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Mistletoe (Various Drabbles)

A/N: Happy holidays my friends! I hope you enjoy~ I know it’s not all the characters, but I only did the characters that I could think of at the top of my head. Sorry if these suck;;;


The Overwatch Christmas party was loud like you had expected but it wasn’t bad. You were feeling a bit parched so you decided to go the kitchen for a drink. You bumped into something hard, making you stumble back a bit. You looked to see who you had bumped into and it was none other Jesse McCree, the famous cowboy.

“Woah there darlin’. You gotta watch where your going.” He chuckled with a small shake of his head.

“Oh sorry, McCree.” You say with embarrassment. Jesse has been your long term crush and you could already feel a blush rise from coming in contact with him. “I was just going to the kitchen. If you’ll excuse me-”

“Yeah, I was just goin’ to talk to Ana-”

“Now, now both of you! You can’t leave just yet!” Reinhardt’s booming voice rang over to us.

“Why not?” You ask. He simply laughed and pointed above your head. Both McCree and you slowly look up and there it was hangning above you, the devious little plant; mistletoe. You look back at Jesse with wide eyes. “O-Oh my!”

“Well, it’s just my lucky day ain’t it?” He smirked and wrapped his arm around your waist. “You don’t mind do you?”

“N-No! Not at all.” McCree slowly leaned in, closing his brown eyes like hot cocoa closed as his soft lips met yours. Your hands found their way on his shoulders, deepening the kiss. It was like a dream came true.

“Alright!” Reinhardt laughed loudly, breaking you two apart. “Not in front of the wee children.” You blush and stare up at McCree who was still holding his signature smirk.

“Well I’ll be damned! That’s the best Christmas present I have ever received.”

“Same here.” You giggled.

Soldier 76

You and Jack were both leaning on a wall while watching the rest of the team partied it up, mugs of hot chocolate (which totally didn’t have a small dash of alcohol-) in each of their hands. Neither you or 76 were really the ‘party type’ so instead you both decided to watch and talk. You were starting to feel a bit stuffy due to all the people in the room, so you look to the man on your right.

“Hey Jack, it’s starting to get a little too warm in here. Want to go into one of the less crowded ones?”  

“Yeah.” He grunted and pushed himself from the wall, walking to the next room over. You walked next to him while taking a quick swig of your hot chocolate.  

Right as you both stepped foot into the large doorway, Hana jumped in front of you with her arms crossed.

“Not so fast! You two have to kiss!” She grinned and pointed upwards. Above you was the green plant with white berries, hung with a red velvet ribbon. The room seemed to get hotter at the thought of kissing Soldier 76. You turn and look at the man next to you whose face you couldn’t read. You weren’t sure if he was happy, uncomfortable or angry.

“We don’t have to kiss if you don’t want to, Jack.” You look down to the ground, flustered beyond belief.

“Nonsense.” His hand gripped your chin, bringing your face to his before his scarred lips met your soft ones. The kiss seemed to last forever until Hana made a noise of disgust.

“I said kiss not make out!” She walked between you two, joining the rest of Overwatch during the party. Jack chuckled and gave you one of those rare smiles.

“Merry Christmas soldier.”

“Merry Christmas Jack.” You smiled back and kissed him again.


“Oi! (Y/N)!” Jamison called you over to him and Roadhog. You managed to get through your teammates and over to the two Australians.

“Yeah Jamison?”

“Roadie and I wanted to show you somethin’!” He took your hand and pulled you towards whatever it was. He stopped abruptly, his hand still holding yours, in front of a doorway with a mistletoe hanging above it. “I was hopin’ you could explain that thing. I seen it in other places too.” You heard Roadhog grunt behind you.

“Oh well that’s Mistletoe, Jamie.”

“Mistletoe? If it was a mistletoe wouldn’t it be a foot with a rocket for a toe?”

“No silly, it’s a Christmas tradition. People hang this up and when two people walk under it, they are supposed to kiss.” You giggled at his confused face before he dragged you under the plant.

“Kiss me then sheila!” He laughed.

“W-Well okay.” You blushed and pecked him on the lips.

“No a real kiss!” His bare arms wrapped themselves around your frame, pulling you close to his exposed chest. With another giggle, his lips met yours. It was a breathtaking kiss and you were going to deepen it until a flash of light blinked.

