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((Apparently there is a sweater that someone made intended for females that has a ‘chest window’, and lately folks have been drawing that particular sweater on men… I figured Mike would be a good candidate X3))

Harry Styles imagine - 

Your daughter turns up at his door –

You didn’t really know Harry. He had lived two doors down from you for the last 8 months. He had introduced himself to you when you had moved in and you frequently saw each other while entering and exiting the apartment building but you didn’t really know much about him. However with your frequent interactions, your daughter had become quite fond of him, especially because he was so nice to her and gave her a funny face or a big smile on the way past. She had even on occasion asked to visit him when she was bored, but had never really acted on it. She was only three after all; she didn’t really understand he was a stranger.

After a long stressful day of work, it had been a lot more stressful then usual, (difficult clients were the worst) and you had just picked up your daughter from day care. It was very late and you were very tired, and looking after a three year old on top of all that was hard, but you did it because she was the best thing that ever happened to you. Her father wasn’t in the picture, so you shared your little apartment with her and all her soft toys, and that was the way you liked it.

You got her situated in the living room with a bowl of pasta and went into the bedroom to get changed into something more comfortable, but instead decided to rest your head on the pillow for a moment. Only a moment later you’d fallen asleep.

After a while your daughter got restless. She hadn’t seen her mummy around for a while. She got up and checked the kitchen, and again the living room but couldn’t find you. When she was eating she was so used to you being in the room with her, that she couldn’t even think of where else you could be.

She began to get scared and upset, and didn’t have anyone to help her. That’s when she thought of Harry.

She stood up on her tippy toes, reaching for the door handle, and walked down the hall to his front door, softly knocking.

At first Harry thought he was hearing things. He had the TV on, but he was mostly looking at his phone, and the knock had been so soft he could have missed it. However when he heard it again he got up to investigate.

Opening the door he sees your daughter, at first he smiles but then is a little confused because firstly you are not there and secondly your front door in wide open.

“Hey sunshine,” says Harry. “What can I do for you?”

Your daughter looks up at him with wide eyes. “I can’t find my mummy.”

Harry looks at the little girl confused. “Why hunny? Where’d she go?”

You daughter starts to get a little more upset, tears starting to form at the bottom of her eyes, “I dunno. She gone somewhere I dunno.”

Harry looked at your daughter sympathetically. He didn’t know much about you but he could tell you were a good mum. He was sure you wouldn’t have just left her alone in the apartment.

“Well how about we go and have a look alright munchkin?” he asked. She just nodded in response.

He lifted her onto his hip and walked back into your apartment, knocking on the open door first, but receiving no reply.

Harry looked around the living room. He couldn’t see anything weird or strangely out of place.

“Where is mum usually hun? He asked your daughter in a soft voice.

You daughter snuffled. “I dunno. She’s always just with me.”

Harry chuckled under his breath. “Where’s her bedroom. Did you check there?”

You daughter shook her head. “No. Id fordot,” she mumbled into Harry’s shoulder, pointing in the direction of the hall.

It was then that Harry saw your sleeping form and chuckled under his breath again. You daughter squirmed and jumped out of his arms.

“Mummy I found you!” she yelled waking you up from your sleep.

You woke up with a shock, first from your daughter’s loud voice, and then because of the man standing at the end of your bed. It only took you a moment to realize who it was though.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” you asked running your hand through you hair.

He laughed. “Your daughter couldn’t find you so she came and asked for some help. That’s all. I’m glad you’re ok.”

You laughed and squeezed your daughter into a hug. “You silly billy! I was right here!” you giggled.

She laughed. “Sorry mummy!” Now that she had found you she was content and happy, going back to her dinner and movie in the living room.

You looked back at Harry. “I’m so sorry about that. She’s so silly sometimes.”

He laughed. “It’s alright. I’m glad she trusts me enough that she can ask for help.”

You smiled. “Me too. But I hope it wasn’t too much trouble. I mean she interrupted your night and…” before you could finish he interrupted you.

