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Dirty Laundry | Part 2

Summary: A run in with Jack in the elevator leaves both of you feeling a certain type of way

Word Count : 1445

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“Don’t you think you’re being a little ridiculous right now?”

Annie’s head snapped up to glare at her boyfriend as he leant against the kitchen counter, her eyes narrowing at him over the rim of her glasses as she continued to cut up the chicken for their dinner. 

“No I don’t, I think I’m perfectly warranted in keeping your brother and his dirty dick away from Evie,” she grumbled at him.

“What do you think he’s gonna do to her?!” he groaned exasperatedly, running a hand through his hair as he looked over at his girlfriend. All week he had been listening to Jack go on and on about how silly it was for Annie to assume that he’d fuck Evie over, and then he’d come home and hear his girlfriend rebut all of his arguments as to why Jack didn’t deserve a chance with Evie.

“You know what I think will happen, how many times do we have to have this argument, Conor?” she snapped at him, tossing the chicken into the bowl and stirring it rather aggressively to coat it in the marinade. S

he had been doing this all week and she was sick of it, after a long day at work, the last thing she wanted to do was come home and argue with her boyfriend, yet that had been what she’d done all week.

“I know you care about her, but they’re both adults, babe, you can’t control them like that,” he said softly, reaching out with one hand and rubbing her arm gently. He didn’t want to have this argument any more than she did, he hadn’t wanted to in the first place but Jack had made a good point.

Scoffing loudly, she put the chicken in the oven and closed the door loudly, smiling slightly when she saw Conor wince out of the corner of her eye. 

Spinning around, she leant back against the kitchen counter and looked across to her boyfriend, “Do you remember what happened last time she went out with someone that you and I brought into her life?” She pointed out, raising an eyebrow at Conor.

Suddenly his girlfriend’s actions became abundantly clear to Conor as a series of memories rushed through his brain; double dates and get together’s transforming into Evie sitting between Annie and Conor on the bathroom floor and crying her eyes out as Annie bandaged her wounds. The memory of him having to comfort and console Annie as she cried into his chest about how guilty she felt and how she was never going to let anyone ever hurt Evie like this again.

Pushing himself away from the wall, Conor crossed the room to where Annie was standing, her eyes suddenly focused solely on her nail beds and the dark burgundy painted on them. 

Bracing his hands on either side of her body, Conor leant down and pressed the gentlest of kisses to her forehead, “You need to stop blaming yourself for what happened,” he whispered to her softly.

“How can I not?” she whispered back thickly, her hands gripping the bottom of Conor’s shirt tightly, “I introduced them, I brought him into her life and I stood by while he destroyed her, I can’t let that happen again, Conor,” she said as her voice cracked, her breath leaving her in a whoosh as he pulled her into a tight hug, resting his chin on top of her head.

“I can’t stop him from making a move, and I can’t stop her from falling for his charm, but I’m not going to encourage it, and if he hurts her in any way, there will not be a safe place on earth for him to hide,” she mumbled against his shirt, already lost in her own mind as she visualised having to put her best friend together again.

“I know, baby, I know,” he whispered to her, his fingers running through her hair gently as they stood together in the kitchen, both lost and worried in the depths of their own minds, wondering and hoping that Jack was not going to damage the girl whom they had grown to care for both separately and as a couple.

Conor couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she was exactly what his little brother needed.


Evie shuddered as she braved the icy London wind on her journey from the tube to Annie and Conor’s apartment, deeply regretting her decision to forgo stockings and a long sleeved blouse that morning in favour of the strappy top and a pair of pantyhose instead. 

She wrapped her arms around her slim waist tightly as she focused on hurrying towards her destination as quickly as she could in four-inch heels. She couldn’t help but think of her warm and cozy apartment that was only around the corner from her work as she walked in the opposite direction, the visual of the fluffy warm bed she’d left this morning haunting her as she had to remind herself that tonight would be fun, equally as fun as binge watching Chicago P.D again.

