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  • AHWU at first: lol so this is just a dumb thing where we tell you stuff about achievement hunter. maybe people will do shit in the background or smth
  • AHWU after awhile: so like, videogame updates of all sorts. mostly we just read stuff about the community and stuff, sometimes we show fanart or videos. everyone fucks around in the background,trying to distract whoever's reading. team lads action news was a thing for awhile but they toned it down a bit, and usually no one got hurt, just superficial stuff like throwing tissues everywhere
  • AHWU now: lol fuck it, this whole video is people just fucking around in the AH office. gavin wraps old cords around people in various ways. geoff and jack were choked live on camera. jeremy failed a backflip and nearly broke his neck. they gave ryan a lighter. there isnt a week that goes by where something doesnt get broken or someone doesnt get hit in the face with something. trevor is there, trying but mostly failing to avoid the chaos while lindsay does... something? what is she doing.
  • AHWU in the future: it's monday. it's not always released on monday, but it is this week. you sweat as you click the notification. "AHWU #478." you click play and wait to see who will be chosen this week. the video starts. its jack. he smiles as he tells you which AHWU it is. there is pain in his eyes. the video cuts to gavin pouring gasoline on him. a match is thrown somewhere off-camera. you watch in sick horror as he is engulfed in flames. over his shrieking, you hear michael yelling; "THIS WEEK'S SPONSOR IS BLUE APRON!" the whole office has caught fire. ryan stands on jack's desk, laughing in the chaos. in the corner, you spy a tattooed body covered in silly string. it's geoff. a nod to last week. trevor walks in, side-steps jack's flaming corpse, and calmly announces this week's community video. you tremble as the video ends. the comments shout and screech for blood. at least they know their audience



FOREVER BElonging WITH YOU is a direct sequel to the new official novel WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Picking up right where it left off as Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, and Ishida are leaving Renji and Rukia’s wedding reception this work covers the night of the wedding up to the day Ichika is born as the newlyweds learn to navigate their new life together while preparing for the impending arrival of their first child. RenRuki is front and center for the majority of the story but just like WDkALY it ends with a heavy focus on IchiHime.

The exact date of the wedding ceremony is unknown so for the sake of story specificity I have set it on December 27th…the day the novel was released in stores. Ichika’s birthday is also unknown as of yet and again I have taken liberties with this.

Because WDkALY has not been fully translated into English yet there may be some discrepancies that come to light later on. However I have done my absolute best to ensure everything is as accurate as possible based on what we have so far.

This may be the longest piece of writing I’ve done to date, and all while I was not in the best of health. I’m very proud of this accomplishment.

Along with this silly mock cover you’re in for 8 decently sized chapters (or “Parts” as they’re called within the text) and 18 illustrations. The writing part is complete and I will try to post a chapter every few days or so as I finish up the illustrations.


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(Fair warning: This one is definitely nsfw and for mature readers only.)


I was going through my bookcase and found something I had totally forgotten about. Years ago a buddy of mine was bringing his wife over for the first time so I wanted to have a little fun. I found a fake book jacket online and printed it. I left ‘The Beginners Guide to Human Sacrifice’ on the coffee table and we ended up having a pretty good laugh over it. Luckily she didn’t run screaming and we are all still good friends.

Fittingly the actual book inside is a collection of H.P. Lovecraft lol.

Roman’s Fault

Sooo, this is based of the picture I made and @analogically-prinxiety fan-fiction which I strongly suggest you check out…and the silly story after we both saw our works.

-Warning: Profanity & Cuteness-

Roman’s Fault

Usually when Logan woke up in the morning, he was greeted with a semi-tired Morality and the bickering of Anxiety and Princey. Instead he was met with Morality holding a very mad, small, dark-brown tabby cat with black splotches on his eyes, that wanted to attack the prince that was cowering behind the back of the couch.

“Unless I’m interrupting something, what is exactly happening?” Logic asked, having everyone’s eyes towards him.

