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This is dedicated to @mormoc and @percyyoulittleshit 

Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!

I knew I had fallen in love with you when they asked me why I loved you so much and I couldn’t explain the reason in one word. But deep down I knew. I knew that every day that passed by I was falling more and more for you. I was falling for your dark brown eyes and your pure smile. For the way, you would touch my hair and my body. For your soft and gentle kisses. For your way of showing me that you would always care for me no matter what. For the way you would hug me so tight like you didn’t want to say goodbye. For the way, you would make me feel safe and like home by holding my hand and kissing my forehead. For our inside jokes that only we can understand. For the silly faces you would make in order to make me smile when I was sad. The list of the things that make me love you will never end and I think that’s the reason why I love you and will always do.
—  lydiaasl 

Mark is bad at games 😂😂 but he’s good at eating jellies🍬🍬 

To my future love,

I hope you’re not waiting for me to complete you.

I hope you go to the movies with yourself, cook yourself dinner, and buy yourself flowers.

I hope you don’t get lonely at night when the bed feels far too big and the pillow next to you is empty.

I hope you make silly faces at children and smile at strangers instead of looking at the ground.

I hope you show yourself patience and affection instead of seeking those things from others.

I hope you dance around your kitchen and get so lost in your joy that you burn the food.

I hope you learn to forgive yourself for your flaws and past mistakes.

I hope you love yourself, darling.

And I hope you know I can’t wait to love you ten times more than you possibly could.

—  Z.MLetter #5 to you, wherever you are.  

i was tryin to practice hands today so heres a little sketchy thing i did! (theyres not actually any words btw its just scribbles in the bubbles lol)


“he makes me laugh”

in all honesty tho i was genuinely just sitting and laughing at my friend’s shenanigans in this pic gjfkggj

BTS Reaction to you being silly and clingy when sleepy

request: bts reaction of them thinking you are drunk, but you are just really silly and clingy when sleepy

A/N: I hope you enjoy this one :) it’s pretty ehh
[requests are open]

-Kim Seokjin-

At first Jin would be upset and concerned over the thought of you drinking and getting drunk, but he soon noticed the sleepy look that was evident in your eyes. He’d shake his head, watching as you sang a song and made a silly dance to go with it. Jin couldn’t help but think of how adorable you were in this state of sleepiness. Gently tugging your hand, he pulled you to him and placed a soft kiss to your lips. “Let’s go to sleep, yeah? You being tired seems to make you a bit silly dear.” he’d say as he picked you up and carried you to the room.

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-Kim Namjoon-

Namjoon would begin to feel irritated at the thought of you being drunk, knowing you tend to do weird things whenever you’re in that state. He frowned down at you sitting on the living room floor with Taehyung, making funny faces and laughing. With a sigh, he crouched next to you and asked, “Have you been drinking (y/n)?” You looked at him and frowned. “Of course not! I know you don’t lik-” you said, cutting yourself off with a yawn. His faced softened as he realized you were just tired, with another yawn confirming his assumption. “Let’s go to bed babydoll, I can see that you’re tired. I’m sorry for assuming.” he’d say with a smile.

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-Min Yoongi-

Just like Namjoon, he would be irritated with you. He rolled his eyes at your silly actions and huff under his breath. “I thought I told you not to drink (y/n).” he’d say, pulling you to a stop and frowning at you. “I didn’t.” you’d reply with a frown of your own. You were about to say something else when you yawned. Noticing the bags under your eyes, he sighed. “Why didn’t you say you were tired? We could’ve gone home.” he said with a shake of his head. “Let’s go then. I’m pretty sure I need a nap too.”

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-Jung Hoseok-

Hoseok would be amused with your actions. You’d whine every time he attempted to leave the room, clinging to him and begging for him to stay where he was. At first he thought you were drunk but thought better of it. He knew you weren’t one to drink but a clingy (y/n) was something he never seen before. Noticing you were falling asleep, he pulled you close to him and stroked your hair. “Rest now jagiya, you’ve had a long day and you deserve the sleep.” he whispered.

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-Park Jimin-

Jimin would be confused with how you were acting. He knew the way you acted when drunk was different each time, so he had the idea of that running through his mind. He let out a sigh and ran a hand over his face. He loved you, but sometimes you were just a bit too crazy. Your silly dancing had stopped and he looked over at you sitting on the edge of the bed. Sitting next to you, the only thing he could smell was your body wash, no scent of alcohol seemed to be anywhere. You yawned, causing Jimin to smile and pull you down with him. “Sleep now princess.” he said.

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-Kim Taehyung-

Taehyung would be laughing at the state you were in. Your actions amused him and the way you begged for him not to leave had his heart feeling warm. Even if you were drunk  or not, he always thought you were cute. Singing silly songs, making faces, and weird dancing had him smiling. “I think you’ve had enough alcohol (y/n).” he would say with a small grin. Turning to him, while still jumping on the bed, you replied with “But I haven’t had any Tae.” He would frown, about to say something, when a loud yawn escaped your lips. “That must be why you’re so silly, you’re trying to stay awake. Go to sleep, you need it.” he smiled.

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-Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook would feel alarmed when you began to act a lot like Taehyung. He looked over at you and began to wonder what you had to drink. He’d watch as you made lame jokes and weird faces. Shaking his head, he took you by the waist and said, “What in the world have you been drinking (y/n)?” He noticed the sleepy look that seemed to fill your eyes. “Have you been drinking?” he asked. Shaking your head no, Jungkook looked at you. “You need sleep. You’re probably sleep deprived, no wonder you’re acting weird.” he muttered.

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