“I honestly didn’t mind. She’s very cute. Just like her mum.”

You smiled and blushed, a little taken for words. “Thanks.”

“Anytime. But maybe next time she turns up at my door, you can come to.”

You smiled. “It’s a date.”

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Part 2 of David being silly on the set of Doctor Who
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Relationship with George Weasley Would Include ...

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A/N: Requests for headcannons are open and if anyone would like to be tagged in any characters/ fandoms writing please let me know xxx

  • Constant teasing about how short you are compared to him, even if the difference isn’t that much
  • He blushes really easily when you do nice things for him, especially in front of his brothers and his friends
  • He’s so used to constantly being on his guard for practical jokes and teasing that it still startles him when you’re just genuinely nice to him because you love him
  • George always has an arm around you, either protectively or with pride
  • Getting you a secluded corner in the Three Broomsticks where you two won’t be disturbed
  • Making out in the corner of the Three Broomsticks, George’s huge frame blocking you from the view of anyone who might see
  • Fred and Lee seeking him out in the crowd and interrupting your little session
  • Your face hurting so much from smiling all the time
  • George lying to impress you, not majorly you can totally see right through the small lie
  • Kissing his cheek and calling him a silly billy for thinking he needs to impress you
  • He takes you for strolls round the lake and surprises you with little picnics
  • One of his favourite things to do is to enchant the ceiling of your dorm so you can both stargaze together even when its freezing cold out
  • Taking you to the Burrow and being very very protective of you when you meet his brothers
  • Molly making a fuss over you and saying over and over how she can’t believe George actually has a girlfriend/ boyfriend
  • Arthur being confused as always by another person’s presence in the house and him taking some convincing before he actually believes you’re Georges S/O
  • George is a little grumpy after this episode and spends the rest of the evening sulking at the end of the sofa
  • Cuddling with George to make him forget about his family not believing him

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Okay that last Billy/Jason completely tore me up. Like I'm mad that you did it but it was so good so I'm angry at myself for loving it 😩any way would you mind doing a flirty Jason/Billy one? Run with it however you please. Also I hope you're doing your homework and not procrastinating like a pro like me 😫😭

Bc i have xkit, I save prompts to my drafts so i can continously work on them, except i accidentally posted this one instead of saving it so I legit just moved it into a private posting and speedwrote all of this in the last forty minutes (so it’s incredibly short and ridiculous). REST ASSURED THOUGH, ANON. Someone else requested a flirty cranscott too so a better one should be coming sometime in the next few weeks??

“You want to what?”

Billy gestured loosely with both hands. “Try pick-up lines on you.”

Jason flushed and glanced to the side for a second, trying to wrap his mind around what Billy was asking. “You want to hit on me?”

“Yes.” Billy rubbed his face. “They’re important to romance, I’m sure of it.”

“Billy, they’re really not.”

“I looked it up,” Billy insisted. Before Jason could protest, Billy quickly added, “And I asked Zack. And he has two girlfriends so he must know what he’s talking about.”

Jason rubbed his eyes agitatedly. He was going to slap Zack next time he saw him. “I just don’t think-”

“Please?” Billy squeezed his hands into tight fists at his side.

“Billy-” Jason sighed. “Why do you want to anyway?”

Billy eyed him for a second, quiet. Then, he rocked back on his heels, stopped looking at Jason and said, “There’s a guy. I like. At school.”

“And you think pick up lines will make him date you?”

“I think they’ll help to see if he likes me back,” Billy explained. “But I need to know which ones are better.”

Jason sighed and settled onto the edge of his bed. “Alright, Billy. Woo me.”

Billy burst into a wide grin, hands rapidly clapping together. “Okay, okay. Um, hmm. I wrote a bunch of them down.” Billy fiddled through his pockets, pulling out stray bits of wire and screws until he got to a small but thickly folded piece of paper. It unravelled into a long list. “I’m going to go in order.”

“Okay, Billy,” Jason said, rubbing his face.

If he was lucky, they’d all be too terrible to feel any which way towards.