“Well, Roman and Anxiety was arguing like every morning, but I guess Roman was fed up and threw a potion at Anx and then the little guy turned to this littler guy” Morality explained, lifting up the small cat before putting it down to sneeze. “You guys are lucky, I get to have Thomas’s allergy” The moral trait groaned. The Anxiekitty makes his way to Logic, sitting down next to his leg while sending sharp glares to Roman. 

“So, he turned him into a kitten?” Logan asked, before hissing in pain as he felt the dark trait scratch his leg. “No he’s an adult cat, he’s just small, like when he’s human” Roman answers, before being tackled by the small tabby.

Anxiety hiss and growled in demands that the others didn’t understand. “I think you should turn him back, even though it is adorable to have Anx like this, he isn’t really happy plus I don’t want to die by allergies” Dad sighed. 

Roman quickly responds to the response, throwing ash like dust on the cat, the reaction causing a black smoke around the two.

After two minutes of coughing from the other traits, the smoke finally diminished revealing a coughing Prince and gasping Anxiety with his hood over his head.

Logan and Morality quickly moves over to the two, helping them recover their fits. They all stand and it was quite obvious that Anxiety was three or four inches shorter than he was before and that his jacket was bigger on him. The other traits looked at him, seeing him in discomfort while gritting his teeth in rage. “Roman…” The dark train growled.


“What the F#CK DID YOU DO!” He yelled in fury, revealing bent down cat ears while and the a fluffed cat tail from his jacket. This, this did concerned the other traits but it was masked by the awed faces they made by the dark trait. “I don’t know, but I LOVE it!” Roman cooed, moving over to Anxiety and started to pinch his cheeks. “PISS OFF!” he hissed.

Before he could swat away the royal’s hand, it was moved to his cat ears on his head, his fingers scratching behind the new ears, making Anxiety let out a unintentional purr of delight, making his face burn.

“Awe you don’t have your silly makeup on to cover your blush, it’s adorable!” Roman teased, making Anxiety’s cheeks turn more red.

“What are…you..doin…” Anxiety’s new cat instincts takes over as he leans his head to the royal’s hand, making Roman internally squeal in happiness. “You like this don’t you” The fanciful trait cooed with the smirk as the other glared at him.

“Shut up” He hissed, which was quickly smothered with purrs as Roman moved his other hand up to Anxiety’s second ear. His heart seemed too burst as he saw youngest trait’s expression change. Yeah he still looked annoyed but his left eye was closed because of Roman’s hand cupping the left side of his face, and the tip of was poking between his lips as he purrs.

The other two traits just stood away from the two, Morality recording the whole thing to show Thomas and to keep it to joke about it later while Logan struggles from smiling at the cute scene.


Art Student AU

Take off that sweater. Please. It’s burning my eyes and offends me.

“That sweater is hideous.”

Pausing, Riskua looks down at the large sweater that covers her torso and nearly half her thighs. Sometimes sweaters that are oversized are cute. 

This one however…

“Okay, so it’s not the prettiest of thi-”

“Ris-ya, it’s offensive; it’s searing when I only catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye. I daren’t look at you head on.”

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I started this when the DMD video came out but I got lazy and didn’t finish it till today, what I guess is good timing since I want to wish a happy birthday to my favourite irish-leprechaun-golf lover-ray of sunshine-rockstar-angel-goofball-cutie-space nerd-hottie, Niall James Horan…HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL!


Okay, so the dude who did the organ cover of Bohemian Rhapsody just did one also of Killer Queen, and it is also amazing.

And why yes there were goofy Jojo Jokes in the comments. I made one of them in fact:

In An Instant

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: I’m excited guys. This should be a fun series. I will only be taking 25 tags on this series. Sorry, it just gets to crazy with a bunch of tags. I’ll try to make a masterpage with the tag list count. Let me know what you think!     xoxo - Ash

It wasn’t an unusual sound, just an unordinary feeling, that sent you downstairs to investigate.

The wooden staircase creaked beneath your feet, your hand gliding silently down the glossy banister. Three or four steps from the bottom, you spot the curtain blowing in the breeze; the dining room window was open.