“Mako!” You gasped. He was holding a camera while giving Junkrat a thumbs. You looked back at the Aussie still holding on to you. “You planned this didn’t you?”

“Guilty!” He giggled loudly, his head thrown back. “You enjoyed it though didn’t ya?”

“Heh ya, I did.” You smile and looked into his eyes. “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.”

“Oi!” He shouted but laughed, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Merry Christmas, love.”


You and Angela were laughing, arms linked while listening to one of Reinhardt’s adventurous tales he was telling to Hana and Lucio. You were about to say something to your girlfriend before McCree jumped from behind you.

“Mistletoe!” He shouted while holding the plant over your heads.

“Sometimes I think you just enjoy watching us kiss, Jesse.” You laughed.

“Guilty as charge.”

“What do you say, Angela? Want to kiss under the mistletoe?”

“Of course, Liebling.” She smiled angelically with a cute blush on her face. You smile and place your hand on her cheek, giving her a sweet loving kiss.


It wasn’t everyday Talon through a Christmas party. You were standing with your crush Widowmaker and Reaper, chitchatting about whatever.

“Have any of you seen Sombra?” You suddenly ask, knowing she was up to something to get you and Amélie together somehow. Just as Reaper was about to speak, the little devil herself came out of invisibility with a smirk. You were going to question her until you saw the green and white plant pinched between her gloved fingers between you and Amélie.

“You both know what this means.~” She smirked, looking between the both of you. Widow glared at Sombra which made you gulp nervously.

“Y-You know w-we don’t have to-” But Amélie cut you off but crashing her dark lips against yours. You gasp against her some-what cold lips, but nonetheless you enjoyed the short, messy kiss.


“I,” She searched for the right words.“ I seem to posses feelings for you.”

“Well I seem to have feelings for you too.” You giggled at her flustered face.


Parties were never really Reapers thing but he went to the Talon Christmas party because you were going to be there. Despite most of his feelings of hatred and emptiness, he still held some love to his heart that was reserved for you. The only problem was that you didn’t know he loved you.

It was the moment where he felt honestly terrified when you both met under the dastardly plant. On the outside, due to his mask, he seemed calm and collected but on the inside he was freaking out like he might of when he still was 'human’. Sombra laughed loudly, pointing at the two of you while Widowmaker tried hiding her chuckle.

“Well… it can be a simple peck to the mask if you’d like.” You smiled up at him, making his heart flutter, but he didn’t move. You rose on your tiptoes and let your lips touch his white mask. With a small wave and a blush, you started walking away. But that small kiss to his mask wasn’t enough for him. His hand gripped your forearm, spinning you around and pulling you close to his firm body. With his free hand, he moved his mask half way off his face. You gasp and blush at his face, despite the scars and slight, black smoke radiating from him, he was quiet handsome.

“…I want more.” He confessed before his rough lips met yours. It was slightly aggressive but you enjoyed it. His one arm tightened around you as he nibbled on your bottom lip.

“Cheese!” Sombra suddenly shouted as the flash of her camera went off. Both of you were completely flustered as you pulled apart. Gabriel growled and slid his mask back on fully before chasing after Sombra, shouting threats and insults.

You stood next to Widow, sharing a laugh with her as you both watched Gabriel and Sombra run around yelling and laughing.


“Well.” The mistletoe hung above your heads, seemingly taunting you both.

“It looks like we have to kiss.” Fareeha Amari smirked as she looked down at you, her significant lover. “Who’s gonna kiss first?” You both stare at each other before you sigh.

“Time to put on the big pants then.” You pulled up imaginary pants high with a funny face. Fareeha stared at you before bursting out laughing, slightly hunched over. After her quick laugh she brushed some of your (h/c) hair away from your face. You giggled and did the same with her, your hand finding its place on her soft cheek.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Fareeha.” You both closed your eyes and your lips met in a peppermint tasting kiss.


You both looked at each other in embarrassment as Genji cackled loudly. Above you and Hanzo was mistletoe. Hanzo sent his cyborg brother a glare which made Genji laugh more, luckily Lucio was able to get him to leave you and Hanzo alone. You looked to the older Shimada brother who seemed more flustered than.