And if he was luckier still, the guy Billy liked would disappear off the face of the planet before Billy could hit on him.

Billy cleared his throat. “I’m just wanted to let you know that I’m not a hoarder.” He glanced up, eyes meeting Jason’s, soft and warm. “But I really want to keep you forever.”

It was cheesy and ridiculous but the way Billy said it, soft and wanting, had Jason’s insides squirming. When Billy didn’t continue on, Jason rubbed his arms. “Uh, that was- it- mm, that one’s fine, Billy.”

Billy grinned. “Yeah?”

“Yep.” Jason popped the ‘p’ and refused to meet Billy’s happy face. “Definitely should- should use that one.”

“Okay!” Billy glanced back down at his list. “Are you a camera? Because every time I look at your face, I smile.” And he did, grinning wide and happy at Jason’s face. 

Warmth bloomed in his stomach but Jason just snorted. “A little cheesy, Billy.”

Billy nodded. He licked his lips. His hands shook a little and he exhaled. “Um-” He scratched under his ear and looked up at Jason. “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I’m willing to make an exception for you.”

Jason laughed. Okay, that one was pretty cute. “Smooth, Billy.”

Billy smiled and went on. “I don’t normally let people touch me but angels are a different case.”

There was a patient pause as Jason took that in. He squeezed his hand into a brief fist. “That one’s good too.”

“Probably because it’s true.”

Jason smiled, thinking of all the times Billy let him and no one else touch his arm, his skin, brief or longer lasting.. “Does that mean I’m an angel?”

“The most angelic,” Billy said patiently and Jason’s smile grew a little wider. Billy glanced down at his list again and Jason waited for another cheesy but sweet ringer when Billy, voice shaking, said, “I guess that means I should call God, cause he’s missing his most important one.”

Jason paused. Blinked. Considered what was happening and exhaled slowly.

Billy bit his lip. In his hands his paper was crinkling as he tightened his grip on it. “Not good?”

Jason shook his head and stood up sharply. “No, no. It was good, Billy.” He rubbed his neck. “But, um, a nicer one would be-” And he dropped his hand, running his fingers soft and light over Billy’s face. “-I didn’t know angels could fly so low.”

Billy smiled softly. “You know, Zack bet me twenty dollars that you wouldn’t get the point until the last one.”

“Well, I guess someone owes you twenty dollars then, huh, Billy?”

Billy shrugged. “Not as a bad as owing someone three months worth of kisses.”

Jason laughed. “Can I start putting a dent in that?”

The list fluttered to the floor and Billy stepped closer into Jason’s space. “Yeah, but you should know that you’ve accrued a lot of interest.”

Jason smirked and nuzzled Billy’s cheek, letting his arms draped over Billy’s shoulders and keep him close. “Can’t wait to start paying it off.”

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#40 with Clay x Fem reader

Thank you for requesting!! This was so funny to write, god damn here’s some awkward!Clay lmaoooo

#40: You both need to go out and buy condoms.

It was getting pretty heated in Clay’s bedroom. You were straddling his waist as he lay on his bed, his eyes closed as you kissed up his shirtless chest and blushing neck.

You smirk, intertwining your fingers with his as your lips met. “A-Are you sure?” He asked, like he always did.

You nodded, leaving a trail of kisses along his jaw line. “Yes.”

He continued to kiss you, reaching over to his bedside table and pulling open the draw. You pulled away and sat up straight, watching him mumble to himself as he shuffled through his draw.

He sighed, laying back down. “We’re out.”

“We’re out?” You questioned. “Really?”

“Yes.” He chuckled.

You ran your hands over his chest, smiling down at him. He quirked a brow at your reaction. “Let’s go buy some then.”

His eyes widened. “Now?”

You laughed. “It’s late, no one will be at the shops and besides,” You kissed him again. “At least we’re using them, no one has the right to judge.”

