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Followed you a while ago bc Transformers, life happened, and now that I return there's like 99% yandere posts..? What the heck happened? xD



You can see in that last screen that Beau was pissed at Artyom for something.  It was probably a relevant complaint.

…. they made up really quickly.

Ofc it was just at that moment that Renee decided to play Jesus and ascend into the heavens because TS3.

… this requires way more alcohol.

… like way more.  :|

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★ - I’m intimidated by how much you write☂ - I’m intimdated by how often you post and also you STAY SATAN

Imma just wait until you say “Satan” once more and then manifest right by you and start pluffing you with a pillow while screaming “YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT YOU’RE WELCOME TO RP WITH ME I BEGGED TO BE A VALISTER FFS”

Meanwhile at the mall...

Hmmm, well, I haven’t been to Spencer’s in a long time. Might as well see if they got anything new—-!


“M-…ma’am? Why are you yelling at a shirt?”




How they take photos with you (BTS)

I am very proud of myself, I got 2 exams done today (French and Biology). Mais maintenant, je ne fais plus le français qu’est dommage . J’adore parler en français car la langue est très belle <3 Sorry, if that was a bit dodgy! I did another BTS reaction so I could get more acquainted with writing the members. Please enjoy!!

(gif credit to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
This absolute cinnamon roll would always love to make silly faces. He’d scrunch up his eyes and put on his biggest smile, showcasing his dimples. You would laugh at him pulling that expression and SNAP, there’s the picture. Sometimes he’s a little more serious, he’ll take the phone from your hands and rest his chin on your head. It’d probably be his lockscreen and will subsequently show the whole band how cute you actually are.

“Guys, look how beautiful (Y/N) looks in this!”

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(this actual cutie wth)

I can imagine him being all cute and coupley with you. In every picture of you two, he’d be gazing at you with the biggest smile as you tried to take a serious selca. You sometimes nuzzle into the side of his neck which makes his cheeks go a rich shade of pink. He’ll sometimes sneak in a peck on the cheek as well and, like RapMon, he’ll show the others your pictures together because he feels so lucky.

“Send that selca to me, (Y/N). I love how pretty you look in that one. Well, all of them.”

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