silly duck get down from there

Amusement Park Tales

Found on otpprompts​:


Imagine person A has never been on a roller coaster before and their friend(s) dare them to go on a pretty scary one alone. They quickly get uncomfortable and unintentionally grab the person next to them, person B, for comfort at the first big drop. Person B is surprised at first but let person A cling to them. By the end of the ride person A is close to a panic attack and person B helps them get off the ride and calm down (getting them water and telling them all kind of silly stories to distract them). When person A feels better they apologize for causing trouble, but person B brushes it off and asks if person A wants to go do some other attraction with them, person A agrees on the condition they stay far FAR away from the more extreme attractions.

Bonus: person A is very good at the shooting games and wins a very big stuffed duck for person B.

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