A grateful exhalation of breath left her lips as the apartment block came into view, her heels tapping against the concrete a little more as she hurried towards it, letting out a relieved gasp as the wind finally stopped whipping at her cheeks. Pressing the button for the elevator, she felt the warmth crash over her in shudders as her body temperature began to return to normal. 

She had just pressed the glowing number three in the elevator when a hoarse and tired sounding “hold the lift!” came from down the hall and she figured that holding the elevator for a couple of extra seconds was the least that she could do for this person.

It was when a slightly windblown and dishevelled Jack Maynard pushed his way into the elevator that she was secretly glad that she hadn’t bailed on dinner tonight, despite the fact that his eyes hadn’t even met hers yet, too focused on his phone to look up.

“You’re a friend of Annie’s, right?” She spoke up nervously as the lift began to move, her heart threatening to burst out of her chest at the forwardness she had uncharacteristically exhibited.

Jack’s head immediately lifted as he looked at her with a grin on his face, a soft smile greeting him when he did so, “So are you, Evie wasn’t it?” he confirmed as if he hadn’t spent the past four days religiously looking at the selfies on her facebook page. “I didn’t think Annie would let you anywhere near me this soon,” he snickered, enjoying the slight pinkish tinge to her skin far too much, not to mention the plunging neckline of her blouse.

Evie gave him a small, shy nod as the elevator began to move again, her fingers fiddling with the strap of her handbag, “She’s a little .. overprotective over me, I guess,” she laughed slightly, feeling the familiar swooping in her stomach at the sight of his blinding smile.“

A little? She all but threatened to canonize me if I cracked onto you, and I don’t know about you, but I’m rather attached to that particular piece of my anatomy,” he snickered, glancing at her out of the corner of his eyes and smirking at the small grin that was pulling at her lips. He didn’t understand how some guys struggled to understand girls, once you knew the right buttons to push, they all fell apart the exact same way.

Letting out a small laugh, she stepped up beside him as the elevator stopped on Annie and Conor’s floor, the silver doors sliding open slowly. “I think you mean circumcise because from what I’ve been told, you’re pretty bloody far from a saint,” She giggled before stepping out of the lift and making her way down the hallway, her hips swaying slightly as she waltzed towards the flat.

Jack smirked to himself as he stepped out of the lift behind Evie, enjoying the view that her tight pencil skirt and four-inch heels provided him with from the back. She wasn’t like the girls he usually brought home, in fact, if he came across her in a club he’d probably barely make it past the first dance. He didn’t put in an effort for girls unless it was for his own sexual gain but this was different.

She were Annie’s friend and therefore was off limits and he was expected to respect that and keep his distance, but if he could get her into his bed, then he’d have bragging rights for the rest of his life. He loved a challenge and she might be the most delicious challenge he’d ever seen. Just because he wasn’t looking for a relationship, it didn’t mean he couldn’t put on one hell of a show.

Flaws and All

Title: Flaws and All

Rating: K

Pairing: Zimbits

Words: 2190

Summary: Jack receives the images for his first ESPN body issue, and something doesn’t sit quite right with him.

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Jack is sitting on the couch when it happens. He’s watching a documentary on the History channel that he’s seen a dozen times before, and more of his attention is on watching Bitty struggle through his French homework. His boyfriend is making many exaggerated groans and sighs of frustration, but Jack refuses to help. So he just watches with an amused smile until the moment Bitty will fling his pen down and announce he’s finished.

Except Jack’s phone pings with an email before that even happens. He leans forward and swipes it off the coffee table, noting with mild interest that it’s from Annie at PR. He shifts back, crossing his long legs underneath him again, and swipes it open. He reads it in silence. It’s only a short email, but by the end of it, his fingers are trembling.

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When Rose had joked about finding men who can wear a kilt sexy, just before the Doctor had left to lead his first own Torchwood expedition without her in Scotland, she really hadn’t expected it resulting in getting this photo texted to her one afternoon.

After seeing the title and reading the message under it, asking whether he could wear it, she earned several curious looks when her sudden laughter sounded through the halls of Torchwood London.

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