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Request: For Crowley weekend: How about some smutty pet play? Fem!Reader was bad and gets put on a literal/figurative short leash by Crowley. You can add whatever you wish. :)

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe), pet play, explicit language

Word Count: 1057

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“Sir, this is the fourth incident this week,” one of Crowley’s minions complained, silly string covering his body from head to toe.

Crowley couldn’t help but break into a small smirk, amused at the situation. “I’ll deal with her. Leave,” he ordered, shooing the demon away. “Pet! Get in here.”

You slowly entered the throne room, trying to fight a smile as you approached Crowley. You couldn’t help yourself; you had been having too much fun lately. Besides, Crowley had been so busy lately that you had a lot of alone time. What better way to spend it than to mess with his minions? “Yes, Master?” You drew out your words, obediently dropping to your knees and crawling to his feet.

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Jared Leto x Reader: The concert

Requested by @alexxx-barebone: “What about the reader being a singer, just like Jared Leto, and they’re doing a duet of Stay by Rihanna, and they’re really handshake, cute and kind of just singing to each other <3″

Hope you enjoy it! Links for the songs are down below.💕

Stay x Thirty Seconds to Mars

Conquistador x Thirty Seconds to Mars

Most people were standing in line to buy merchandise from one of the large trailers outside. Others ran around excitedly, some with neon war paint on their faces accompanied by colorful bracelets and necklaces. Everyone of them wore a bright smile on their faces, ready to see their favorite band live.

Music blared from your headphones as the limo drove around the building. Staring out the window you could see hundreds of people milling around the stadium waiting for the doors to open. Most were standing in line waiting to buy merchandise at the large trailers that had been set up.  

Watching everyone in front of the stadium made you think how lucky you were to be apart of such an amazing fanbase. The limo pulled up to the back of the building, hidden from where most of the fans we’re. You sighed as you waited for everyone to situate the best way to get you into the building without anyone seeing. You took your headphones off and stared out the window across the street; watching as more and more people made their way to the stadium.

When you got the call from Jared you were more than excited to do it. A chance to perform with him and surprise your fans at the same time, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity. You were always dreaming of working with Jared and now it was finally happening.

Your were standing at the stove, waiting for the teapot to start to steam, humming your newest song when you heard your phone go off. phone went off as you were making lunch. There was a strange number on the screen but you decided to answer it any way. 

“Hello?” You attempted to disguise your voice.

“Hey (y/n), it Jared.”


“Hey there!” You said in almost an excited squeal.

“So I have this really great idea to surprise everyone and I want you to help me out.” 

“Sure, what do you have in mind.” The teapot began to whistle, you ran back to the stove and took it off the burner.

“I want you to come and close the last show with me.” The water you were pouring into your mug spilled over the top as you stood there in shock. You jumped and set the teapot down when you noticed that the counter was covered in water.

“Are you serious, yes!” Jared went on to give you the details about the show and the venue, he told you that he would pay for your home and your airfare. You had only met Jared once but you’ve had the biggest crush on him since you could remember, you almost felt like you would do anything for him and you were certain that he knew it.

‘Could probably smell it on me.’

“Its definitely a possibility for someone that intense.” You said quietly to yourself, daydreaming about what being in a relationship with Jared would be like. 

‘Would he be that intense all the time?’

“We’re ready for you, ma’am.” One of the guards opened the door for you. The fans weren’t supposed to know that you would be there tonight so you pulled the hood of your jacket up over your head to hide your face. Once you stepped out of the limo you sprinted for the backstage doors, surrounded by guards.

Inside you were escorted to your dressing room, a few doors down from the boys’ room. You snatched a bottle of water off of a table next to the door and looked around the room. It was a cozy little room, just enough for you to be comfortable. Your eyes stopped when you saw a bouquet of roses in front of the mirror. in front of the roses was a card addressed to you.

‘See you out there.

Smiling you set the card back down and picked up the small box next to it. Inside was a container of neon warpaint to wear during the show. Taking it with you to the bathroom you began to get ready for tonight’s show. In the bathroom was a small can of silly string and another note from Shannon and Tomo.

‘For the big finale!’

