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Remember when they cast a whole Asian cast for the live adaptation of Attack on Titan even though most of the characters were European but because it's Japanese it had to have Asians? It was a huge flop over here and did very poorly in cinemas. And not just because they were Asian, the acting was a let down too. Asia has heaps of movies that only has Asians in them, because they are for Asians. Westerners think there are no movies outside of Hollywood, lol.

I don’t really care about “Asian, or not Asian” if the producers want the characters to be Asian, then so be it, but what I really care about, is “garbage, or not garbage” and most live action adaptations are garbage. I could care less if the characters had blue skin and walked around with their genitals hanging out, my consensus is that most programs from companies like Netflix, especially those that try to pander to weebs with their silly advertising strategies, have no idea what they’re doing, because they have no talent. If I wanted to watch American TV I wouldn’t be watching anime in the first place. You know why? Because the US, especially the entertainment industry, is filled with talentless hacks. That’s why people nowadays would rather sit on the computer and watch somebody else play video games, instead of a crappy sitcom on a television show. Please explain to me how a Let’s Player can have more talent than a professional actor. It’s just commonplace.

What you were advertised vs What you got

The Alliance

What you were advertised: A strong, united coalition of races across Azeroth against the encroaching forces of darkness, to hold their lands against the encroaching hungry horde

What you got: An assorted group of races who sometimes recall that each other exists, that are somehow mostly led by humans despite there being better options, who are usually a bit racist


What you were advertised: The heart and soul of the alliance, though a young race, their tenacity inspires the rest of the races of the alliance to camaraderie

What you got: Some bland dudes who live in some medieval style castles sometimes. If there is some culture there, it’s lost on me. Yet they seem to be EVERYWHERE. Like fleas.

Night Elves

What you were advertised: A matriarchal warrior woman society with wise men to help point their blades. Beloved by nature, silent like the moon.

What you got: A bunch of shitty grapes who keep calling down demons onto the world. Seriously guys, quit it.


What you were advertised: Long lived (tiny) titans of the mountain. They hit like a truck, and will make you feel it.

What you got: The aching longing in your heart to roll a proper Wildhammer dwarf. Seriously, give us blue tattoos.


What you were advertised: Intelligent quirky midgets who live underground and invent crazy cool stuff.

What you got: Sentient machines on feet that are the butt of every joke.


What you were advertised: A holy race of exiles from space, they lived in a society of peace and harmony until bad things happened, and now they’re here to join the alliance because they like blue

What you got: Sexual Dimorphism, Sentient refrigerators, and sugarbombs from spaaaaace who get no new lore because I mean, who cares about spaceships. right? right? Spaceships totally aren’t cool. Or lasers or crystals or anything. Nah. totes.


What you were advertised: Snarling vicious semi-wild beings with a bit of refinement! Just the teeth and claws the alliance has always needed!

What you got: Hunched dudes (Isn’t that trademarked by the horde?), bitchy chihuahuas, and so much furry porn. dear god.

Pandaren (A)

What you were advertised: Sensible giant bear people who think before they act

What you got: More furry porn. And I guess like two npcs who kinda hang out in a main city? That counts for something right?


What you were advertised: A ragtag group of survivors, noble and savage, taking what is rightfully theirs from the great blue oppressor!

What you got: A mixxed bag of douchebags and not-douches who are somehow tied together by the actions of their forefathers (or something). First solution to any problem is stabbing shit or setting it on fire. Voted most likely faction to wipe snot on your shirt if they don’t like you. Also, mud huts.


What you were advertised: A noble race, doing penance for the sins of their fathers

What you got: Warmongering jackholes who don’t listen to the nice old men within their groups that actually hold up to the orc ‘promise’. Seem to like meat.


What you were advertised: Big fluffy peaceful nomads who will hoofstomp a mother fucker who does them wrong.

What you got: Big fluffy peaceful cowpeeps who will hoofstomp a mother fucker who does them wrong.


What you were advertised: Cunning, agile warriors who hail from the jungle and will carve a mother fucker

What you got: Fluffy (that’s not canon anymore) angry bunnies who eat each other and possibly children. Lots of jokes about smelling bad.


What you were advertised: The walking dead, seeking redemption and carving out a life despite those that would call them abominations.

What you got: They literally spew plague and cackle evilly all the time. Like I’m sure there’s a few nice npcs who sell flowers and shit but seriously guys the plague spewing cackling guys seem to run the show.

Blood Elves

What you were advertised: Haughty elves laid low by circumstance, now must make peace with their old enemies to survive

What you got: Porn, and the sheer brunt of “unmanly jokes” despite the buff physique of their dudes (but you put them next to roid rangers and they look little)


What you were advertised: Clever, deal-making gremlins who have pledged their allegiance to the horde

What you got: they will literally backstab each other for a dollar, never mind the horde. Ruins nature everywhere. No idea how the tauren haven’t hoofstomped them.

Pandaren (h)

What you were advertised: Quick thinking, action taking furries

What you got: Furries who get stabbed in the streets by orcs and then don’t immediately defect because that would fuck with faction balance