silly billie


Some sketches I did during the Crisis Text Line Livestream without pausing, plus a concentrated Jackaboy in the fifth episode of Layers of Fear.

There’s captions in the pics too!

listen i love snakes but why do y’all who post about snakes always have to do it like ‘oh look at my little noodle boop snek!!! his face says ‘NOOO MAM UR GIVING ME A STARTLE! DON’T DO ME A FRIGHTEN’ what a silly billy little spaghetti he is’ like …


Part 2 of David being silly on the set of Doctor Who
[link to part 1]

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Knowledge of extraterrestrials has long been denied by every strata of government, but denial does not mean they do not exist.  Mycroft Holmes, among his many duties, oversees the program responsible for ‘managing’ any evidence of otherworldly life.  This time, that evidence is particularly interesting… and for more than professional reasons…

meganeastwud  asked:

This probably sounds extremely stupid, but are you British?

That is far, FAR FAR from anywhere’s NEAR a “stupid” question, silly billy!

No I am not- I’m the rootin’est, tootin’est ‘Murican roaming the wild, wild west. 

Thanks for asking, precious!