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Redoing dream things sooo you guys get to see the original 2013 version hurk vs 2016.

Idk what’s with people acting surprised that some vegans consider human and animal lives equally valuable or trying to ask them to stop. I get it dude, and I think it is also a silly comparison, but you can’t just ask someone to drop a moral code because it bothers you. Every few weeks some vegan makes a comparison between animals and people and everyone else freaks out or, rightfully, imo points out the way this usually is done to groups of people already considered subhuman. But they have the right to consider humans and animals equally valuable, point blank. You’re not obligated to agree jesus. And it is always obvious that their moral outrage isn’t faked and they’re genuinely upset about dead animals. I get some people find it offensive but if someone is genuinely upset with or deeply outraged by animal deaths why would they not advocate to stop them? Don’t wanna hear it then don’t listen tbh. In person I might throw hands over it but on the Internet dude? There’s a block function.

the group dynamic of The Gangsey in TRC is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a Marauders era series

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reading everything you bring to your muse is really interesting and incredible. thank you so much for sharing that with us and i love looking at your threads!!

[[ Words cannot describe how happy this makes me. Thank you so much, anonny! {Ngl this was a great thing to see when I took a break at work to browse my phone. Made me grin for hours). 

[[I’m glad that you find my take on the Black Lion interesting and nifty, and gods I’m glad people enjoy my threads. >v< ]]

speaking of The Lion King, that bit at the end of “The Answer” when Rose says “Welcome to Earth” and she and Pearl grin at Garnet kinda reminds me of the bit in The Lion King when Simba says he can’t go back home and Timon says “Ah, you’re an outcast. That’s great, so are we!”

and, I mean, they are all outcasts. And then also, afterwards Rose and Pearl raise a baby fusion (Garnet) in the jungle just like Timon and Pumbaa raise a baby lion

Asami Sato is Avatar’s Batman

I know this may sound a bit old to talk about but since I’m talking about it right now, lets begin shall we? 

Both Asami Sato & Bruce Wayne have lost both their parents 

Though Asami’s father became a vengeful anti-bender terrorist when his wife was murdered. 

But then redeemed himself by sacrificing his life for Asami’s safety.

Both own an extremely successful business empires, Future Industries and Wayne Enterprises.

Both are majestic, amazing and admirable hardworking people.

They both can scare the hell out people with their glare.

They both own extremely powerful and sleek vehicles.

They LITERALLY can take of themselves in almost… 

ANY combat situations.

And lastly, they have a very close and personal relationship with people with immense power and good morality. 

Though the only difference is that Asami and Korra became a loving couple while Batman and Superman are mostly bromance/best friends.

So any of you guys can rant or moan about how this is all a stupid fan’s depiction of two well respected fictional characters, hence I like to say that I don’t really give flying f*ck about it. This is just a personal comparison piece between Asami Sato and Batman, nothing more and nothing less. 

There is one last silly thing I want to show you lot before finishing all of this…

She’s super hip. She’s hipper than I am.
—  white woman, in Boulder

War and Nation Building in Latin America: Crash Course World History 225

In which John Green teaches you about nation building and nationalism in Latin America. Sometimes, the nations of Latin America get compared to the nations of Europe, and are found wanting. This is kind of a silly comparison. The rise of democratic, economically powerful nations in Europe came about under a very different set of circumstances than the way nations arose in Latin America, so the regions are necessarily a lot different. But why? John will explore whether it was a lack of international war which impeded Latin America’s growth, which sounds like a crazy thing to say, but you should hear him out.

The movie isn’t already out yet and people are already comparing Moana and Frozen.

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Stop. Its called maturity, go find it.

Well first off, stop with the “MOANA ISNT GOING TO BE AS SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE ______”. No. Stop with the negativity. Get your friends/family/neighbour/whoever, tell them “hey go see this movie with me”, go see it. Say how amazing it was on Facebook/Twitter/Whatever, convince other people to see it, and voila! The word spreads, the movie makes money. And if you don’t see it then complain about it not being successful, or don’t tell other people to go see it? You can’t really complain. (I understand some people can’t afford a movie ticket, which is fine and I understand completely. It cost me $25 for a movie ticket the other day its ridiculous)

But please stop spreading negativity and hate, and making silly comparisons! Its not what Walt would’ve wanted, and it makes the Disney fandom a very toxic, unhappy place to be, and I really don’t want that! I love you all so much, but I don’t know where all this negativity and hate came from, but it needs to stop! All I ask is for some maturity respect. Please. Don’t taint Disney’s name!

This fandom reminds me of a popular football team’s supporters. A big bunch of very different people connected by a deep love for something that doesn’t absolutely make a unity out of them. There are reasonable ones, arrogant ones, some who try to make tactics out, some who just want to complain; there are the always positive ones, the hopeful ones, the ones that as soon as you lose a game, the season is ruined; the ones who change their mind every other day, the ones who can’t see past their nose, the ones who root hard until the last minute of the game and the ones who get up and leave if the team is not having a good day; very naive ones, suspicious ones, ones ready to claim the referee must be corrupt the moment he takes a decision against their favorite player; ones you’re not even sure what they’re doing still there, bitter ones, ones who think they know better, ones who doesn’t matter what, they keep waving their flag proudly; organised ones, smart ones, rude ones, some prone to attack their own team. 

But at the end of the day, as soon as the chance of winning the championship gets closer and realer, they all get together and scream their support. I feel like this management/label shift will be our glorious championship and winning it will give us access to the Champions League, aka the coming out :)

Wait so if we go off of the theory that rose quartz is actually rose diamond that means Steven has a huge pink diamond for his gem like this

I was trying to think what that was reminding me of and then realized in tiger millionare

Steven is literally the pink panther diamond

When it came out, I kept telling people (this was the topical comparison at the time), I was telling people ‘I feel like I’ve been cast in Avatar 2.’ It’s a silly comparison, but the idea was it was this massive success. I didn’t watch too much television, but you would have had to live under a rock not to be aware of its presence in the media. And here I was on set and around these people whose faces and likenesses I was vaguely aware of just by walking around in Western culture for the past year. I felt like, wow I’ve been inserted into this massive franchise and to me, it would be the same if you’d been picked up and put into something as huge as Avatar. So, it was wild, man. I was very happy to be working, that was the bottom line. You know, when you’re an actor, you’re just happy to have a job. It was a very exciting time. There were some other things happening for me. I had a theater company, Starkid, that was kinda taking off and that’s where I wrote a lot of music, which is kinda bringing us full circle. I was writing a lot of music when I started Glee for our theater company.
—  Darren Criss on being cast in Glee during Season 2, Gold Derby Emmy Livestream