You knew Clay feared buying condoms. You were the one who had bought the packs beforehand, or had a friend do it with you. It was slightly embarrassing, but the person at the checkout didn’t know why you were buying them - there’s a million different reasons - and like you said to Clay, at least you’re practising safe sex and using them.

Clay looked at you and you chuckled. “C'mon,” You mumbled. “Let’s just get it over and done with.”

You grabbed his hand as you entered the store, walking around to find the aisle with what you needed.

You drove to a store that neither of you shop at. At least then you won’t have to see the people again.

You soon found the aisle and walked up to stand in front of them. Clay eyed the elderly woman looking at the pain relief medicine a few paces down the aisle. He looked down and shook his head, making you laugh loudly.

“It’s fine, she’s bought plenty, I bet you.”

He recoiled back in disgust. “Ew,” He exclaimed. “Don’t put that image in my head!”

You rolled your eyes at his exaggeration, turning your attention back to the problem at hand, and looked for the brand and pack that you always bought.

“Here,” You handed him the small box. “Lets go.”

Clay almost dropped the box, his cheeks flushing. “Great, now I look like the perv.”

“You don’t look like a perv.” You chuckled, slapping his chest lightly.

He walked beside you as you headed out the aisle and to the checkouts.

“Should we get something else so we don’t look so suspicious?”

“Clay,” You sighed. “We’ll go to that old man, he won’t care.”

Clay reluctantly followed, placing the box onto to the conveyer belt, his head down. The man scanned it through without even looking at it twice. See? He didn’t care. We paid and Clay grabbed the box quickly, before wishing the man a good night.

“You too,” He said. “But I already knew that.”

Your eyes widened as you grabbed Clay’s hand and pulled him out the shop. “Oh my God,” Clay said. “Oh my God,” He shoved the box under his shirt. “I can’t believe he said that!” You laughed loudly, agreeing.

“Clay Jensen and Y/N Y/L/N.”

Your head whipped around to the voice just as Clay threw the box to you. You missed the catch from being distracted, the box landing beside your feet. You squeaked out and grabbed the box quickly, shoving it under your arm in order to hide it from Montgomery.

“Hey, Monty.”

He smirked at you and Clay. “What’s that?” He asked.

Clay stood beside you. “Oh, just some medicine, Y/N isn’t feeling well.”

Monty nodded unbelieving. Fuck. “Okay,” He smiled, walking around you both and toward the shop. “Have fun!”

You spun and glared at Clay. “Sorry.” He meekly said, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Let’s go.”

lmaoooo clay you silly billy

Waking Days Ch1 - Enter Bill Cipher

A/N: Helllooo and thank you for being so patient with me. I know, I know, with that little joke I had it coming, but look, I’ve finally delivered!

I took a long while with figuring out a title for the long fic, and I may change it later, but this is what I’ve got for now, so feedback is appreciated. (And yes, the chapter title is literally the same one as from Flat Dreams. I am a nerd.) Enjoy, you guys. :3

Warning: Implied substance abuse. 

AU by @doodledrawsthings. Based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan.

“He that sleeps feels not the tooth-ache.”

W. Shakespeare, Cymbeline

Ever since he took that deal, he’d been regretting it.

Looking back now, he would take a million years in that stone tomb over what that giant salamander had subjected him to. He hadn’t expected on getting his power back, not really, but the least that jerk could do was give him a proper form. Hell, or at least keep him a triangle. But he’d never expected this. He’d been thrown into this form with no directions, no explanation except “You must absolve your crime.”

Yeah, great, what the hell did that even mean.

He hated it. He hated everything about this stupid body, about this weak pitiful meat sack that frilly asshole decided to shove him in. He had nothing, no power, no immortality, no means of escape. And if that wasn’t enough, he was slowly dying. He could even feel it. The slow, painful way each cell was loosing its energy. In just a few decades he would degrade, grow cold and end up feeding worms before he knew it, if this sack of flesh didn’t give up on him even sooner. After watching humans for so long, he’d seen just how easily they could die, hell he’d even been the cause of a lot of them. He’d found it funny, how easily they can break.

He didn’t now.

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