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1 month since Yuri on Ice ended ; w ;

Another silly little Otayuri comic that came to mind while I was brushing my teeth lolol.  This time it’s older Otayuri :3 Redrew Mila from the ED haha.

Older Otayuri based on the lovely @istehlurvz‘s Adult!ice design.  I fell in love with them from the very beginning and have been meaning to draw some adult Yurio and Otabek.

anonymous asked:

You are hands down the best. After spending my day studying and having therefore my spirits under my shoe seing your comic was like breathing. Thanks for lifting a part of the weight on me, now I can go on a little longer

I hear ya. Studying can be such a drag…  But I’m glad my silly comic could cheer you up a bit. I also got back to studying today! Let’s both do our best!!!



(Headcanon that Lance ends up talking about memes during his conversations with Coran about their home cultures… turning Coran into a fellow memer…)