You put on a white muscle shirt with the triad printed on the back of it, black pants and combat boots. Lastly, you tied a flannel secure around your waist and walked over to the mirror to apply your war paint.

‘Certainly look like part of the Echelon now.’ 

You did a quick once over of yourself in the mirror before going to sit on the couch and wait for the show to start. The roses caught your eye again and you couldn’t help but smile that he went out of his way to get you flowers.

‘What possessed him to get me these?’ 

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” You yelled. Jared walked in with a big childlike smile on his face. When you made a move to get up and greet him he held his hands up telling you to stay put.

“Well what can I do you for?” You leaned back on the couch and crossed your leg over the other.

“How about we all grab some grub after the show?”

“Yeah, of course!” Jared smiled again and then ran out the door to make it to the stage on time. Your cheeks began to heat up and you laid out on the couch, burying your face into the couch cushions. You rolled over and took the can of silly string out of your boot, making a mental note to spray him down and ask questions later.

‘Oh, he’s going to get it good!’

Laughing to yourself at the thought of Jared covered in silly string, you didn’t notice when a woman poked her head through the door. 

“Its almost time.” You put the silly string back and took one last swig of your water before leaving the dressing room. The music got louder and louder the closer you got to the stage and you couldn’t help but get even more excited. 

For a while you stood backstage watching to the crowd go wild with Jared as their leader, the relationship that Jared had with them was an amazing this to witness. You couldn’t help but admire the boys on stage, putting everything into their performance trying to give the audience the best show that could. They seemed to surge and calm at his command

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Quietly you sang along to the music as you were handed your microphone. There were homemade signs and flags that waved in the air, giant beach balls and pool floats bounced along the top of the of the crowd. The lights went down on the stage and only a single spotlight remained on Jared.

“Now for this next song, I have something really special for all of you.” Jared’s voice rang through the stadium. Girls screamed at the sound of his voice, you rolled your eyes but you couldn’t blame them, it was heavenly whether he was singing or speaking.  


Tomo dropped off his guitar and walked over to the keyboard that had been set up, hidden by the darkness. You shook out your hair and took a deep breath as adrenaline began to coarse through your body. Jared started to sing again and you saw the stadium light up as everyone rushed to turn on the flashlight on their phones.

“All along it was a fever!” The millions of tiny lights swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the music; it looked like Jared was singing into a sky full of stars. You stepped onto the stage, placing your hand on Shannon’s shoulder to say a quick hello as he took a small break. He smiled up at you then took a swig from his water bottle. Your hand fell from his shoulder as it was almost your time to jump in.

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“I threw my hands in the air, said show me something… She said—“ 

“If you dare come a little closer.” You brought the mic up and sang out, finishing the line for him. You heard everyone in the stadium pause and then scream as you stepped out from behind Shannon and a spotlight fell on you as well. A smile spread across your face at the warm welcome from the audience. Jared turned and looked at with a brighter smile than his own fans had for him.

“Round and around and around and around we go.” Your voices melded together and floated out into the night. The triad behind you flashed to the beat of Shannon’s drums as you walked towards Jared. He stood at his microphone waiting for you to reach him, occasionally turning to the audience but he always returned to you.

“Something in the way you move.” You did a little dance that made Jared laugh mid note, he returned your dance with one of his own. The group in front of the stage smiled up to both of you as they sang along. Some of them had tears in their eyes as you and Jared sang to each other and some had cheek bursting smiles painted across their faces.

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“Makes me feel like I can’t live without you…” You had finally made it to Jared. He pulled you into a hug not missing a beat in the song. Breaking from the hug you turned and began to sing to the fans directly in front of you while Jared stood next to you singing out to the entire stadium. You stood up and decided to go interact with another area of the crowd. 

“Ooo the reason I hold on.” Jared grabbed your hand before you could take a step. He pulled you into him and wrapped an arm around your waist, rocking you back and forth.

“Cause I need this hole gone.” You looked into each others eyes as you sang together. It seemed like the everyone in the stadium stopped singing just to listen to the both of you. It felt natural being so close to Jared, you  rested your head on his shoulder and continued to sing with him  You felt like you never wanted to leave his arm again.

