good enough for you, huh?! How dare you join the male scum!”

“Transwomen are not true women! They’re just men invading our sanctuary and trying to benefit off us!”

Feminists: Gender roles are toxic! No one should be stereotyped what they can or cannot do based on gender!

“There’s no such thing as a male rape victim, if he didn’t want it, he would have easily overpowered the rapist”

“Oh wah, your ex girlfriend beat you up, stop being such a pussy and get over it”

Feminists: We should build a shelter for women rape/abuse victims

Guy: Hi, I’m a survivor of sexual assault and I think there should be a shelter for both genders.


Man says something sexist = misogynist

Woman says something sexist = inspirational

Feminists: Silly MRAs, there’s no such thing as misandry

“Kill all men”

*pastel picture of a feminine forest creature with a banner that reads “Men are gross”*

“Males are a disease”

“If my child becomes a male I’m disowning it”

“Men are useless in society”

“We can just use bone marrow and sperm banks to create babies, lol men are obsolete we should eradicate them”

“Friendly reminder that all men are potential rapists”

“wah wah male tears”

“What do you call the useless end of a penis? A man!”

“Men like being treated this way”

“Male scum”

“Nothing pleasures me more than males suffering”

“I’m swimming in their tears”

“If you are a cismale get the fuck off my blog”


Also notice how “Transmisandry” is also non existent to them but Tumbrites will throw “Transmisogyny” at everything under the sun.

Feminists: I just want to meet a real gentleman who is chivalrous and generous and makes an effort to look masculine.
Feminists two minutes later: OMG guys are so patronizing and false. They demand to do stuff for you and act like they’re forced to buy you things and they’re obsessed with going to the gym and scared of looking feminine .

The thing is, I could ALMOST get behind these groups of fans claiming that people just happen to dislike the new Ghostbusters trailer. That the fact that it stars women is a coincidence.

You see, fanboys hate everything new always forever. They’re assholes. And every time their hatred is proven to be stupid (remember how much everyone hated the idea of Heath Ledger as joker), it kinda seems like they learn zero lessons. They just connect zero dots and then wait for the next new thing to hate.

I mean, I once saw a nerd rant for six paragraphs because he didn’t like the color shading of Snake Eyes’ costume in the first GI Joe trailer. Not saying the GI Joe movie turned out to be great. Just sayin’…. fans hate everything.

Here’s my issue though. These fans aren’t just saying it’s a coincidence. They’re acting like people are INSANE for even SUGGESTING sexism could be involved. Every rant I’ve seen about this takes that attitude. Even though making the cast all female is somewhat unprecedented for such a big franchise. Even though the trailer now holds the record for most dislikes and not, I dunno any of a billion bad movie trailers that are out there. No, this one specifically. EVEN THOUGH ITS REALLY EASY TO GO FIND A SHIT TON OF UNAPOLOGETIC MISOGYNISTS COMMENTING AND SPECIFICALLY SAYING THAT AN ALL FEMALE CAST AUTOMATICALLY MAKES IT BAD.

Despite those glaring things, these fans are like, “sexism?! What?! That is just crazy talk. Just silly feminist crazy town bananas talk. You silly crazy feminists don’t have a leg to stand on here. It’s just a clearly bad trailer that is obviously the worst trailer ever made.”

You guyssss! I’ve invoked the wrath of dusty I masturbate with the dirty socks my mom bought me misogynoiristic black men on YouTube! 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😷

I only gave this nigga 5 free minutes of my life, but within that timeframe, I was a bitch, lesbian, arrogant, silly, ungrateful, childish, hateful, feminist (he saw this as an insult lol), presumptuous, and complaining.

All within 5 minutes. Y'all, this video is 21 minutes long! 21 minutes of him essentially expressing the fragility of his masculinity.