“If… If you don’t want to, we don’t have to kiss.” You said with hurt evident in your voice. You prepared yourself for rejection from the Archer before you felt a calloused hand on your cheek.

“I would love to.” Hazo leaned and gave you a sweet kiss, his beard tickled against your chin. Your hands gripped his jacket, pulling you closer to him. The kiss was short lived but enjoyable for the both of you.

“(Y/N), I just wanted to say…” He spoke quietly while briefly looking to the side before his eyes met yours. “I wanted to say I love you.”

“Aw, I love you too.” You smile and hug him, resting your head on his chest while he rested his head on yours.

“Merry Christmas, my love.” He kissed the top of your head and you both contently stayed in each others embrace.

100 Kinks (NSFW)

I’ve seen a lot of these around but I wanted to make like a super challenge. Some of these will have been seen before in other challenges. You can add or change kinks, change the order, do one pairing or a few. Interpret this in whatever way you want. Some of the things on here you might not have heard of so there will be a link attached to it to explain what it is. If you post your art/writing/ect on here, please tag it as 100kinks so I can see what you guys come up with. Enjoy! Here is the list of explained ones but they the link will also be next to the kink. (X)

  1. Kissing
  2. Discovering boundaries (making rules ect)
  3. On the sofa
  4. Masturbation
  5. Bodily fluids
  6. Oral sex
  7. Something new
  8. Romantic evening
  9. First time
  10. Blindfolds
  11. No speaking (only using body language)
  12. Sex game (e.g. first to come loses)
  13. One catches the other Masturbating
  14. Sex toys
  15. Surprise sex
  16. Dry humping
  17. Teasing
  18. Opposite sex (e.g. change who gives and receives)
  19. Almost getting caught
  20. Break up/make up sex
  21. Clubbing (as in night club, unless you’re really kinky)
  22. Spanking
  23. Dirty talk
  24. Rimming
  25. Correcting each other’s technique
  26. Not usual clothing/dress up
  27. Inappropriate location
  28. Gags
  29. In the bath/shower
  30. Phone sex
  31. Fully clothed
  32. Skype/web cam sex
  33. Morning sex
  34. Voyeurism
  35. Public/semi public sex
  36. Against the wall
  37. Pain/sensation play
  38. Medical play
  39. Creative sexual positions
  40. Cross-dressing
  41. Spontaneous sex
  42. Double penetration
  43. Bad sex/goes wrong
  44. Casual sex
  45. Pushing boundaries (comfort zone, maybe like a sequel to 2.)
  46. Unique to the pairing
  47. Bondage
  48. I love you
  49. Chair sex
  50. Loud sex/knowing someone can hear
  51. Telling each other a kink and doing them
  52. Fisting
  53. Mirror
  54. Writing a smut fic to each other and reading it to them
  55. In a really dirty place (like a public toilet)
  56. Food
  57. A third person watches them
  58. Sensory deprivation
  59. Leather and metal
  60. Breath play
  61. Dom/sub
  62. Comfort sex
  63. Getting caught
  64. Explaining their relationship to someone who didn’t know
  65. Fight sex
  66. Outdoors
  67. Threesome/group sex
  68. Filming themselves
  69. Involving a hooker (prostitute)
  70. After an injury
  71. Hot and cold play
  72. No foreplay
  73. Spider walking
  74. In/by a Swimming pool
  75. Inventing a secret sex language to use in public
  76. Smutty/sloppy/dirty sex
  77. Sex toys (extreme)
  78. Birthday surprise
  79. Calming the others anger (with sex)
  80. Sex machine
  81. Drunk
  82. Humiliation kink
  83. Quickies
  84. Needy, clingy sex
  85. Wake up In the middle of the night and have sex (then go back to sleep)
  86. Really rough, shove-y  sex
  87. No pain, just pleasure
  88. Sex marathon
  89. On a plane
  90. Bizarre kink
  91. In the dark (with or without torch)
  92. By the fire
  93. Christmas
  94. Silly giggly sex
  95. Plugs
  96. While one of them is on the phone
  97. The others birthday
  98. Restrained sex (not necessarily bondage)
  99. Tantric sex
  100. Repeating their favourite kink
  • Zero : So this is Christmas.
  • Kaname : Good observation.
  • Zero : A time to forgive and forget.
  • Kaname : I guess it is.
  • Zero : Yuuki would love that.
  • Kaname : Most definitely.
  • Zero : ... I still hope you choke on blood.
  • Kaname : And I can't wait for you to shoot yourself with the Bloody Rose, like the idiot you are.
  • Yuuki, hidden and crying : One step closer, this is a Christmas miracle!

