silly benedict

dead serious i will unfollow in sight if i see someone making fun of tjlc and its supporters i do not care at all that it was funny to make fun of teenagers for having interests in 2013 or whatever bs justification there is for it. this is a group of primarily lgbt young adults and teens with a passionate interest in something that resonates deeply within them specifically because it’s been offered as an exciting and rewarding piece of gay media. who are you to fault them for hoping and wanting more.

i honestly do not care how silly benedict cumberbatch’s name is or whatever you read on his yfip four years ago, if you’re gaining this much joy from watching a group of dedicated fans hoping their years of investment will pay off and moreover hoping that it doesn’t so the work actually turns out to be terrible and regressive, i want nothing to do with you

  • me: *types:* ""
  • me: *smiles mysteriously*
  • me: *slyly adds:* "/tv"
  • me: *looks both ways*
  • me: *impishly types:* "/sherlock"
  • internet: *goes to site.*
  • me: *smirks*
  • me: i am a hacker.