He went full misogynoiristic with the accusation that black feminists are ruining the black community by creating a matriarchy. As he sees it, Black women expressing contempt with our abuse is seen as being ungrateful and and selfish. THEN this negro blames black women for black men not fathering their children. His terms were, “black women hide their children from their fathers.” HIDE. Like, children are Easter eggs or some shit.


He made sure to disable the comments and ratings too, but I’m the bitch? 😭

*Don’t give this nigga views by hate watching.*

Body-positivity is a whole load of bullshit and it’s hypocritical too. Certain body types are more attractive than others simply because it’s link with good health and high survival-traits from an evolutionary perspective.

Why the fuck should a fat person get the same level of respect and stature than a slim/muscular person who works their ass off for it and adheres to the strict discipline of healthy eating. There is NOTHING remotely healthy about being fat and anyone who decides to sugarcoat it is completely deluded. It’s as repulsive as fuck also and the only one’s who find that shit attractive are chubby chasers but that’s fetishised on its own merit. 

Those silly feminists spout on about how ideal standards are sexist, unrealistic etc but they still feel as if they’re entitled to their ideal Prince Charming. It’s okay to judge a man’s body, all his other flaws but you do the same with women, OH NOES, YOU’RE A MISOGYNISTIC PIG! If you want to be regarded as beautiful in the eyes of society, go out there, work for it and earn it! You’re not a special snowflake who just deserves it. Society doesn’t owe you shit for it.

Call me an arrogant cunt but as a person who exercises, eats healthily and works tirelessly to look after his body, I refuse to be regarded equal to those who are glutinous, lazy and didn’t work hard for it. I don’t push myself to the limit just so that I’d be placed amongst the average or settle for a woman who I deem less than fit. 

[WARNING: discussion of male sexual coercion, attempts to “correct” lesbian sexuality]

The unpublished memoirs of Floyd Dell, who became [Edna St. Vincent] Millay’s first male lover in Greenwich Village, give some insight into how women who came to the Village as lesbians were sometimes steered toward heterosexuality in this “progressive” atmosphere. For weeks Millay had agreed to go to bed with Dell, since she was taught in the Village that free bohemian women should have no scruples against such things; but she was obviously ambivalent, insisting they remain fully clothed and refusing to have intercourse. Finally Dell pressured her sufficiently to make her overcome her reluctance. “I know your secret,” he said. “You are still a virgin. You have merely had homosexual affairs with girls in college,” devaluing such relationships as a mature sexual experience. Dell claims that Millay was astonished at his deductive powers and she admitted, “No man has ever found me out before.” In her chagrin she gave in to him. Dell’s memoirs indicate that he was one of the early lesbian-smashers. He says he made love to her, feeling that it was his “duty to rescue her.” His rescue was obviously imperfect, however, since she was still having affairs with women years later when she took up with Thelma Wood, the woman who also became Djuna Barnes’ lover and her model for Robin in Nightwood. Dell finally had to admit with disappointment that Millay could not be entirely rescued. Years after their relationship, he lamented in an interview, “It was impossible to understand [Millay]… . I’ve often thought she may have been fonder of women than of men.” But despite this cognizance of her feelings about women he believed he had right on his side when he proselytized for heterosexuality, and he was encouraged in his conviction by the bohemians who scoffed at the technical virginity of women whose erotic lives were exclusively with other women.

Dell even urged Millay to undergo psychoanalysis in order to “overcome” her interest in women, although she thought analysis silly and, with a feminist awareness developed in her all-women college environment, saw Freudian ideas as nothing but “a Teutonic attempt to lock women up in the home and restore them to cooking and baby-tending.” Yet despite her various attempts to resist, she appears to have succumbed to the pressure. She married, although it was to a man who, she claimed, left her relatively free to behave as she pleased. She said of her life with her husband that they “lived like two bachelors.” But to have chosen to live as a lesbian, even in the world of Greenwich Village, was too problematic for her, despite her history of love for other women.
—  Lillian Faderman, Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America