nothing will ever be funnier to me than the one christmas veggietales silly song where larry the cucumber is waiting for santa and a member of the IRS knocks on his door and he slams the door in his face and then looks into the camera with the most smug expression it kills me every DAMN TIME

Person A and B have had an argument, but have people over for Christmas dinner (friends or family, whoever). Person B is still mad at A even during dinner, playing it off cool, while A is at the other side of the table looking at Person B, making suggestive gestures (like licking their fingers, wiggling their eyebrows). Person B is fed up, eventually looking A straight in the eye and slicing something on their plate in half (probably a carrot or sausage), their knife making a loud noise on the plate, causing everyone at the table to look at them. Bonus: A is in fits of laughter while B’s face goes bright red at the sudden attention. OT3 bonus: Person C is one of the guests at the dinner, and understands what’s going on, finding the whole situation hilarious and making suggestive comments throughout the meal.


a tiny comic for christmas that i posted on twitter~

“We’re getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore.”


“They don’t use the word Christmas because it’s not politically correct.”


But Lee! This is about an attack on the religious observance of Christmas! Those are all secularized Christmas things!

Silly me. How could I forget?

I mean…we’ll probably get more Nativity sets closer to the holiday and we get a big stack of advent calendars somewhere around mid-November. Oh! And the advent wreaths and the plaques that say ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’ and the already omnipresent signs with bible verses on it. This is just the stuff we have right now, three months before the actual month that the holiday takes place in. 

But yeah sure there’s a totally like no representation for Christians around Christmastime. 

And to his merit, as I was checking out today they didn’t wish me a merry Christmas. 

… because it was October 14. 

Cute ass things Shawn would do as your boyfriend
  • Shawn would be the cutest fucking boyfriend ever like do nOT even try to fight me on it
  • He would always hold doors open for you and after would say something adorable like
  • “Chivalry isn’t dead, baby”
  • Shawn basically INVENTED forehead kisses
  • like if you were taking a nap or fell asleep before him, he would kiss you on the forehead
  • PDA isn’t a big thing for you two 
  • but Shawn would always have some kind of physical contact with you
  • whether it be him touching your thigh
  • holding hands
  • or him hugging you from behind
  • he always had to be touching you
  • Shawn would love to tweet about silly and small things about you
  • if you made a mistake or you fell over
  • you can count that millions of people would be hearing about it
  • Shawn would spoil you silly on Christmas and your birthday
  • but he wouldn’t forget to buy you something in every city he visits
  • much to your protests
  • Shawn would always worry about you
  • when you were sick it would only multiply
  • he just needs to know that you’re okay
  • Shawn would hit on you as if you weren’t dating
  • like if you were at the grocery store for example
  • Shawn would come up behind you and say something like
  • “Do you come here often”
  • you’d play along and be all like “sorry I have a boyfriend”
  • Shawn would continue to ask about this boyfriend
  • “Yeah, he’s a rockstar”
  • “Wow, sounds manly”
  • “He is.”
  • Shawn would love to cook for you
  • and you would love every meal he produced more and more each time
  • Shawn was always making sure you were happy
  • he hated to see you upset
  • it was like his breaking point
  • if you were fighting he would immediately stop if you began to cry
  • he would just hold you like there was no tomorrow
  • if you were sitting in his dressing room
  • he would begin to strum random chords and sing a stupid song about you
  • he would rhyme irrelevant words with your name
  • making you laugh out loud
  • and that was his aim
  • to see you smiling and laughing
  • because he loved you more than life

Person A is struggling to decorate their house for the holidays, and after a while of fumbling with the decorations they turn around to check on how person B is doing. Person B is wearing a wreath around their neck, is draped in lights, and they’ve hung various ornaments all over themselves. Person A isn’t sure what to make of this, but Person B looks /deeply/ pleased with themselves for pulling it off. Bonus: Person B is actually stuck and didn’t want to bother a frustrated Person A.