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Top 5 Kagehina moments

These are going to be very generic and obvious so I apologize in advance. I also haven’t rewatched in FOREVER, so I might be forgetting some very important moments. Also it’s become sort of difficult to separate actual canon events from my own headcanon/fanon/fanfic written and read so…I’ll try my best:

(In no particular order)

1. Their very first meeting.

I love this for so many reasons (I told you - typical), but what I love the most about it is that Kageyama literally defends Hinata from his team mates. He’s already chosen where his loyalties will lie, and he obviously chose correctly. 

2. Their fight

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Really, Kageyama? Your reflexes are so shitty you couldn’t have, like, jumped out of his way? You WATCH HIM GRAB YOU. THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING ABOUT FOR? Anyway, the realism of their movements here chokes me up - how Kag’s hand gets caught at the back of Hinata’s shirt, that little hopping thing Kags does after he flings Hinata to the floor…not to mention the thing that Hinata says right before Kageyama shoves him to the floor is that “he wants to be strong enough to compete by myself”. Yeah, if I loved my team mate and he just implied he didn’t want to be my partner anymore, I’d freak out too (I’m totally full of shit idc).

 3. This.

“Did you cry?”

“No I didn’t cry! now go use the toilet!”

“You can’t fool me, Kageyama-kun.”

Look at those blushies.

4. Kageyama getting all pissy after he sees Hinata talking to boys he doesn’t know. “Shut up! Like I remember everyone I’ve played against. ”

“And that’s exactly why you don’t have any friends, Kageyama-kun!”

Cue touch-mode.

5. And finally, this gay shit.

Sorry this wasn’t more exciting, but these are definitely moments that stick out in my mind the most!

Bonus- Derek’s favorite moment:

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I adopted Hugo when he was a mere 8 weeks old, and we have been best friends ever since. What breed do you think this silly boy is? I have absolutely no idea, but I would love some input.


Boys chase girls,
All day long,
Into the night,
Even if it’s wrong.

They think about girls,
We’re always on their minds,
Late, late at night,
Almost all the time.

But boys can be stupid,
They have a hard time understanding…
Our feelings,
Your brain is useless!

Don’t be a stupid boy,
I don’t want your toys.
The most important thing you can give me,
The most important thing you need…

Is timing!

It’s the most valuable thing, you see?
Don’t you think?

But girls chase boys too…
All night long we think and wish,
Like love-sick fools…
We think about you.

But boys, yes you’re stupid.
You’ll never comprehend…
A girl’s heart.

Stop being stupid, boy!
I don’t want your toys,
But the most important thing you can give me,
The one thing you should never waste…

Is timing, don’t you think?

Like when you say “I love you”
When you take me on a date,
Really truly anything…

When our lips meet,
Or you whisper goodbye…

Yes, the most important thing you need,
The only thing, you see…

Is timing!

Don’t you think?
What do you say?