silly cosplays

I was Miami Rick at Syndey Comic Con this weekend so I tried to recreate @gintoki23’s fanart here

Tender and fresh
Not one lump
Hello, little girl

Hello, little girl
What’s your rush
You’re missing all the flowers
The sun won’t set for hours

Red Riding Hood: Mother said: straight ahead
Not to delay or be misled

Fenrir: But slow, little girl

You’ll miss the birds completely
You’re traveling so fleetly

Utter perfection
One brittle, one supple

Red Riding Hood: Mother said: come what may Follow the path And never stray

Fenrir: Just so, little girl
Any path
So many worth exploring

Think of those crisp
Aging bones
Then something fresh on the palate

There’s no possible way
To describe what you feel

((OOC: DID I HEAR SOME ASK FOR A MUSICAL NUMBER?! LET ME HEAR YOU SAY “AAAHHHH!!!” … Oh you didn’t?? Oh well, close enough. I just couldn’t resist singing “Hello, Little Girl” from Into the Woods as this creeper >:) ))