“I want you to stay.” The crowd erupted again into a frenzy as the song finished, you stepped forward picking up the ends of your flannel and curtsied for the crowd. One of the beach balls flew up on stage, you and ran up and kicked back into the crowd. You knew what was planned next so when Jared looked at you with mischievous eyes you were more than ready.

“Are you ready?”

“Hell yeah” You said returning his look with a devious smile.

“Are you guys ready?” He yelled into the microphone, flipping his hair expertly over his shoulder. 

“Yeah!!” the audience screamed Jared nodded to Shannon and Tomo then looked back at you. He took your hand in his and raised them high above your heads. You smiled at the crowd as they screamed and jumped up and down in anticipation for the next song.

“ONE, TWO, THREE, GO!” You and Jared flew off of the stage as Shannon unleashed the beast. At the same moment the lights went off and the black lights kicked on making everyone in the stadium glow, neon confetti shot out over the audience making them go nuts. The two of you landed in The Sea of Echelon; they carried you along the length of the stage as you and Jared began to sing.

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“This is a fight to the death…”

Dating Yugyeom Would Include...
  • wowowowo such a shy bby
  • the most blushy boy ever when he realises that he has feelings for you
  • can not look you in the eye
  • or be left alone with you
  • the boys use this to their advantage and always find a way to leave you two alone
  • poor gyeom always getting teased
  • the only way he would ever confess to you is if you confronted him about it
  • he’d rub the back of his neck a lot and basically be all red
  • but you’d set up a date
  • he’d take you for a picnic i think to a quiet park
  • with a big duck pond and swings bc he’s a little kid sometimes and so are you
  • cloud watching
  • he’d offer to push you on the swings and would tease you by pushing you higher and higher until you seriously wanted him to stop
  • would be such a gentleman like he’d give you his jacket if you got cold or let you sitt on it if the floor was damp
  • aww he was raised so well
  • let’s be real, at least, jackson and bambam spyed on you two bc they shipped it so much
  • the relationship would be kinda tentative at first bc he’s still young and not sure what to do
  • guess what…. he gets teased for this as well
  • but once he gets comfortable…oh lord
  • picks you up at random times
  • spins you around
  • loves backhugs
  • and tickling you whilst doing it 
  • kinda shy about pda but gets used to it and then does it everywhere
  • always has to be in contact with you somehow
  • mostly by holding hands but he also likes holding your waist
  • loves it when you sit on his lap, especially in front of his hyungs despite the teasing
  • you listen to Chris Brown all the time bc he loves him so much
  • tbh you jam with it as well
  • sometimes you choreograph random dances to the songs
  • sometimes you fuck to his songs
  • most of his kisses are forehead kisses because he’s so freaking tall
  • like honestly
  • he talks so much crap about his hyungs when they’re not around
  • then you grass him up and he pouts at you until you buy him food
  • but he doesn’t mean anything he says its just jokes
  • hanging out with bambam a lot
  • and playing lots of pranks with the two of them
  • one day the other members decide to get their own back and you three end up covered in silly string and feathers and various other things
  • it starts a full on riot and endless prank war
  • you go late night eating a lot
  • like this boy will wake up at like 2am wanting takeout
  • so you trek out and sit in your pajamas eating noodles
  • honestly
  • he gets very anxious about things so he often comes to you about them
  • bc he feels like he’d be burdening his hyungs
  • but he talks to you and you stroke his hair and comfort him and help him overcome everything that stands in his way
  • when he finally gets time off, he takes you to disneyland kind of to make up for not always being around but also bc he super loves you and wants to be cute
  • this is actually where he says i love you for the first time
  • bc he was nervous about saying it but not meaning it but after a while, he realises he really loves waking up to you next to him
  • so he takes you to disneyland and tells you right there in front of the massive castle
  • and then you hear those words everyday bc he is an angel in disguise tbh

Having drawn the Organization’s Black Coat more times than I would care to admit, I was struck by some subtle changes in the Unknown’s outfit.

I would assume that most of them are just design updates, such as the ornament, although the Unknown’s looks similar to how Amano draws it in the manga:

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